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CeCe - Rocky- Me Deuce- Ty- Gunther- Tinka- Couples for this role play : CeCe/Gunther, Rocky/Deuce, and Tinka/Ty .
12/23/2011 #1
I will be Cece :)
1/6/2012 #2
Umm... If anyone is still here, I'll be Tinka. Hate her, but she's the only female left.
4/23/2012 #3
uhhhhhh,NO! i want to be cece! I am soooooo much like her
6/4/2012 #4

Okay, I see that you have only been here for a short amount of time. So I will be nice and give you advice on how to act.

First off, if someone claims a character you wanted, too bad. It's claimed, and you have to either suck it up, and choose a different character, or make an OC. It really doesn't matter how alike you and the character are, because that's what OCs are for. Or you can go the harder way and make your own forum.

Second, I noticed you posted the RP topic. That is strictly the Moderator and Administrator's jobs. You have to be patient. Or just make your own forum. But if you had their permission, then it's fine. But otherwise you should probably prepare to be banned.

6/4/2012 #5
Anonymously Truthful

I'll be Gunther (even though i'm a girlie)

7/18/2012 #6
Lady Cougar-Trombone

To those waiting on a response, it might not come.

But I have made a forum that you can join!

Come to Roleplay, and maybe the character you want will be open. :D

7/19/2012 #7
Can I be CeCe? :) Pleeeeeaseee!
6/21/2013 #8
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