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This is where your new owls are created! Please submit the character profile in this format:


Age: (BY)




Speacial Abilities: (if your character has none, put n/a)





8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #1

Name: Lutta

Age: 20 (BY)

Species: Albino Cockatiel

Alliance: the exotic birds of the 7th Kingdom

Rank/Position: Mother of 3

Special Abilities: was born with the acute hearing of a barn owl; be careful what you say under her watch!

Strengths: can fly at a good speed with three scrolls strapped to her back.

Weaknesses: tends to go over board with the grounding and parenting things

History: She was born into the world of savage parrots, she learnt their ways, but didn't want to stay as of their harshness towards chicks. So she decided to slink-melf the group and try to murder them all. She had succeeded and is now Queen of Quarrions.

Mate: Seamus

8/6/2011 #2

Name: Drake

Age: Umm. I'd like him to be around eighteen in bird years/

Species: Half parrot, half falcon. :)

Alliance: The exotic birds of the Seventh Kingdom.

Rank/Position: I'm confused about this...

Special Ablities: He can fly. :P

Strengths: He is excellant at hunting and fighting.

Weaknesses: Arrogant and doesnt' know when to shut his mouth.

History: He was raised by his parrot mother then she died.

Mate: None.

8/19/2011 #3

Character Accepted :D

8/19/2011 #4

Name: Lilly

Age: 17 (BY)

Species: Sparrowhawk

Alliance: exotic birds of the 7th Kingdom

Rank/Position: Broody Hen (bird nanny for busy parents)

Speacial Abilities: Her irregularly large feathers make her seem 3x her original size when fluffed up, she has a good sense of knowing if there is danger lurking about.

Strengths: She tends to have a loud shree call used to ward off danger, the call doesn't effect babaies or friendly birds.

Weaknesess: Her sheer size tends to off-put some families

History: raised by the same macaws that raised Lutta, she is her best friend and they are never very far apart. She lives along the coast of Bondi, a few trees away from Lutta and Seamus.

Mate: None yet, but she has her eyes on a handsome Parrot-Falcon she saw when flying to her job one day.

8/19/2011 #5


8/22/2011 #6

A slight bit confused...

8/23/2011 #7

Name: Patrica (Trisha)

Age: 25 (BY)

Species: Unknow descent, quite likely finch mixed with eagle.

Alliance: 7th Kingdom

Rank/Position: Bounty hunter/assassine? Can she be that?

Special Abilities: She has an uncanny way showing up at the wrong time for her targets. She also gets very good hutches and knows where to find people.

Strengths: Good at her job, fast flyer. Very Type A personality.

Weaknesess: She has an attention problem and is easily distracted. She's also tends to get emotional in confrontations.

History: Raised in a long line of birds who where bounty hunters, assasines, and vigalantees. Her current target is Drake, as his father left her some very nice battle claws in his will-- if she could deliver a message to Drake.

Mate: N/A

9/1/2011 #8

Accepted but- is she a baddy? (slightly confused from her profile)

9/2/2011 #9

Eh, she's not really a baddy. She's just not a wholly good and perfect character. She'll make both good decisions and bad ones. She's just not perfect and is far from it.

Also, I wanna branch out into another roleplay place, :) which one do you think will be the most fun?

9/2/2011 . Edited 9/2/2011 #10
Hmm, St.aggies canyons?
9/3/2011 #11
Fallen SkyAngel


Age: (BY)14

Species:Snowy Owl


Rank/Position:he has no alliance so he just hunts

Speacial Abilities: (if your character has none, put n/a)spaces off and sees events in the future

Strengths:Close Combat Fighting

Weaknesess: Gets distracted frequently

History:Was a loner after a great tragedy involving his sister


9/18/2011 #12

Name: Aleron

Age: 50 (BY)

Species: Eagle Owl

Alliance: Guardisn of Ga'Hoole

Rank/Position: Steward of the Tree

Speacial Abilities: n/a

Strengths: Ruling, fighting, making decisions

Weaknesess: He never was the best of hunters, especially after his accident

History: He was chosen at the death of the former Stweard/King of the Tree, Ilexo (a Great Horned Owl). During the first moon cycle of his reign, the Tree was attacked, and Aleron lost most of the talons on his left foot.

Mate: None

9/21/2011 #13
Fallen SkyAngel

this forum is dead you should leave

9/21/2011 #14


9/24/2011 #15

That's sad. I miss roleplaying GoGH.

9/25/2011 #16


Age: (BY)14

Species:Snowy Owl

Alliance: Guardians of Gahoole, Jewlers of The Beond

Rank/Position: Guardian and part of Search and Rescue Chaw along with Healing.

Speacial Abilities: (if your character has none, put n/a) Special black and white carfully carved locket that enables her to call The Warrior in desperate times. She also has natural healing powers

Strengths:Close Combat Fighting along with Tactics and far ranage

Weaknesess: Will do anything for the people she cares about, which isn't good in battle

History: Grew up adopted by a jewlers family and kept her locket with her, the only thing connecting her to her parents when she hatched in a empty nest.


10/17/2011 #17

May I join?

3/2/2013 #18
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