Scott Pilgrim vs The World RP!
In an alternate universe, one young man fights for the love of one young woman. Like, literally, he's fighting her seven evil exes to win her heart. OC-ruled Scott Pilgrim RP, but canon characters can show up!
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Name: Cassidy McCormack

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: She has short neck-length brown hair that curls at the ends, with bangs that brush slightly into her eyes. On that matter, her eyes are a grayish-blue. She has a pale yet healthy skin complexion, due to staying inside all day and watching movies, playing video games, and playing on the computer. She stands at around 5 foot 5, and is rather pleased with her height.

Preffered Clothing: Cassidy usually wears tank tops or sleeveless tops with a thin hoodie and a thin decorative scarf. She will wear cargo pants or capris with comfortable sneakers that she can easily run in. She'll either wear a messenger bag or a small backpack of sorts to hold necessities and packages/letters.

Personality: Cassidy might initially come off as a withdrawn reserved type, but that is usually not the case. She doesn't want to waste words, because usually whatever comes out of her mouth tends to confound people to kingdom come. Usually, whatever she says is some sort of movie reference, just to add tinder to a dying conversation. But with friends and loved ones, Cassidy is an eccentric, zany girl that knows how to have a good time and just wants to live life the easy way.

Origin: Cassidy used to live in Baltimore, Maryland before she and her family moved up to Toronto at the age of 10. At first, she hated it to death because of the fact everything was Canadian...which turned out to be a very irrational viewpoint on her new home. But as the years passed, Cassidy actually began to open up to Toronto, and started making friends that were not too shabby, not too shabby indeed. She even got to start her own little geek club with her friends at school. It was pretty awesome.

Then Cassidy finished high school (she preferred calling it high school, not secondary school.). She contemplated on attending a local community college, but decided to wait until she was older. Nonetheless, she moved out of her parents' house and moved in with a friend. She got a job as a bike courier to help pay the rent, and then all was pretty dandy.

Rating: Friendly Neighborhood Geek (And Proud.)

Weapons: Uses a battle axe she bought on Ebay for about 40 bucks. Surprisingly, it's a real battle axe used by...I dunno, whoever used it last. But it's surprisingly easy to wield, and comes with a holster that makes it look like a small little handle until it's drawn.

Powers: Cassidy doesn't possess any powers at the moment, and can only fight with her axe. But she's studying this spellbook she bought on Ebay as well. Nothing's happening when she tries to do the spells, though. She's starting to think it's a hoax.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Love Interest: None, for right now.

Other: N/A.

8/6/2011 . Edited 9/17/2011 #1

Is it too late to join this? All my previous RPs bar a couple seem to have died, so I'm seeking fresh pastures :)

9/8/2011 #2

Of course not! But it is a little...ahem...slow. But now that at least someone's here -you- we can get this thing started! Thanks for coming here! ^^

9/16/2011 #3

If by slow you mean nobody turned up :P but yeah, I know how that feels and I'm glad to be of service :) My first RP started the same way as this one actually, the forum was empty then suddenly me and two others all joined at the same time despite not knowing each other.. But yeah, enough rambling, let's get this show on the road!

Name: Aaron Sykes

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Appearance: Straight, brown, neck-length hair. Lightly tanned skin, with brown eyes. Around 5"10' in height, but rather on the skinny side.

Preffered Clothing: T-shirt, jeans, trainers - the basics really. The t-shirts vary in colour and style, but tend to be either music or gaming related. Only owns hoodies and jackets in black, but this was a coincidence.

Personality: Level-headed, but while he's quite chatty and joking with people he knows, he tends to be rather quiet around people he doesn't.

Origin: Originally from Scotland, he immigrated to Canada to look for work once he finished University. He got a degree in Computer Science, so he's a bit of a wizard with computers, but he also learned Judo and Kickboxing while he was there as well as drumming for a local band. New to the country, he has a fresh start but also doesn't know anyone and doesn't have a job yet. He only people he does know are some of the people in the apartment he rented. Then again, luckily enough the landlord is one of them so as long as nothing unexpected happens he should be in the clear.

Rating: Beat-tacular

Weapons: 2x Drumsticks, 'loaded' MMA glove, megaphone

Powers: Attacks get stronger if done in rhythm, but if the rhythm is broken then his power defaults to normal again. Also, the rhythm has to be established before it will bring a power gain. This isn't a power by definition, but it's how he rolls.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Love Interest: Doesn't have one yet

9/16/2011 . Edited 9/17/2011 #4

Awesome! You've been ACCEPTED! Oh, and about the location, it takes place in Toronto like in the series. But, like an alternate dimension with OCs.

Now, it's time for me to start mine, this'll take a sec.

Alright, I edited the first post with my OC.

9/17/2011 . Edited 9/17/2011 #5

Ah, cool beans. I edited that into my post, as well as a few other things... (finally came up with a better pun for the Rating :P)

9/17/2011 . Edited 9/17/2011 #6

ive never done this before but it looks cool can i join?

10/13/2011 #7

Well, I'm not in charge or anything but there are only two of us so I'd say feel free. We need at least 9 characters and we only have two so far after all.

10/14/2011 #8

okay i already kinda have a character i just need to give him a name and work out a few details

10/14/2011 #9

Okay, cool. Just a heads-up, we already have one boy and one girl so feel free to make yourself 'the Scott' if you wish. I'm more experienced in RPing, but there's a 5 year age gap between my character and 'the Ramona' so it wouldn't make sense if I got the girl :P

10/14/2011 #10

okay this is my first time i didnt know things like this existed until yesterday

10/14/2011 #11

Don't worry mate, I shall keep you right if needs be. If you wanna shorten my name just call me Burnerr, that's what everyone else does.

10/14/2011 #12

almost done just need to think of a name

10/14/2011 #13

Name: Alex Rayne

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Medium length black hair with bangs that cover the right eye. Bangs have purple highlights. He is heterochromic (meaning his eyes are different colours.) Left eye is a dull colourless gray and his right eye is a surprisingly deep purple (his right eye is seldom seen due to his hair covering it.) His skin has an average tan even though he hates the sun. He is 5'7" and skinny as hell. He is rather emo looking.

Preffered Clothing: Black skinny jeans, Purple high tops, Long sleeved black shirt with a purple t-shirt over it. a pair of headphones always visible somewhere on his body, black socks

Personality: He is a generally happy person who rarely loses his temper. Very optimistic but with a tight grip on reality. Hes very caring toward most other people and all living things (he's a vegetarian.). He is really easy going and chill. Loves video games (will play any system and almost any game.) Very shy. ADHD causes him to be very hyper and annoying as hell but unintentionally and usually doesn't realize it.

Origin: He lives in Hamilton Ontario but one day his parents dropped him off in Toronto for a concert but forgot to come pick him up. He studied at a vegan academy for 5 years until dropping out due to a love for dairy.

Rating: The Loser

Weapons: Dual Sais he that were given to him by a homeless ninja in return for a PB&J sandwich

Powers: Vegetarian powers. (Like vegan powers but less effective.) The ability to see in the dark.

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Love Interest: None for now

Other: He loves music. His favourite band is The Clash At Deamonhead. His dream is to someday be Todd Ingrams sidekick. He plays keyboard. He plays way too many video games.

10/14/2011 #14

Can I join??

10/15/2011 #15

Yeah, feel free, the more the merrier. Wait until the admin's back before posting in the main RP, but you can post your character in the meantime :)

10/15/2011 #16
Cyanide Pigeon

Is the RP still up and going or dead?

11/14/2011 #17

It's in limbo at the moment, we're waiting for the admin to return to accept a few characters. Still up and running though.

11/15/2011 #18

I am going to add a character if you guys want cause I got a few ideas brewing

3/5/2012 #19

quick question um what is the story exactly so I can add the character

3/5/2012 #20

Actually, we don't really have a story at the moment, the place hasn't ran in ages

3/6/2012 #21

Name: Shizuo Law

Age: 18

Appearance: Dark brown almost black medium hair

Preferred Clothing: any kind of black band long sleeved shirts sleeveless hoodie Dark Gray colored, Trip pants, any kind of goth like clothing, and always wearing different types of Fedora's for each day, black combat boots when he's not wearing his hat he is wearing blue shaded Hilfiger framed sunglasses, carrys a bass gutair case on his back also has hidden knifes in his pockets and in his sleeves

Personality: Kind of a loner whenever he isn't singing when he is alone he has a great voice but he only sings back up for their band and is the bass player,Flirty, goofy, he angers easily so watch out, he is a nerd, he split personality, kind hearted, flirty is he hates Violence he is always calm, when he switches he is crazy, loves to the pain he he the darker side, psycho likes to cut people open

Origin: Shizuo has lived in Tronto Canada for his whole life his family died in a car accident shizuo had lost some of his child hood memory's and he know has split personality's he learned how to defend him self he knows Maui Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Kenpo and Judo and a Fighting style he calls zero style. He is living alone in an apartment and is in a band

Rating: Nerd and Kind hearted and Do not Anger

Weapons: A long Iron pole he keeps hidden some where in his on him, throwing blades hidden in his sleeves, Scalpel he hides in his or hand to hand combat

Powers: Lighting he uses electric based attacks

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Love Interest: None, for right now.

Other: N/A.

3/15/2012 #22

(i know this is probably dead...but I'll try anyway :D)

Name: Zack Evans

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: He has shaggy black hair that only slightly passes his green eyes. He has slightly tanned skin and is medium build. He would be considered a "hunk", if it wasn't for his somewhat geeky personality.

Preffered Clothing: Zack wears black/white sneakers, lightly colored blue jeans, a white long sleeve shirt with a red T-shirt over it.

Personality: Zack basically gets along with anyone if you don't make a bad first impression. He's fun-loving and kind and can be a bit of a pranker. He likes videogames, star wars, and the superhero genre but is not obssessed with it. He loves the ladies and will hit on on sight. He's also into electronics and got a degree in electronic designing. If it doesn't have to do with electronics...he's clueless, though he is a lot smarter than Scott. (xD)

Origin: Zack lived his whole childhood in his hometown Riverward, Michigan (yes, I made it up). He started his school life as the popular kid as he was the strongest one, but that soon ended as the kids got older and bigger than him. He was quickly kicked off his high throne and sent to the bottom of the social food chain. He lived the rest of Middle and High School as the classmates' local punching bag. He was considered a weakling, one that would never amount to anything, but he showed them. While most of the popular kids that picked on him dropped out, or got arrested for drinking and smoking...he kept a straight head and earned a scholarship at the highest Electronic College. At the Graduation ceremony, he proudly pointed this out, claiming he was going to end up with a better life than the jocks who only spent their time trying to get in the girls' skirts.

After graduating from college, he searched the town and areas around it for a job that would suit his standards, aftering not finding anything he started packing to move to Toronto to avoid the kids he poked fun at that ended up at least GETTING a job. He's still fairly new to Toronto and stays where he can as he doesn't have an appartment yet. (I'd find it funny if he ended up staying with Wallace when I start xD)

Rating: The Somewhat Clueless Lover Boy

Weapons: ...doesn't have any, unless he finds them (look below)

Powers: Doesn't have any...he can only use his fists, and any power-ups he finds for a displayed time limit of 5 minutes.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Love Interest: None, for right now.

5/20/2012 #23

Name: Tony Dean

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Appearance: Tall, looks grumpy all the time, doesnt have that much of muscle, always in a curved position, white guy, brown hair,

Preferred clothing: A Punisher t-shirt with a white hoodie, dark blue jeans and converse.

Personality: He is somewhat grumpy, yes, but when you meet him and he likes you, he will be one of the nicest guys you have known. But when he gets really mad, he can hurt your feelings. He will not hear if he doesnt care.

Origin: After high school, Tony, got to the lfg college in NY (i invented it) where he started his comic addiction, at first he didnt talk to anyone due to his supreme awkwardness, but he made two friends or "bros" who were comic lovers too. Also he was friend with a cheerleader, which her sister started to date Tony. He dumped her because he was a total bitch.

Then he moved to Toronto to live with his uncle because he couldnt afford his rent. At Toronto he started to work as many things, in which all he got fired. His uncle died and left all his money to Tony, it wasnt the biggest amount of money but with that he could pay his rent here in Toronto.

Rating: T

7/20/2012 #24

Rating: The awkward guy you never notice.

Weapons: Escrima sticks which he payed with his 100 $ check back in NY (he calls that, the dumbest decision he has made)

Powers: he somewhat had eagle vision, which allows him to do many things.

Sexual Orientation: Straight (his brother is gay)

Love interest: A singer he knew in college. She hates him. (He describes it as his impossible love)

7/20/2012 #25
Name: Eric Miles Gender: Male Age: 18 Appearance: He has Medium Black wild hair Wirefreamed circle Glasses He has a dark gray short sleeved shirt with a Black boots black Cargo Pants and a Black Jacket Hoodie with a Black Bass Gutiar case with the Base covered in Skull designs on his Bass Gutiar he has a his left eye brow pierced, Preferred Clothing any thing Black or Dark Orange or Skulls on his clothing always has Skull Candy Black Head Phones around his neck the wire leading too his hoodie pocket were his Ipod is Personality: He is Quiet and Mello most of the time but when he snaps he is one of the scariest People in Toronto Canada he is a fairly Charming guy and seems too enjoy Fire and music he is not all normal in the head he can be crazy at times Origin: Eric was born and raised in Toronto with the love of anything Dealing Skulls and death he love music and wants too be Bassiest in the world but do too his Anger Problems he hasn't gotten along with any of the bands cause they aren't any fun and their music is horrible at 17 both his parents died in a Car crash so he started living on his own Ratings: Crazy Bass Player Weapons: He has Base Ball bat hidden in his Gutiar Case that is slightly bent it is Black heavy metal bat that has Skull Kid on it he does have a Short Knife but doesn't use it he is Skilled in Judo and Jujitsu and Kick Boxing Powers: When he loses his cool and gets Angry his ability too use and Control Fire Increase the heal of his flames Sexual Orientation: Strait Love Interest: I was going too make it a child hood friend if anyone wants too be that Friend PM me and let me know Other: Has a scar across his neck from the car crash that killed his Parents
10/9/2013 #26
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