Scott Pilgrim vs The World RP!
In an alternate universe, one young man fights for the love of one young woman. Like, literally, he's fighting her seven evil exes to win her heart. OC-ruled Scott Pilgrim RP, but canon characters can show up!
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Alright, this is where the RP starts! Go nuts!


Cassidy lay sprawled out on the sofa, snoring softly. Actually, her snores were rather audible, so "softly" wouldn't be an accurate word to describe it. It was still in the wee hours of the morning, emerging from the sea of the previous night. The TV was still on, but the movie was still stuck in the menu from when it finished an hour before. Cassidy McCormack had succumbed to her life-long enemy: sleep.

9/18/2011 #1

Aaron woke up for the fifth time that night and looked at his watch. 6:00am. "Son of a..." Aaron muttered to himself, about to complete his first of many Red vs Blue references when suddenly he was out like a light. Then about half an hour later, he got woken up again, this time by the phone going. "Hello?..." he slurred.

"Hello Aaron. Found a job yet?" the landlord asked him in his usual not-too-stern voice.

"Possibly" Aaron replied. "Had an interview a couple of days ago and a few applications pending. Keeping an eye on the mailbox."

"You sound tired. Did you have a late night?"

Flashback to 2:00am. Wide awake playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

"No..." Aaron lied. "Besides, I didn't even get up this early in uni."

"Okay, I'll let you get some sleep. Don't let me down though" the landlord said, before hanging up and letting Aaron pass out again.

9/18/2011 #2

Cassidy groaned in her sleep, tossing and turning on the uncomfortable sofa. Suddenly, as if the menu music had finally alerted her to its endless repetition, she snorted loudly and sat up.

"Hhwhat...?" She murmured, looking around through a veil of drowsiness. Everything was blurry and shrouded in the shadows of early morning. She turned her head slightly to the side to see that she had left X-Men: First Class on. Finally realizing how sick of the menu music she was at this juncture, Cassidy leaned forward to the coffee table and switched the TV off via her handy-dandy remote.

Comforted with silence, she sighed in content and sprawled backwards over the sofa once more.

Then, through a sudden moment of reflection, Cassidy realized that the menu music was still pretty awesome. So she leaned over the coffee table and turned the TV on once more, this time with her head bobbing along to the epic music.

9/19/2011 #3

Finally, Aaron woke up indefinitely by falling out of bed with a loud thump. "Owww..." he groaned, but as he put his ear to the floor he heard music from the flat below him. That sounds like X-Men First Class... Good movie he pondered as he got up and untangled himself from his covers. Brushing his hair straight with his hands, he walked through to the main room and switched the TV on before making his breakfast.

9/19/2011 #4

((Late reply is late =_='' I've been caught up in school, and I'm moving next Friday. Everything is much more hectic than I had anticipated.))

Cassidy finally found some remaining +2 strength points in her and struggled away from her beloved couch. With a sluggish zombie-like groan, she dragged her feet to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She attempted to brush her hair simultaneously, but her hair was too knotted up and unruly to surrender to its foe. Giving up on that, she finished brushing her teeth and settled for a baseball cap to hide her flyaway hair.

Once she felt slightly refreshed, Cassidy approached the answering machine to see if her roommate Darcy -who was at work at some cafe or something- had left any important messages about not setting the house on fire. Instead, Cassidy discovered a single lonely voice message from one of the most dreaded people in the universe; her landlord, Vince.

"Hey, Darcy and Cassidy. This is Vince, your landlord. It has come to my attention -and hopefully yours, as well- that you are running a little late on your rent. You have about a week to pay up, got it? If not, then you're evicted...obviously. Anyways, have a nice day. Vince Klein is out."


Cassidy was quiet as she stared at the answering machine in disbelief. A few more moments passed, until she sighed and shook her head. "Enh, Darcy'll take care of it," she murmured to herself in a form of reassurance. "She did last month, anyway. She knows I don't get paid jack-squat."

9/30/2011 #5

Aaron displayed his Multitasking Proficiency abilities at this point, eating his breakfast and looking through the newspaper for more job vacancies while watching the TV for news and stuff. Then, something rather unexpected happened. The phone rang...

"Is this Aaron Sykes?" an authoritative voice asked on the other end of the line.

"Yeah, may I ask who's calling?" Aaron replied, suddenly wide awake.

"It's Simon Baker here, I'm the manager for the Android's Dungeon?" the voice replied, suddenly a lot less authoritative. "I phoned to ask you about your interview."

"I thought I already had my interview..." Aaron admitted. "It was a couple of days ago."

"Really?" Simon asked, before Aaron could hear him going away from the phone. A few seconds later, the reply came: "Ah, my mistake. I meant your induction interview. You got the job dude!"

"Ah, glad to hear. I'm just off the phone to my landlord, your timing is impeccable."

"You're already in, no need to be so formal" Simon replied with a chuckle. "So you aren't up to anything today?"

"Not a thing now that you've phoned."

"Tubular. In that case, pop down this afternoon and we can discuss your hours and so on."

"Cool, see you then" Aaron smiled, before Simon hung up. Today's gonna be a goooooood day...

9/30/2011 #6

Shizuo was looking around in his room debating on if he was going to get up today or not,"mmmmhmm sigh I don't know what I'm going to do today",.

3/15/2012 #7
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