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Lord of Chaos 28

(Here we go. Now then, how shall we set up this mothership invasion of yours Jet? Any ideas on that part?)

10/10/2011 #1

(Finally! The new topic opens!)

10/10/2011 #2
Lord of Chaos 28

In space, (Corrupt core from Portal 2: SPPPAACCCEEEE!!!!!!!!) a large mother ship was moving slowly toward Earth.

A man ran into a Throne room where the best of the best was summoned by their King, the man bowed low in respect, "My King. The mysterious force known as Nexus has vanished from the planet Earth. I feel that it would be best to invade the planet now."

The King nodded, "I see. What are your thoughts, my other warriors?" (Okay, how about six warriors, one per attribute? Jet can control two, I can control two, and Shadw can control two?)

10/10/2011 #3

(Me: Sounds good *starts making evil warriors/brawlers*

Jake: Finally some company in here...

Justin: Oh shut up Jake... *punches*)

10/10/2011 #4
Lord of Chaos 28

(Before you start making them Shade, we need to decide one other thing. Who controls what attribute with their two warriors? I'm good with pretty much any attribute.)

10/10/2011 #5
(I better make some guys... I have waaayyyy too many girls. Fetcher: the fetch agrees, make them hunks. Jetravenex: *frying pans Fetcher* the sad thing is the person she's based on *points at Detcher* would say something like that...)
10/10/2011 #6
(As much as I like Darkus i have too many Darkus warriors as is, lemme see what OC Bakugan I can use...)
10/10/2011 #7
Lord of Chaos 28

(Oookay then Jet. Now, what attributes go to who?)

10/10/2011 #8

(I dunno but I'm using charrys from another RP in brawler format...)

10/10/2011 #9
(yeah sorry hate to pull out the awkward moment. *glares at Fetcher* Fetcher: *smiles innocently* Jetravenex: anyways I'll take Haos I have another machine type Bakugan I can use, Haos Tydrix, and give me a minute I'm debating between Subterra Ventus and Aquos...)
10/10/2011 #10

(I call Darkus! Now to use Pyrus or what... *thinks*)

10/10/2011 #11
(Jetravenex: Kay I'll take Ventus too my character will use my Ventus Lenorence and just have him altered to a machine type Bakugan *grin*
10/10/2011 #12
Lord of Chaos 28

(I'll take Subterra and Pyrus, you can have Aquas as your last one Shade, that alright with you?)

10/10/2011 #13

(Fine with me. *grins*

Blade: I'll be Aquos

Scythe: And I'll be Darkus.)

10/10/2011 #14
Lord of Chaos 28

(Blade and Scythe, the mercenary Hedgehogs. Shoulda figured you'd use them)

10/10/2011 #15

(Me: They were pretty much my best (so far) evil charry's so yah I will. Jake... eh.

Jake: Hmph *crosses arms*)

10/10/2011 #16
Lord of Chaos 28

(better get to work then.)

10/10/2011 #17
Jetravenex: hmm here's who ill use. Nick: huh looks like I'm getting taken from Rising Shadows! Ha! I am important. Kyle: hardly, I'm still better, I'm being recalled from Jets older stories one of her murder mysteries she wrote for school. Jetravenex: *inches away from Kyle*
10/10/2011 #18
Lord of Chaos 28

(And Jet's as strange as ever. Guess I'll control a female charry too so there's more than just Scythe.)

10/10/2011 #19

(Scythe: Nice...

Blade: Scythe focus!

Scythe: You're no fun.

Me: Yah I'm working on translating them their outfits will remain mainly the same just with highlights for their attribute but their physical looks are another matter... And skipping the ressurection thing with Scythe she'll still act much the same.

Blade: Which means she'll flirt with just about any guy she sees and is going to drive me mental

Scythe: Then I'm doin my job.)

10/10/2011 #20
(Hey! I resent that I just needed a slightly much more sadistically villian then I have had before...Kyle fits the bill...unfortunately...)
10/10/2011 #21
Lord of Chaos 28

(Typical Scythe. Driving Blade insane is one of the reasons I like her.

Leah (Pyrus Warrior): I say that me and Scythe be known as the top of the warriors. Being the only females.

Blake (Subterra warrior): B***. I'm a better warrior than you.)

10/10/2011 #22

(Scythe: I second that notion Leah.

Blade: Of course you would.

Me: Making em now. *grins*)

10/10/2011 #23
Lord of Chaos 28

(I just posted Leah and Blake. I'll post the King after a while.)

Leah nodded, as did Blake, "It sounds perfect sire."

10/10/2011 #24
Kyle smirked. "I will take great pleasure in aiding this conquest sire." Nick looked left looked right seeing what the other though and then he grinned. "Sounds fun let's blow some humans away."
10/10/2011 #25
Lord of Chaos 28

The King raised his hand, "Scythe, Blade, your opinions?"

10/10/2011 #26

Blade smirked "Sounds like perfect timing your majesty, they'll be weakened and recovering after the Nexus incident so will be that much easier to conquer."

The girl next to him nodded a twisted smirk on her face "Sounds like it's gonna be a blast."

10/10/2011 #27
Lord of Chaos 28

The King nodded and lowered his hand, "You are all to prepare for the battles ahead. Your pods to transport you to Earth will be ready in an hour. I expect you all to be at the loading docks in that time."

10/10/2011 . Edited 10/10/2011 #28

'Just forget about the fact that Dan remembers that you're his grandson from an alternate timeline, and focus on figuring out what style suit you're gonna wear to the dance that you're going to go to with Sirriah...' I think to myself while at the mall, looking at the various suits in the store I'm currently in.

10/10/2011 . Edited 10/10/2011 #29
(Baku Jet: Oh bring it, we can whoop you guys with one Gand tied behind our backs. Fetcher: IM GOING TO GET MY BAKUGAN! Jetravenex promised. Jetravenex: *sigh*
10/10/2011 #30
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