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Lord of Chaos 28
"I'd gladly go anywhere with you." Arcanum replied.
12/29/2011 #3,001
(I. Hate. Dishes. By the way chaos is your real name Alex?) Skylord dipped her head. "Thanks," She said as she moved her wing towards him. "Touch my wing and I'll warp us to Russia near the mansion. Then we'll go from there." Jet meanwhile groaned. "not another guy," She muttered.
12/29/2011 #3,002

(Hi guys.)

12/29/2011 #3,003
(Ayo howling)
12/29/2011 #3,004
Lord of Chaos 28
(No, it isn't.)

Arcanum chuckled, "I have a better idea. Let's race, first one to successfully teleport there and get the most info wins, sound good?"

12/29/2011 #3,005
(*shrugs* thought it was, never mind then) Skylord sighed. "Alright we race there sure but Jet put extreme emphasis on not getting caught so regroup once we get there." Skylord gems began to glow. "See ya there arcanum... On you marks get set go!" And then Skylord disappeared.
12/29/2011 #3,006
Lord of Chaos 28
In a second Arcanum was already there, inside Masquerade's room, "Please, I never get caught." he muttered, looking around.
12/29/2011 #3,007
Skylord appeared beside him. "Okay now... How to goabout this... And don't you dare rub it in about beating me here, warping isn't my easiest ability!" She hissed quietly. She glanced around warily.
12/29/2011 #3,008
Lord of Chaos 28
"Wouldn't dream of it, beautiful." Arcanum replied, "So, you want to do this the easy way or the hard way."
12/29/2011 #3,009
(...Wait chaos why'd you say your name was Alex then in the power rangers rp chat? Not to pry just curious, sides you already know my real name)
12/29/2011 #3,010
Skylord was silent for a second then she whispered. "Well what're the two ways?" She asked.
12/29/2011 #3,011
Lord of Chaos 28
(Why do you care? Everyone calls me Alex, because my middle name is Alexander, but my real first name is Christian. If you call me anything other than Chaos though I'll ban you before you can post 'Oops sorry I meant Chaos')

Arcanum glanced around, "Either we can be invisible, or visible, which would you prefer?"

12/29/2011 #3,012
(Kay, just curious you already know my real name's Meredith, so just curious and no worries you call me Jet, I call you chaos that's that) Skylord was silent. "Uhh I'm not sure I can go invisible," She said quietly.
12/29/2011 #3,013
Lord of Chaos 28
Arcanum chuckled, "I can turn us invisible, love. Though it's quite difficult, I should be able to pull it off."
12/29/2011 #3,014
Skylord considered this. "Maybe, could we like start out visible and maybe then turn invisible later on so you dint end up exhausted or something?" And then something clicked. "And why'd you just call me love?!" She hissed.
12/29/2011 #3,015
Lord of Chaos 28
Arcanum raised his nonexistent eyebrow, "Hmm? Oh, sorry. Force of habit. And we can do that, though I don't think we'll be here that long."
12/29/2011 #3,016
Skylord sighed. "Alright, hmm I guess we should go invisible since I highly doubt Masquerade would make it easy on us and have the plan be sitting here somewhere... Plus if we make a little noise they can't see anything to back any theories that we were there... I hope..." Skylord said.
12/29/2011 #3,017
Lord of Chaos 28
Arcanum flashed slightly, as did Skylord, "Alright, we're invisible. At the moment only we can see each other."
12/29/2011 #3,018
Skylord nodded wracking her brain. "Hmm well Superior obviously heard something good, so good he wasn't allowed to retain it, and he was in Dr. Micheals lab gathering data.... So I'm betting we should try there first."
12/29/2011 #3,019
Lord of Chaos 28
Arcanum nodded, "Meet you there." then he vanished."
12/29/2011 #3,020
Skylord warped appearing near the ceiling near the darkest part of the lab, even if she was invisible there was no point taking any added risk and while she trusted Arcanum, she was still unsure.
12/29/2011 #3,021
Lord of Chaos 28
Arcanum was next to Skylord, Masquerade and X were whispering to each other a bit away, "Come on, Love, we need to get closer to hear them." with that, he floated towards the two Brawlers.
12/29/2011 #3,022
Skylord would've swallowed if she could. "Good thing we went invisible..." She thought as she carefully floated after Arcanum resisting the urge to simply hide away.
12/29/2011 #3,023
Lord of Chaos 28
X looked at Arcanum and Skylord, "So many pests lately. I see Zed turned you back Skylord, and a White One, Intersting."

Masquerade turned to them, "What are you talking about, X?"

X smiled fakery, "Skylord and a White One are right there, they're invisible though. But my eyes see through all techniques."

12/29/2011 #3,024
Skylord sighed. "Crap! I didn't know X was able to do that!" She thought. "Uh oh now what do we do?" She wondered looking at Arcanum.
12/29/2011 #3,025
Lord of Chaos 28
Arcanum chuckled, "Didn't see that coming." he tapped Skylord with his wing, and then they vanished, back in Interspace, visible again.
12/29/2011 #3,026
Jet was waiting with her arms folded. "Well?" Skylord sighed. "X saw us, apparently he can see 'through all tricks'." jet frowned. "I thought I said X was there." Skylord sighed. "Wouldn't have mattered whether I knew before hand or not, neither of us knew that X could see things that are invisible." Jet sighed as she paced fir a second. "Urg! I hate standing around!" Skylord sighed. "Go ask him yourself then!" Jet shook her head. "I can't..." She said. Skylord sighed. "well then we're currently stuck with nothing to do, I don't think I'll get off so easy if I try to sneak in again. We didn't stick around to see Masqurade's reaction...." Jet sighed and folded her arms across her chest and stared off into space.
12/29/2011 #3,027
Lord of Chaos 28
Arcanum snapped shut, "Well, it was nice seeing you two again. But since I'm not dead I suppose I should find a brawler."
12/29/2011 #3,028
Jet frowned. "Well, did you already have someone in mind?" She asked. "We could help you find someone." Skylord growled. "But I still wanna know!" She whined. Jet sighed. "Sky, it'd be pointless to GI back, you'd get caught almost immediately this time:" Skylord grumbled. "I can't help it... I want todestroy the invaders and make them pay! While it's Masky fault we got turned well you know... But they'd the cause for making him choose to do that." Then she more quietly. "That and us...being... Well us..."
12/29/2011 #3,029
Lord of Chaos 28
Arcanum shook his head, "Hope, no one in mind."
12/29/2011 #3,030
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