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Lord of Chaos 28
Rivern chuckled, easily sidestepping Jet, "Who pissed in your cheerios, hmm?"
3/13/2012 #1
Jet slammed her foot into the back of his knee bringing up her blade to try and drive her sword through his head, her eyes deadly.
3/13/2012 #2
Justin and his partners stared in shock at Jet's actions "I've never seen her so... visicious..." Drake muttered stunned.
3/13/2012 #3
Lord of Chaos 28
Rivern barely moved, simply twisting around her attacks, "You know, we have a saying on my planet. When blinded by rage, your skill drops ten fold. Not much of a saying, but true."
3/13/2012 #4
This time Sam doesn't hesitate to lean on Elizabeth. "Well, that's all irrelavent if the Etarans take over, and I get the feeling that Leumas is going to help them." he says as he and Elizabeth open the front door.
3/13/2012 #5
Jet narrowed her eyes into slits, lifting her foot to catch him in the groin her fist flying towards his back her gauntlet moving just below her other hand trying to cleave him in two. "She just lost Masquerade to this guy," Meredith said. "And for Jet, this is an improvement in her fighting skill she hasn't fallen over!"
3/13/2012 #6
Tig shuddered "Its a bit... scary... I know she has a reason but I just never thought to see Jet so ready to... to kill."
3/13/2012 #7
Lord of Chaos 28
Riverm growled, blocking her foot with his knee, catching her fist with one of his, and deflecting her blade with his own, "You're pathetic. I was a better fighter when I was seven. I bet your kind aren't trained to be warriors at age 7 to adulthood, are they?"
3/13/2012 #8
Jet didn't answer him instead she jumped back grabbed onto the hand that had grabbed at her fist and dragged him forward again aiming to chop off his head her eyes cold as ice. "I don't need training, all I need is to cleave out your heart." She said icily.
3/13/2012 . Edited 3/13/2012 #9

(Vicious Jet.....That's kinda scary...)

3/13/2012 #10
(Tig: I know!)
3/13/2012 #11
Lord of Chaos 28
Rivern didn't budge, blocking Jet's blade easily, before yawning, "As fun as this has been. Kira's probably done brawling by now, see you later." Then he ripped his hand free, then turned and walked for the exit.
3/13/2012 #12
Jet snarled gritting her teeth charging forward disappearing then appearing right in front of Rivern again slicing with her sword and then slamming her foot into the back of his knee to bring him down as she passed before warping back in front of him. "Going somewhere?" She hissed. "I'm not THROUGH you yet!"
3/13/2012 #13
Lord of Chaos 28
Rivern slid by her attacks, frowning, "Unless you want to die, you'd best move aside."
3/13/2012 #14

(fun, they can't kill each other, just forewarning guys, Jet's going to be a bit insane for a while... I decided I'm going with the murderous vengeful Jet.

Baku Jet: Being Nice only got me hurt, *whips out gauntlet blade* NOW I'm going to make anyone else who crosses me feel the hurt!)

Jet narrowed her eyes into slits and scoffed. "you can't kil what's already dead, I've died once, and I have no intention of physically dying again. At least not without a whole lot of COMPANY with me!" She hissed almost baring her teeth.

3/13/2012 #15
Lord of Chaos 28
Riverm scoffed, "Move aside, I have important matters to attend to."
3/13/2012 #16

"More senseless murdering?" Jet hissed squaring her shoulders. "I don't think so buddy. You have to be pretty dumb to think you can make me step aside."

Meredith watched her hand resting on her gauntlet ready to leap at Rivern if he moved to overpower her sister.

3/13/2012 #17
Justin's own blade would be out already as he watched Though he was a bit shocked at how viscious she'd turned so quickly, he wasn't entirely surprised as he'd done much the same when he thought Meredith was dying.
3/13/2012 #18

Elizabeth led Sam inside and and went over to a couch gently urging him to sit down while Sirriah goes to see who remains in their living room.


Sirriah, Wrensa and Kelsey enter the family room looking around. "Yo! Is anyone still here?" Sirriah shouted announcing her presence.

3/13/2012 #19

Meredith swallowed. "I think we're about to see a very different Jet, emerge from this... And I'm very afraid to find out what she looks like..." She whispered to Justin

3/13/2012 #20
Lord of Chaos 28
Rivern frowned, then smirked, "Come at me with all of you've got, then."
3/13/2012 #21

Jet narrowed her eyes before charging forward and then disappearing again then coming in at the side raising her foot to kick him in the thigh near a pressure point then she brought up her blade in an attempt to cleave off his shoulder, her fist flying at his face.

3/13/2012 #22
Lord of Chaos 28
Rivern dodged the kick and punch, the sword going into his shoulder and coming out the other side, as he grabbed Jet's gauntlet hand, holding her there, blood leaking from his mouth, as he grinned, "You want to know something, Brat?" he snarled, holding her in place, the sword still in his shoulder.
3/13/2012 #23

Jet narrowed her eyes into slits. "Unless it's that you surrender i'm not interested." She said icily.

3/13/2012 #24
(who controls zed, x and them?) Sam sits down on the couch "We don't have much time, that old man or one of Leumas' guys could show up any minute. We need to get to a new base of operations, one that can hide our signatures." he declares loud enough for Sirriah to hear as well.
3/13/2012 #25

(chaos does)

Elizabeth nodded. "Yeah, but where? I mean we could try to get to interspace but without a DT to get us there quick we're stuck."

3/13/2012 #26
He nodded weakly as he slipped his free hand over to gently touch her own "So am I." he whispered softly "But we'll find a way through it... no matter what."
3/13/2012 #27
Meredith sighed as she watched Rivern. "I don't like this..." "Five bucks Masquerades not dead AGAIN and He's in Rivern meaning Jet kills Rivern Masky dies with him..." Skylash said wearily. Superior sighed. "The guy really has to stop this... I pity him but REALLY?! ugh."
3/13/2012 #28
Lord of Chaos 28
(Me, why?)

Rivern grinned cruelly, blood still spilling fromh is room and mouth, "When I was about 11, I got real rebellious. I total B***. I took up the art of pickpocketting. It was fun, and it just proved useful." He said, holding up Jet's DT that he had snatched from her pocket, " I don't know what this card is. But it shines every time you vanish. So I guess it somehow-" He vanished, reappearing on the other side of the stadium, "Teleports you." He looked over at Jet, smirking, "This could come in handy. What's it called?"

3/13/2012 #29
"You lose five buck Skylash..." Meredith said simply appearing behind Rivern herself snatching the card out of his hand. "Sorry but that's not for you. Go in time out!" She snarled lashing out with a roundhouse kick to the guy. ///-//// Jet ran at him easily crossing the distance bringing her blade forward aiming to run him right through.
3/13/2012 . Edited 3/13/2012 #30
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