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Basically I was thinking that we need a place to simply talk about the stories that we're working on and planning(and I would prefer we not turn this into a topic where we talk about random crap)

Anyway here are my stories

Total Drama Hunger Games: Taking place after the failed mocking jay rebellion this is basically what happens when you take the crazy and varried cast of the Total Drama Series and throw them straight into the Hunger Games. With twice the tributes and the biggest career pack in history the stakes are high and the deaths are brutal. No one in this story is safe, even the victors.

Running from the Leaf: A Ruby and White Nuzlock Run: One year after he took on the Unova leauge, Brendan and his family move to Hoenn when his father returns to work at the Pettleburg Gym. Through a series of events Brendon manages to gain himself one of the 3 Hoenn starters alongside May, the professor's daughter and assistant, and Wally, the young nephew of the Team Aqua leader Archie. The journey seems to go well for the 3, but when a fimilar face from their Family's past come into the picture not only do the major players begin to fear for their lives, but so does all of Hoenn.

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Team Shadow

I have 5 stories.

The 45th Hunger Games: The first SYOT I wrote! Got deleted, uploaded it, now I'm happy.

The 30th Hunger Games: Another SYOT that is nearing it's ends!

The 125th Hunger Games: Yet another SYOT that just started.

Survival in Theater: 22 kids go into a theater to perform their play, only 6 come out alive. Read to find out what happens!

The 73rd Hunger Games: Follow Jessa Syan as she lives through the 73rd Hunger Games!

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I am writing a SYOT...The 100th hunger games or 4th quarter quell. Entitled The Dead Keep Walking

And I am apart of Red Moon.

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Here are mine!

A World Turned Upside Down: the 31st Hunger Games: It's set at the time Snow becomes president. It's also an SYOT

The Planet of Panem: the 1st Hunger Games: An AU where the districts are actually countries instead of regions of North America. Also an SYOT.

Kitkat1425 the Mary Sue Hunter: I talk about things in the HG fandom but still make it a story. I also point out Mary Sues.

(not published yet) With Great Power: the 100th Hunger Games: For the QQ, the tributes will be receiving superpowers. An SYOT. This story is currently under construction. That reminds me, don't forget to send me the D10 girl if you still want the slot, Shadow!

8/4/2012 #4
Team Shadow

Ok Kit, I'll work on her! Where do I find the form?

8/4/2012 #5

My profile

8/4/2012 #6
Team Shadow

Ok. I'll work on her!

8/4/2012 #7
I'm working on: The hunger Games Truth Or Dare! :A truth or dare show where you can truth/dare the characters of THG. And the host! Aka me! Re-uploading my finished SYOT! 80th Hunger Games: a SYOT that's on HIATUS for a while! 100th Hunger Games: a story I gave up on.... Sisters of Destiny: The Return: a story about these two wolf sisters who were seperated at birth... Until the Day I Die: a collected of multi-fandom one-shots based on the song "until the day I die." And hopefully a 10/Rose one shot for doctor who sometime in the future!!
8/5/2012 #8
I've been writing a lot of oneshots for Caesar's Palace. But I'm collecting tributes for an SYOT, hinthint. /shamelessselfpromotion
8/5/2012 #9
Team Shadow

Hmmm epic I might want to submit a tribute to se called SYOT XD

8/5/2012 #10
I'm pissed about my SYOT!
8/5/2012 #11
Team Shadow

I was sooo pissed when mine was deleted! But I re-uploaded it XD

8/5/2012 #12
I can't re-upload my final chapter. Ican rewrite it. Fuck.
8/5/2012 #13
Team Shadow

I had to re-write soooo many chapters.............

8/5/2012 #14

Re-writes suck compared to the originals.

8/6/2012 #15
Team Shadow

Most of the time, they do. Cause your like "What the fuck did I write???? Why was I so creative at the time????"

8/9/2012 #16

Now that I have publish something I might as well tell you what it is.

60secebds-basically what everyonewhat's thinking during those sixty defends at the beginning of the games. The order was shown from a randomon umber generator.

The Dead Keep Walking -My SYOT! I have a huge plot range for this one.

8/18/2012 #17

I'm working on this, which I probably wouldn't mention if it weren't for the fact that I think my brain chemistry is about 85% feel-good drugs right now.

PS don't write historical fiction it will kill you.

8/18/2012 #18

My Stories:

The Cornucopia: Exactly 86 words! I'm actually surprised FF didn't take it down...

The 75th Annual Hunger Games Peeta's POV: No reviews, so I don't want to continue it anymore...

The Individual Games: It's an SYOT, but I don't call it that so then FF won't take it down...

Remembering the Fallen: The Story of the Book: It's a one shot! I love one shots...

8/19/2012 #19
I've been writing a bunch of random crap recently...Next thing I know I might be working Amnesia fanfiction or something really crazy like that.
9/23/2012 #20
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