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This a mostly OC centric RP. But by request you may control canon characters. This is mostly the same world but from other OC character's point of view.
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Cuddles dances like Sven Yah
10/29/2011 #3,001
Attacco Di Sole


(Just here. being El presidente) (In tropico 4) (Sigh it's been a long day).

10/29/2011 #3,002
Good evening, my friends. Sorry, I was at a concert with Quince.
10/29/2011 #3,003
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

whos' concert?

10/29/2011 #3,004
Hey guys, what you guys think of a High School of the dead forum? I definitely know Yoru is apart of it.
10/30/2011 #3,005

...*walks out, leaving a note reading 'NO ZOMBIES'*

10/30/2011 #3,006
Attacco Di Sole

hiya everyone

10/30/2011 #3,007
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

hi rider, if any one is interested i am making a Zombie (srry gamma) apocalypse rp, make your characters and band together to survive the apocalypse of the dead, any one whos interested just ask and ill send link.

10/30/2011 #3,008
Attacco Di Sole

I'm interested


10/30/2011 #3,009
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

sweet, here it is ill post my character soon, i only have character thread up cuz i was lazy last night, making the others now heres the link

10/30/2011 #3,010

I came from the far away planet of Blargu (not a real planet) to check up on you people and make sure you guys didn't implode the world or something...

Sooo, I have like a few seconds. Whatcha up to?

10/30/2011 #3,011
Attacco Di Sole

Nothing much.

10/30/2011 #3,012
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

sole Ao, check out the rp, link in my last post

10/30/2011 #3,013


You haven't been trying to destroy the world, have you?

10/30/2011 #3,014
Attacco Di Sole


10/30/2011 #3,015

Oh good.

So, how've you been?

10/30/2011 #3,016

We've been doing good Yoru, but my Sgt. Frog forum has become a little barren since your absence...

10/30/2011 #3,017
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

hi Ao, we've been ok

Sole in End of Days go to chat topic

Quince: do you know when Kit is getting on?

10/30/2011 #3,018

Also, I joined a High school of the dead forum.

10/30/2011 #3,019
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

rider you should join the zombie apocalypse rp i just made, link is located in one of my posts, here it is again:

10/30/2011 #3,020

Oh, I'll try to post at the Sgt. Frog Forum when I get the chance.

I'd go to the Zombie Apocalypse thing but I'm still grounded...Plus, I have no idea wht at End of Days is -_-;;

10/30/2011 #3,021
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

Ao its an original thing, not an anime or manga so you can join it :) maybe not now but later, jsut check it out

10/30/2011 #3,022

Kay, I've got a couple secs

10/30/2011 #3,023
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

yay!!!! :D

10/30/2011 #3,024

Hi Yoru...

I'm wondering, would you be interested in creating an Earth Guardian character?

They'll be involved in a REEEEAAALLLY important plotline.

10/30/2011 #3,025
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

Kit follow the magic link i posted a few posts ago and join the rp there, Ao still grounded so it would be awhile before she could rp as him

10/30/2011 . Edited 10/30/2011 #3,026

I know. I don't need him/her now...

But in time, I shall...

Ass for the link, thank you, but I'm not interested in that type of thing. Zombies just aren't my thing~.

10/30/2011 #3,027
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

hi hi, quince rider check out the rp, sole are u here?

10/30/2011 #3,028
Attacco Di Sole

Yes I'm here

10/30/2011 #3,029
Cuddles dances like Sven Yah

i postedd in End of Days

10/30/2011 #3,030
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