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This a mostly OC centric RP. But by request you may control canon characters. This is mostly the same world but from other OC character's point of view.
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Where a sad tale reside and the weak kid lives.
8/30/2011 #1

Jasen entered his little house, and walked solemnly to his backyard. He placed the roses he bought on top of a grave, which read: "Here lies: Utsukushii, the only one close to me."

"W-well, Utsukushii," Jasen said to the grave, with his voice choked up and tears running from his blue eyes. "Today was m-my thirteenth birthday. I can't b-believe it's been three years since y-your death. I-I can't believe I've been surviving without you. B-but I am, s-so don't worry. I-I love you. R-rest in peace."

And then, Jasen turned towards his house, and walked towards the back door.

8/30/2011 #2
Axel watched from the building next to Jasen's house. "......" he didn't know what to say about this, in fact, he felt a pang in his chest as he remembered the fact that his parents died too....But he already shed tears for that.....but back to the present, if this kid is guardian material, then this would require more investigation. he thought.
8/30/2011 . Edited 8/30/2011 #3

Suddenly, as Jasen entered his house, two men ran in through the front door.

"Hello young man. We've heard you have something that we want." said the first man.

"Oh yes, we did hear. Now, give us the box weapon before we kill you!" said the second, as the two took out a pair of large swords.

Fear overwhelmed Jasen's body. "B-box weapon? I do not know what you speak of."

"Alright, then," said the first man. "I guess we're going to have to kill you for it, then."

As the two muggers approached Jasen, he couldn't help but cry out a pitiful , "Help!", though he knew no one would come.

8/30/2011 #4
A gun shot was heard in the air, it was loud enough to get the two mugger's attention. "What up bitches." Axel's said. He floated in the doorway to the house with his gun out. And a look that held no mercy.
8/30/2011 #5

Jasen gaped in fear at the Snow Arcabaleno. "W-who are you?"

8/30/2011 #6
"Someone who is trying to save you boy." he said "As for you two, get out of here before I teach you a lesson, you shall never forget." he said with a low and threatening voice.
8/30/2011 #7

The two men laughed at Axel.

"You're just a little kid! You couldn't harm a fly with that toy gun!" said the first man.

"But we shall kill you anyway, along with blondie over here." said the second, motioning to Jasen. Then, both men charged at Axel.

8/30/2011 #8
Axel's rage flared "Call me little huh? How about I blow your legs off! Then we'll see who's little!!" he yelled then shot both men's knee, then shot them in the shoulder with real bullets "Think this is a toy gun now!" he yelled. "One last chance! Leave now, or take a dirt nap!" he exclaimed.
8/30/2011 #9

The two men were moaning in pain. "Alright, we'll leave." said the first man. After Axel let go, they ran to the door.

Before they left, the second man said, "Don't worry, little one; we'll be back."

And the two ran off. Jasen was huddled in the corner in fear. The sight of violence was too scary for him to abide.

8/30/2011 . Edited 8/30/2011 #10
Axel landed from his mini float then walked over to Jasen. His rage had calmed down "You alright?" he asked trying to look kind.
8/30/2011 #11

Jasen got up, and looked at Axel. "H-hello. I'm fine, thank you."

Jasen knelt down, so Axel didn't feel insecure. "Are you the one that saved me?" There was some timidity in his voice.

8/30/2011 #12
"Yes I am." Axel said then added "It seemed like those two wanted something. Any idea what it is?" he asked.
8/30/2011 #13

"...Sorry, I have no idea what they wanted." Jasen said. "Something like... box weapon? I don't know..." Jasen looked down, in shame of his confusion.

8/30/2011 #14
Death Kistune

Akira had seen Axel trek this way before. She looked left. Right. He wasn't anywhere, until she found a certain window. suddenly burst into the house, determined.

"Axel! It's an emergency! Ume's in danger!" she cried.

8/30/2011 #15
"....Do you have a small box with a hole in it anywhere?" Axel asked.
8/30/2011 #16
Death Kistune

Akira didn't mean to burst in, but her friend's life was at stake. And... someone else? She took a quick glance at the blonde.

8/30/2011 #17

Jasen looked up in fear. "W-who are you?" There had been more visitors to his house on this night than ever before; then again, there were never visitors.

8/30/2011 #18

Returning his attenion back to Axel, Jasen replied, "Well... follow me. I need to show you something." Jasen walked slowly to his room, still wary of the girl at the door.

8/30/2011 #19
"Akira, I will be there as soon as I can, first, I need to find out what those two muggers wanted." Axel said then followed Jasen
8/30/2011 #20

As he and Axel reached his room, Jasen showed Axel a blue box. "My caretaker, Utsukushii, gave this to me before she died of illness..." said Jasen. "She said to protect it with my life, and that it will help me recognize my "power" one day..." Jasen trailed off, obviously confused by Utsukushii's final statement.

8/30/2011 . Edited 8/30/2011 #21
"Hmm......I see......Akira, take the kid, the box, and find someplace safe. I have a guardian to save." Axel said then released his box weapon Fang. He hopped onto Fang's back and made their way to the door "We'll talk more later." he said then Fang took off at a very fast pace to find Umi.
8/30/2011 . Edited 8/30/2011 #22

(Hey Rider, when you save Umi, can you wait 'til Ousama and I post a few battled scenes first? Oh btw, hi Light!)

8/30/2011 #23

(@Yoru: Hi, Yoru!

@Rider: Um, since Death isn't here right now, I'm just gonna wait until she comes back before I continue, 'K?)

8/30/2011 #24
(no sweat, )
8/30/2011 #25

(Apparently Ousama has to go have dinner with relatives. I'm not sure how long that's gonna take...)

8/30/2011 #26
Death Kistune

Akira gave Jasen a wary glance.

"No time for introductions. If Axel says to help you, then I will. I come in peace." greeted Akira.

8/31/2011 #27

Jasen gaped in fear, but he asked no questions. He let Akira take him and his box to somewhere safe.

(Alright, take Jasen to somewhere in Namimori streets.)

8/31/2011 #28
Death Kistune

(On it.)

Akira grabbed Jasen's arm. "C'mon, I know somewhere safe."

8/31/2011 #29

Jasen followed close behind, and the two left the little house.

8/31/2011 #30
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