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This a mostly OC centric RP. But by request you may control canon characters. This is mostly the same world but from other OC character's point of view.
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Count Cuddles RPT

Gina was silent and she walked over to the body and looked down at it sadly. "Well assassainations aren't rare in our world." she said.

2/5/2012 #31
Death Kistune

"..." Akira assumed Hyou referred to Xegram.

She came out of the room, looking grim. "Hyou. Risu. Would you like to bid farewell to your-" she sniffed a little. "F-friend? I have to warn you... it's a little... bloody... and..." another tear escaped from her eye. "Tenbrete... why...?"

2/5/2012 #32
Count Cuddles RPT

Gina used mist flames to hide the blood for now, it would get cleaned later. "So sad."

2/5/2012 #33
Attacco Di Sole

Tenbrete was at the other corner of the room

"I didn't do anything" he said. " I am just as clueless as why would someone would steal my Gun to kill him"

Risu stared into the book with intent

Hyou nodded "Xegram is under Tenbreo command is the new co Galassia Leader"

2/5/2012 #34
Death Kistune

Akira's voice wavered. "Well... if not you, then who would?" she asked Tenbrete.

2/5/2012 #35
Attacco Di Sole

Tenbrete Shrugged

"Oh god. He's writing." Risu said as the book in her hands started produce words and paper scratches.

2/5/2012 #36
Count Cuddles RPT

Gina walked over and inspected the book in Risu's arms "Curious..." she said.

2/5/2012 #37
Death Kistune

Akira peered over Risu's shoulder, and gasped. She was right, letters were forming on the page.

"What does it say?!" she asked, not having her reading glasses with her to read the small-lettered handwriting.

2/5/2012 #38
Attacco Di Sole

"I'll speak the words. The may sound a little strange though" Risu said

"Ow.... My head. Wait where am... nevermind If I was right that bullet got right to me and I got this book. So I must be dead. Oh my I left everyone to early. Akira, Risu, Songo, Tenbrete, Hyou...... Umi. Oh Dammit I should of told her how I really felt about her. If she knows I died... I am nothing but a fool. I remember everything. I just hope everyone is alright. I'm trully am a sad person even after Tenberte and the rest of them helped me. I wish I could of seen Umi one last time. There is still so much to do but.... Wait I hear something coming. It's raining. Red rain. Not blood. Just Rain. Oh GOD the BOOK!" It cut off " There It's safe now so If I remember Time in here is different than the Living world. I'm tired. Need sleep..."

Risu stopped as the words stop and kept looking at the book. "He's gone for now" She said while taking out a pencil and looking at the last page and started to draw.

Tenbrete was looking to the side, Hyou looking at his hammer, Xeno Scanning the room and Jellal look aimlessly to the darkness of the house

2/5/2012 #39
Count Cuddles RPT

Gina looks at the book with great interest "What is this book young lady." she said with interest in her voice.

2/5/2012 #40
Death Kistune

"Tenbreo..." Akira said his name again sadly. Would she ever hear from him again? And Umi... she would be completely crushed. She loved Tenbreo... Akira couldn't love on that level. Not yet.

"What about the book...? And Risu, what are you doing?"

2/5/2012 #41
Attacco Di Sole

"This is the Ventcio Diary of the Dead. A book that's strangely is connected to ALL the Ventcio Member that have appeared in time. This book has knowledge that shake the world over. The Ventcio Primo told had written the Rules of this book. Like one of the Rules is We and The Dead can't Commune with each other directly. Another one is that we can't talk to Dead by writing only by Drawing the world he's in. Though there are loopholes, It's very strict. There are other of the Ventcio family that write in this book. I'm just drawing him a hidden Message" She said.

2/5/2012 #42
Death Kistune

"Like what?" she asked. "What are you planning to draw?"

2/5/2012 #43
Attacco Di Sole

"I'll have to draw the scene he has to but no one said I couldn't draw an Optical illusion of words right?"

Tenbrete scowled and looked at Hyou

2/5/2012 #44
Death Kistune

Akira backed away a little, giving Risu space.

"H-he was only an ally... how come I'm so torn up over this...?" she thought out loud in a soft voice, revealing her more emotional persona.

2/5/2012 #45
Attacco Di Sole

"Tenbreo had that effect on people. He would be more that just an ally. He was a friend to everyone. He Never trully hated anyone. It wasen't in his nature. He liked to be close to everyone like a family because of the Lack of his Family." Tenbrete said touching his band-aid.

2/5/2012 #46
Count Cuddles RPT

(are we going to do Miracles b4 or after future ark, im fine iwth holding off on Miracles, and where is rider....)

2/5/2012 #47
Death Kistune

(What say you, Sole? Should we get the Future over with first? ((could take a few weeks)))

2/5/2012 #48
Attacco Di Sole

(Nah The Miracles first then The future)

2/5/2012 #49
Count Cuddles RPT

(the miracles shouldn't take long if light and rider start getting on often.)

2/5/2012 #50
Death Kistune

(Okay... what now? Timeskip?)

2/5/2012 #51
Count Cuddles RPT

(someone gonna reply??)

2/5/2012 #52
Death Kistune

(To what? There's not much to reply to.)

2/5/2012 #53
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