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A Discworld roleplay centered around the city-state of Ankh-Morpork. OCs and canon characters alike welcome!
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Captain Happiness

....I fel really, really awful - Eric's kind of technically abandoned Vitaly. :( *sniff* I'm so sorry, I completely forgot!

10/27/2011 #31

No, it's okay! I just have to think of something clever now :3

10/27/2011 #32
Captain Happiness

Okay y'all, this is potentially my last night of rping for a few weeks so if anyone happens to be on I'd love to do something in the next...oh, I don't know, three hours or so? Thanks. :)

10/29/2011 #33

Quick, time skip to tomorrow! That way, Eric can meet Gwyd at the Hide Park office!

10/29/2011 #34
Captain Happiness

Yose Coto - you on?

10/29/2011 #35
Just! I'm using my DSi, which frankly is a pile of shit when it comes to this sorta thing. But I'll definitely RP with you!
10/29/2011 #36
Captain Happiness

Okay awesome....if Fanless comes in we can always wrap up the pub thing in a couple posts, (flashback-like!). Would you like to start or shall I?

10/29/2011 #37
I was thinking more 'Gwydion practises for his date while drunk Blut hits on Eric', but yours works too.
10/29/2011 #38
Captain Happiness

Oh, riiight...I thought you meant timeskip to tomorrow and do the whole met-up thing. XP

10/29/2011 #39
That was my original plan, but Mum and a little thing called 'school-starts-on-Monday-so-you-need-to-wake-up-at-6.45' changed that. You know how it is.
10/29/2011 #40
Captain Happiness

Boarding school, dear. You have no idea how much I feel your pain.

10/29/2011 #41
Our school does boarding. I dunno all the boarding houses, but two are School House (boys) & Headmaster's House (girls).
10/29/2011 #42
Captain Happiness

Mine's all girls. *sigh* Kill. Me. Now. And I go back tomorrow which is why tonight's my last night.

10/29/2011 #43
*hug* Our school day lasts 9 till 4, and that's without the 4 to 5 activity slot. School buses leave at 5... AND THIS IS FOR NON-BOARDERS.
10/29/2011 #44
Captain Happiness


Anyone around? ^.^

10/30/2011 #45

I am!

10/30/2011 #46

Wow. Your days are really long. I've only got two classes atm, so I'm in at 7 and out by 12...

10/31/2011 #47
M. Shattermirror

So what have Spyra and Tatsel been doing all this time? I take it as read that he played for her and it was amazing beyond belief, but what after?

10/31/2011 #48
Wolfsbane the Lazy

Ha ha... ha... I miss so much. T^T

10/31/2011 #49
Captain Happiness

Aww....*hugs* Snap, Wolf. XD

11/2/2011 #50
M. Shattermirror

Fanless, sorry I haven't been on Orderly Chaos in a while. I know I said I would post more often, but lately every time I try to get onto the forum my browser crashes. I don't know what's going on...

11/7/2011 #51
M. Shattermirror

New page!

11/7/2011 #52
Captain Happiness

Claimed in the name of...?

11/7/2011 #53
M. Shattermirror

... Cohen the Barbarian!

11/7/2011 #54
Captain Happiness

You mean....Brian Cohen? XD

I have been watching far too much Monty Python.

11/7/2011 #55
M. Shattermirror

LOL. Perhaps.

Still here?

11/7/2011 #56
Captain Happiness
I was...but my internet wasn't. Le sigh.
11/8/2011 #57

I have discovered the joy of Youtube Downloader. I can't imagine how I ever managed without it.

11/14/2011 #58

Remind me what that is again? I can guess, but...

11/16/2011 #59
Captain Happiness

Downloading mp3s off of youtube.

11/16/2011 #60
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