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Yes, it is okay to flame DMK.


This is a little experiment that I came up with in my head, this whole Author Chat thing.

Let's set some ground rules for my own chat.


Flame with purpose. Hate me? Give me legitimate reasons.

Profanity is okay, but, of course, in moderation.



The Aftermath. Fevered. Marked.

Full Stories:


I may decide to continue Fevered. A lot of people enjoyed it, but I don't want to infringe on other same-plot stories.

I will gladly take a prompt that you give me, but don't expect me to make it work too well.

If you have any questions about me or anything else, shoot it here!

8/14/2011 . Edited 8/15/2011 #1
x Veela x

Ooh Author Chat seems a lot personal than reviews - perhaps easier to keep track of who said what? Anwyay, having discovered the treasure trove that was your profile page (*glances at clock* was it really that many hours ago?!) you have firmly converted me to D/S... I mean Derek/Stiles *cough*.

1. First point to make, I enjoyed that you constantly come up with alternatives for the usual "his" personal pronoun that is so overused that it is becoming one of my pet hates. This is especially useful with slash fics as his and his do not distinguish between who is doing what to whom. Which, I hope you'll agree, is particularly important in some matters!

2. You are a thoughtful writer. *points to Lovedrunk chapter 6* It's the little things like using a backwards pointing bracket for a flashback and a forwards pointing for flash forward that just makes me like you as a writer, regardless of what you're actually writing and whether you're writing it well. I enjoy reading pieces in which the authors have obviously considered their readers, not just posted on a global fanfiction site to try and get some positive feedback for themselves.

3. You characterise well. With other fics for this pairing, authors often overuse the whole "Stiles is witty" and "Derek is the Big Bad Wolf" classification of a two-dimensional character facet. Yes, you include it, but you add more to the characters.

4. Related (kind of) is the way you use language (especially dirty language ;) ) to intensify a passage. I've become so desensitised to the word "fuck" reading all the smut drivel on here that I've forgotten what a turn on dirty talk is when used in moderation. Every other word is not "fuck" and swearing is not used as a filler for something you cannot be bothered to think about but feel that an arguement needs more substance. Yet, I have no questions about getting out a red pen and putting lots of ticks in the margin when you do decide to heat things up.

5. There is one thing I would mention on the improvement side: every sentence does not need to be a new paragraph. Obviously when speech is involved, these rules are skewed, and I'd rather see a piece on the spacey side than all jumbled up on a neverending train of words with no form. However, I would enjoy a little more description along with the speech.

Note: I have come to the end of my points and would like to say that this is the kind of thing I would normally write in a PM, but thought I'd give the forum chat a go. Feel free to delete/reply in a PM.

8/21/2011 #2

Thank you! No, this is exactly what I imagined AC's would be for, to comment on the author's writing style as a whole. Reviews are nice, but people generally keep it to "I love this!" and then flitter off to the next one and do the same thing. The fact that you came here and said so much after perusing my profile makes me feel sooo good inside.

A.) +1 Conversion! yes! At this point D/S has almost been done to death, and recently even I've had doubts about writing them after all the fics, but the fact that I got you to believe in it makes me feel really good inside.

B.) Thank you for noticing my use of pronouns vs. proper ones. I'll be reading interactions in other stories and then get confused with the number of his's around. I stop and close the tab for more of them than I'd like to admit.

C.) I am so glad you commented on the fact that I think of people reading as write. I do, I honestly do. I try to keep it as much of an enjoyable, easy experience as possible. Treating each selfless act as a selfish one... in writing at the very least.

D.) I'm glad you see that there are more to the characters, I got worried that Stiles and Derek got too clingy in Lovedrunk, so I tried to remedy that in Fevered. I'm gonna have to learn to better blend the more, shall we say, liberal aspects of my writing with the actual canon characters.

E.) There is rarely talking during sex, which is why I tried to limit it in that last chapter of Lovedrunk. I've never actually had sex, but I feel that I wouldn't use words as much during the actual act. As I see... well, actually hear... no...imagineit to be, it's mostly whimpering, moaning, groaning, and screaming.

F.) That paragraph thing is something I noticed, rereading Lovedrunk in it's entirety on the site. I think that might be because when writing in a processor I tend to indent each paragraph, so I might barely glaze over the fact that it wasn't entirely necessary to. As for speech and description parts? That is a definite personal problem that I've had. I tend to overdo it in my original fiction, so now I just avoid it. I once wrote dialogue and interaction over a handwashing scene and it stretched on for far too long. My friend was editting for me and she was like, "Seriously?! You wasted 5 minutes of my life imagining these three washing their hands. I want my time back!"

Thank you for taking the time to point all this out! It definitely gives me good writer's esteem, but even more so with the last part. That'll help me to grow and cull all the bits that aren't working out. I'm glad you've found this, I know I am!

8/21/2011 #3

hey well i must say as a big fan of your work. I AM UPSET at the fact that you havent wrote a thing in forever!! lease come back with a new story or even contiue fevered... IDC i just want something.

sincerely big fan.

Have a nice day :)

12/8/2011 #4
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