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Post-movie. Charles has gained his ability to walk again. Dont ask how Now its time for school! Create your OC or claim and canon and have fun!
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Decepticon Alchemist

Have at it, my friend(s) (Since it seems Missy luvs China is my permanent RP buddy ;)

8/16/2011 #1
Fandomstuck Queen

(awww thanks :D)

Sally was walking to her next class

8/16/2011 #2
Decepticon Alchemist

Wait, I never submitted my OC. Im stupid -_- Yet again my love for SHapeshifting will pop up ;)

8/16/2011 #3
Fandomstuck Queen

Yay for shapehifting

8/16/2011 #4
Decepticon Alchemist

Hell to the yeayaa!! Lol

8/16/2011 #5
Fandomstuck Queen

Agreed XD

8/16/2011 #6
Decepticon Alchemist

Did you see my OC?

8/16/2011 #7
Fandomstuck Queen

Yes I did and she looks awesome ^^

8/16/2011 #8
Decepticon Alchemist

Thanks. I am going to play in first person here as well.

8/16/2011 #9
Fandomstuck Queen


8/16/2011 #10
Decepticon Alchemist

I wasnt looking where I was going, and I bumped straight into Sally. I landed with an 'oof' on my butt, and dropped all of my books. (Cliche, eh?)

"Sorry, Sally!" I said in a panicky voice, scrambling to grab my books.

8/16/2011 #11
Fandomstuck Queen

"Oh that's okay Sierria," I said. I helped her pick up her books.


8/17/2011 #12
Decepticon Alchemist

I smiled. I grabbed my books from her. It was the first day of school, and I was pretty neew here, and only new a few of the other mutants, Sally included.

"Whats your first class?" I asked, pulling out my schedule.

8/17/2011 #13
Fandomstuck Queen

"I got US History first," I said looking at my schedule.

8/17/2011 #14
Decepticon Alchemist

"Hey! So do I! I guess age really doesnt matter here..." I said. I was wearing a black-brown layered, ruffle dress, a matching headband, cardigan, and strapped flip-flops.

"I was expecting this to be more focused on our mutations, but I guess the basics come first."

8/17/2011 #15
Fandomstuck Queen

"I agree there Sierra," I said. My outfit for the day was a grey tank top that had a white cat on it w/jeans and tennis shoes

8/17/2011 #16
Decepticon Alchemist

"Oh well," I sighed, "Wanna walk with me to class?" I asked hopefully.

8/17/2011 #17
Fandomstuck Queen

"Sure," I said. "I'm still trying to get use to this place."

8/17/2011 #18
Decepticon Alchemist

"Tell me about it! This place is gargantuan!" I laughed, looking around. I hated being a telepath, because I dont know how to control it. I could here almost everyones thoughts, and I always had a headache.

8/17/2011 #19
Fandomstuck Queen

"I agree ha ha. I even got lost looking for the bathroom," I said.

8/17/2011 #20
Decepticon Alchemist

I laughed again, and opened the door to the classroom.

"This is definitely not a regular history classroom..." I muttered to Sally.

There were torches along the wall, and several beacons along the map. There were specific instructions on the chalk board about battle strategies. On the other side of the room was a large list of all of the known mutations, and how common or rare they were.

8/17/2011 #21
Fandomstuck Queen

"I agree," I muttered back to Sierra.

There was some more students sitting already.

8/17/2011 #22
Decepticon Alchemist

I scampered over to two opened desks.

"Over here, Sally!" I called, pointing to the other seat.

8/17/2011 #23
Fandomstuck Queen

I nodded and made my way to the seat next to Sierra.

I sat down next to her.

8/17/2011 #24
Decepticon Alchemist

Eric walked in, stood at the head of the room, and held his hand up for silence.

"He's one of my trainors," I whispered to Sally, "He's like, the most powerful telekinetic in the world!"

8/17/2011 #25
Fandomstuck Queen

"Whoa," I whispered back to Sally.

8/17/2011 #26
Decepticon Alchemist

"Uh-huh, and I am his only student at the moment. He says telekinesis is a very rare mutation." I stated proudly.

"Miss Sierra, you have no acceptions to the rules," Eric said sternly, thought there was a look of amusement in his eyes.

I blushed as half of the class turned to look at me.

8/17/2011 #27
Fandomstuck Queen

I felt bad for Sierra.

8/17/2011 #28
Decepticon Alchemist

"Attention! Today we will be given our codenames, and will show our mutations." Eric said calmly as the class turned their attention back to him.

I raised my hand. "Yes, Sierra,"

"I thought this was US history?"

"Actually, its how our mutations have affected history."

"Uh... Okay"

8/17/2011 #29
Fandomstuck Queen

This caught my attention pretty good.

8/17/2011 #30
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