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Where the campers live.

8/15/2011 #1

((Can we do 1st person?))

8/15/2011 #2

((Go for it Ale-ale-jandra.))

8/15/2011 #3

((YAY...Crap, dinner time. BBL))

8/15/2011 #4


Amelia "Amy" Wood

I was in the Thoth cabin on my bunk, staring at the ceiling while fingering with my ibis amulet.

8/15/2011 #5

Danielle Pierce

I was sitting on the steps of Set cabin bored. There wasn't anyone in the arena to fight and all my siblings were doing gods know what.

8/15/2011 . Edited 8/15/2011 #6

Bryan Meyers

Today was a naturally boring day. You could tell because campers were just lingering around doing nothing. Close to no one was training, and it was too hot to be fighting your butt off anyways. Scanning the camp for someone to talk to, I sighed and wondered when something interesting was going to happen.

8/15/2011 #7

I drummed my fingers on my knees and looked around. Nothing going on.

8/15/2011 #8

((Wow... There should be a meteor that should drop down or something.))

I looked to the Set cabin to see if there were any fights going on currently. It seemed to be quiet, and there was one brown headed girl sitting alone on the steps.

8/15/2011 #9

((*rolls eyes*))

My eyes locked on a boy looking at me. I waved over to him to see what his deal was.

8/15/2011 #10

Uh-oh. I cringed when I realized I had been staring at her. Walking over, I hoped this girl was one of the nicer ones from the Set cabin.

8/15/2011 #11

"What are you looking at blondie?" She smirked at his expression.

8/15/2011 #12

"I wasn't staring," I uttered, frantically trying to come up with an excuse. "There was a bug right next to you, and I was watching as it flew off." Lame, yes, but all I could think of when she was staring at me like I was dinner.

8/15/2011 #13

"Scared I'm going to kick your a*s right here and now?" It wasn't anything unusual. The other cabins thought us Set kids were all bullies who would pound you into sand.

8/15/2011 . Edited 8/15/2011 #14

I scratched my head and tried to think of something to enlighten the conversation. "So... You like any types of pie?"

8/15/2011 #15

I laughed. "Why do you ask?"

8/15/2011 #16

Sighing in frustration, I went out of the Thoth cabin and started to walk. I saw Danielle and some Nepthtys guy talking, so I decided to go talk to them. "Hi, Danielle. Hi, guy I don't know whose name is."

8/15/2011 #17

I was surprised when she laughed, expecting a face full of dirt.

"Pie is a delicious source of happiness." I smiled. "There's blueberry, apple, chocolate..."

8/15/2011 #18

"I love chocolate pie."

8/15/2011 #19

"Hi Amy. And what is your name blondie?" I raised my eyebrows.

8/15/2011 . Edited 8/15/2011 #20

What's wrong with blonds? I wanted to ask.

8/15/2011 #21

I turned and thanked Ra to see a soul that would save me from death from this "Danielle".

"I am Bryan... The Great. Because someday I will be." I made the last part up, as you could tell.

8/15/2011 . Edited 8/15/2011 #22

I rolled my eyes and introduced myself. "Amelia, but if you don't call me Amy or Lia you will have your butt kicked to the 21st Nome."

8/15/2011 #23

I frowned. "I don't want my butt kicked."

8/15/2011 #24

"Really, The Great?" This Bryan guy was amusing.

8/15/2011 #25

I rolled my eyes at Bryan.

8/15/2011 #26

"Yes, the Great!" I told her, my eyes wide. "Don't you think that's a cool name? Well, I think it is."

8/15/2011 #27

I smirked. "It's great."

8/15/2011 . Edited 8/15/2011 #28


8/15/2011 #29

"She was using--forget it." Why damper the guy's ego?

8/15/2011 #30
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