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YAY! HUG! *hugs back* OH YEAH! Aren't I the cousin with out the mom(basically the orphan) that you guys adopted into your family? Can Floopy be my sister that was also adopted into the family? And Naty is our...aunt/mom? Whoa!

12/10/2011 #31

I guess you could, but... so you aren't without a parent, Floopy can be your mom! Yaaaaaay! 8D

Hi Aunt Floopy~! (*Unless you don't wanna be. lol. I feel bad, since Naty has like a million children to support, and fanfiction authors don't exactly make much... XD )

12/17/2011 #32

But did Floopy teach me something? FLOOPY! Did you teach me something? It would be weird if I was your mom, cuz I'm 11 and you're 14, right? THAT would be scary. So...yah! I AGREE FLOOPY IS MY MOM!

12/17/2011 #33

Here, I'll post my history :D

How you heard of Harvest Moon: When my family bought a second house in the Philippines, I saw my brother was playing Pokemon on a GameBoy Advance. Interested, I began rooting through his games like the good big sister I am, and found Harvest Moon MFOMT. I then swiped his GBA and began playing it; eventually, I began doing this everyday. Of course, I ended up being found out. After all this time, I didn't know what video game I was playing... when I asked my brother about it, he said some of his friends had given it to him as a present, but he wasn't planning on playing it (mainly because the main character was a girl, and it's basically part dating sim). He then asked me if I wanted it, and it basically climbed up from there XD

How you heard of fanfiction: Tough one... but I was searching for stories about Harry Potter, and I stumbled across one called The Bonds Of Blood (I was around 11... and the story was a LEMON DDDDDDD:). Of course, I didn't know what website it was on, but it turned out to be this one, so I ended up searching 'Harvest Moon', assuming there weren't many stories about it- and there were over 1000! So I ended up clicking on pepsipiggy's story 'Perverted Prince' (I was a perverted child, DAMN YOU HORMONES! OTL), which was only a few chapters long. Since then, I assumed it was finished and ended up searching other stories, then forums, etc. etc. etc.

What got you into writing: Harvest Moon and Owl City. The song 'Hot Air Balloon' first inspired me to make a music video for it; I had seen a tribute to Harvest Moon with it as the music on YouTube, and I thought, I want to make a music video of that. After that, I discovered that it was hard to draw in the style of Harvest Moon, so I decided to just write a story about it. I realized that it would be a little hard to write about a hot air balloon trip that basically didn't have any point, so I decided to make it into a hot air balloon race. And thus, The Grand Hot Air Balloon Race was born!

What your earliest writings were about: Original stories about mermaids and such. I also remember writing a story about a manga called Kitchen Princess, and only recently did I find the paper I had written it on. I'm editing it right now!

Fangirl Love Life: At first, I had a fan-crush on Rick, then I got Island of Happiness and practically fell in love with Elliot. I'm not proud to admit that I've got a soft spot for shy, hardworking guys. And then Vaughn came along, and he replaced Elliot (which I am currently feeling very guilty about :O). Then I got Tree of Tranquility (which I proceeded to lose a week after I bought it) and developed a crush on Bo.

12/17/2011 #34

It's okay! I first fell in love with in Vaughn and I'm starting to switch to Elliot...BUT I'll always love both of them! AND WHO CAN'T LOVE LIL' OLD BO!

12/17/2011 #35

Haha, aw... :) I think it's cute you found Harvest Moon in your brother's room.

But, wait a minute- I've been on this site longer than you, and you said that there were over 1000 stories for Harvest Moon. There WERE over a thousand, but... there was more like 5,000... XD

12/19/2011 #36

He denied ownership of it c:

....I should really check the amounts I type, huh....

12/19/2011 #37



12/19/2011 #38
Fanfiction Ninja

hehe, my older brother used to play harvest moon with me, and now he denies it too. :DD

12/19/2011 #39


I don't think my brother will ever get into Harvest Moon, since he's into war and **** like that.

12/19/2011 #40

What boy isn't into that? XD

12/19/2011 #41

How you heard of Harvest Moon:

HM:DS was advertised here in the UK loooooong ago, and it took me back to when one of my friends was telling me about AWL on the PS1. 'Lol,' my brain thought, 'Sounds awesome!' Brought it and thus I was pulled into HM c:

How you heard of fanfiction:

Was looking for InuYasha pictures, accidentally clicked on web, found fanfic on said fandom, became slightly obsessed, and there we have it.

What got you into writing:

I liked English at school, found it cool that I could write shizz and publish it here, put it all together and yush! Likes writing now.

What your earliest writings were about:

Mary-Sue and Gary-Stu alike characters that save the world and stuff. -bangs head in shame- I've kept some, and I weep at how bad I was.

Fangirl Love Life:

I actually didn't like any of the original Valley guys. Well, DS was a male main character game so I just went for the girl whose personality sounded the nicest (Celia FTW). So the the first guy I liked the most was Vaughn (I'm a walking cliche, just in case you couldn't figure it out)...And I've only just been like 'meh' with Velsea. It used to be my OTP.

Then SI came along and I've fallen in love with Will (I will get you to purple heart when I sit down and play the damn game!) and, for some reason, Pierre.

As for other universes, Dr Trent, Kai and then Skye when Cute came out, are awesome. I have not got either game, but they're just too amazing :D

12/22/2011 #42

Hmm...I don't think they ever advertised it around where I live...You seem lucky! ^ ^

I remember that show! I would watch that with my uncle a long time ago!

At my school my English teacher is mean.

I did the same thing. Every single one of my characters were Mary-Sues and Gary-Stu's. I think it's because when you're younger you want whatever you create to be completely perfect.


12/22/2011 #43

Haha! Today I was *pretending* to clean my room, and as I was pretending I found a bunch of old stories about Marth, Avatar the last airbender, Kirby, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a crossover of Sonic and Fairly Oddparents. I'm gonna go pull one out just so I can embarrass myself xD

Here goes you guys:

One day, as I was walking, I saw something that I couldn't take my eye off! It was so cute! "Pika pika," it said softly. "Hi! What's your name?" I asked it. "Pikachu!" it shouted. "Hi there, Pikachu! Let's go play over there!" Where I pointed, there were tons of the little creatures! There were big ones, short ones, funny-looking ones, even similar ones! I liked the cute ones best! I found a really cute one I just couldn't resist petting! So, when I ran over to it, three more things ran right in front of it! "Pika pika pika pika pi!" (It meant that they were just trying to protect it.) Just then, a talking one came over to me! He was mean looking, too. He said his name was Mewtwo. He said he was a legendary pokemon, so he couldn't evolve, and didn't evolve from anything.

OK, I think Ill stop there since I'm getting bored of typing something so crappy xD It's about 3/4 of a page lopng, typed. I'll guess that I was maybe in kindergarten or first grade when I wrote it. I was about 5 or 6. I never really did have a problem with grammar... huh. Either that or auto-correct did it for me when I was little xD

12/27/2011 #44

lol I'll try to find my old book of drawings and stories.

12/27/2011 #45

Well what do you want me to teach you about Kat?


12/29/2011 #46


12/30/2011 #47


12/30/2011 #48

*squeals again* YAAAAAAAAY!

12/30/2011 #49

How you heard of Harvest Moon: Well, I was video game shopping for my friend, and like at that time, I bought a lot of games. I bought IoH for her because it looked cool and my mom was like, "Hey, want it?" And I was like, "Sure, whatever." I thought it was boring at first, so my cousin borrowed it for six months, started a new account, and married Denny. She encouraged me to play it, and helped me along. So then I just married Elliott. After that, I got into the games a lot. I also got AP, and then I got into Fanfiction again. Hehe~

How you heard of fanfiction: There was one year where I surfed the internet hellalot. I searched Pokemon because I thought they were so cute! As I got into page 200 I noticed Fanfiction kept popping up, so I clicked on it and learned it's quirks. I used to read Pokemon stuff, but now it's Harvest Moon. I got inspired to make an account because I wanted Harvest Loon and tiffiany59 to notice me, hehe. I don't know if you guys know them though. They did, and I guess that's good, but now Fanfiction means much more to me.

What got you into writing: I've always been into writing. I don't know, it's always been a dream of mine. I don't know if it was Mary Pope Osborne and her Magic Tree House books or not - which I read all of until about #30. It's been like that since grade 2. Haha, actually I remember writing about fantasy, so I think the Rainbow Magic series inspired me a lot. Have you guys heard of those? Gosh this is embarrassing, going on about Rainbow Magic, because they're still on going...

What your earliest writings were about:I wrote original stories. Moving on.

Fangirl Love Life: Lol. HAHA jk I actually married Elliott in IoH which is kind of ironic because my best guy friend is Elliott. I met him after I got married don't worry about a thing. I was researching on Fogu and I just wanted all the games, and I got em all. I fell in love with Luke, but then after playing the game I begun to see things in all the bachelors! I used to want to marry Rock too but then he got dense and I met Skye and fell in love. xD

On Fanfiction I had a Denny phase - which was kinda weird, because I don't like Denny that much anymore - but now it's basically Cam, Shea, and Wizard. They're even on my school locker, haha it's kinda weird because people always ask who they are...

12/30/2011 . Edited 12/30/2011 #50

HM:DS was advertised here in the UK loooooong ago, and it took me back to when one of my friends was telling me about AWL on the PS1. 'Lol,' my brain thought, 'Sounds awesome!' Brought it and thus I was pulled into HM c:

WAIT, you live in the UK?





*troll face* DO YOU LIKE ONE DIRECTION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


12/30/2011 . Edited 12/30/2011 #51


I think you're a bit too obsessed with them, but I'm just as obsessed with Gill(maybe more). :P

12/30/2011 #52
Except for the fact that One Direction are real live British boys, and Gill's a real 2D British video game character.
12/31/2011 #53

True, true, but I think he has some Australian blood(no idea why I think that) and alien blood(the show! The Harvest Sprite show!).

12/31/2011 #54

*raises hand awkwardly* I LIKE THE SCRIPT! Is it ironic that their music has been featured in a myuvee called Made in Chelsea (make that of what you will)?

12/31/2011 #55

What? What script?

12/31/2011 #56
You never heard of the band The Script? Check them out for 2012. By the way, happy 2012!
12/31/2011 #57

Oh, I've heard of them once, but never listened to them. I thought Otaku was actually talking about a script. HAPPY 2012 TO YOU TOO! :D

By the way, when they find the aliens in a desert California, you'll all believe me. YOU ALL WILL! }:D

12/31/2011 #58

Wot Aliens.

1/5/2012 #59

ALIENS ARE REAL! They abducted me. :) Then they set me back on earth. :) That might be why I'm labeled as, 'YOU FREAKING STALKER! STOP FOLLOWING ME IN THE HALLWAY, YOU FREAK!' by my neighbor. :)

1/5/2012 #60
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