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"I met her when I was fifteen. Sol and I tracked her down. She used to send me letters until I was eight. That was around the time her pimp got her hooked on heroine. She had been trying to get clean and fixed up the last time she wrote me. But when I found her she told me the story of my birth, and she was high. I found out I had six younger brothers who she had kept. That hurt the worst to me.That she had thrown me away but had kept them," Mei said before sighing. And shaking her head. "After that I felt... nothing towards her. Not even anger, which she deserved. It was Sol who ranted and raved at her. And those boys... her children kicked us out. They even tried to rough up Sol. But he took them all down and we went back tothe orphanage where Mrs. Wrick beat us until we passed out. I woke upin a trashbag and Sol woke up in a bed, named with Mrs. Wrick having her way with him while Mr. Wrick was undressing to join them. He had a thing for boys."

9/29/2011 #301

Mei, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I thought I was the only one. What a stupid thing to think. I felt a lump in my heart for her. And I could see that it was not her emotions I was feeling but my own. For her story, for my own, for Sol's. That was pain. Real live pain. I'm so sorry.

9/29/2011 #302

"It's alright. Despite all that we were relatively fine. Well, I was kinda. But that was Sol's first kills. He had always been big. And strong. And when he's angry or scared times all his strength my one thousand. He snapped Mrs. Wrick's neck and beat Mr. Wrick to death before coming to look for me. I had passed out again in the bag. But he found me and then we ran away," Mei explained.

9/29/2011 #303

I'm glad.I didn't look at her.I'm not sure I could function without you.

9/29/2011 #304

"Mira you're apart of our family now, you know. So I guessed... I figured it was only right I told you the truth about why I went where I went and what I did there," Mei said with a small smile as she placed the pie in the oven. "I'll continue now. We had no where else to go so we went back to my mother. She let us stay with her and my brothers. Though they oftened bothered Sol and me. And eventually we moved into a small apartment together. I met a guy who I thought was perfect. It turned out he was an oppium dealer and user. While Sol worked and went to school I stayed home and got high with him. I got pregnant and that's when I told Sol what I'd been doing. He sent me into a rehab and dropped out of school to work and eventually saved up enough to buy this house."

9/29/2011 #305

I laughed to myself. So he really is superman, I wrote, and I meant it in both ways.

9/29/2011 #306

"He most certainly is," Mei said with a smile. "He's always saving me. It was my idea to become a mask. He just went with it. Anyway... When I came out there was this house and the car and him. I was four months pregnant at the time and we started decorating her room first. The whole basement became her nursery. It would be like or personal flat, me and my child's. But Eddie... the father caught up with me one day in the supermarket and began stalking me. But he didn't come close to me until one day Sol was called into work for an emergency metting," Mei said as she sat down and folded her hands in her lap.

9/29/2011 #307

There was a stirring inside me. I could no longer separate the the emotions anymore. Were they hers? Were they mine?

But... I couldn't leave now. I couldn't let myself have an attack. I couldn't. I had to sit here. I had to listen and with all my might not fall over and die.

9/29/2011 #308

"He tried to convince me to.... leave with him. Eddie. He said he missed me. That he loved me and wanted to be a family," Mei stated in one fast breath. "And when I refused he left. I thought it was over... he came back later with my 'brothers' and together they held me down and they each had a turn raping me. And at the end... they beat me. Kicked and punched me and then Eddie who was in a high induced rage, stabbed me ten times in my stomach. I miscarried on that day."

9/30/2011 #309

I was sure it was my emotions now. After all I had seen in my own life, the idea of this is terrible. Oh, Mei. I'm so sorry. She seems much calmer then I would have ever thought.

9/30/2011 #310

In a Fluid motion, Rorshach pulled his mask back, and pocketed it.


9/30/2011 #311

"It's al... no, it's not but now a days it doesn't feel like it's something that happened to me. It feels like a painful dream. A dreadful nightmare. But that' s all. Only on the day... the aniversery of that day do I feel anything. That's all," Mei said.-- Geni nodded her head quickly and ran from the room. She didn't like it when uncle Rory was mad. It scared her.

10/1/2011 #312

Trust me, I wrote slowly, I know that feeling.

10/1/2011 #313

Rorschach eventually came back out to begin devouring a beef steak and some cheesy puffs.

10/1/2011 #314

Mei cocked her head to the sige. "Do you? Tell me."-- Geni hid behind the door leading to her toy room. She would avoid Uncle Rory. She didn't want to make him angry again.

10/2/2011 #315

Rorshach, deciding Geni needed a new friend, looked for the nearest Jon Clone, and walked up to him to say:

"Give Child a pet."

10/2/2011 #316

"Ah. A pet for the woman child? Yes. I agree. What animal base should be used, do you think, Rorschach?" The clone asked.

10/2/2011 #317

"Simple creature. Cat, Dog, Fish…"

10/2/2011 #318

I sighed and picked up the pen.

I grew up in a cult. Those were my first memories. There were at least a hundred of us--more normal then you would expect but all the same, we were a cult, completely. My father was the cult leader. He beat my mother all the time and when she stopped fighting he started to beat me. He let his friends rape me--and all the same, when we would have church all day everyday he would preach love and kindness and say that we would never be happy without each other; that we would never be happy in the real world.

I was 16 when a mob came through--it's leader was someone who had left the cult years ago and gained it's own following. Truthfully, it was just another part of the cycle. They were no better then us.

My Alexandria died that day. She was one and a half, the daughter of me and a man that had fathered more children then anyone else in the whole town--one of my fathers friend, of course. She was with him when the mob came and.. I put the pen down, wiping my tears. I don't know that she is dead, not really. I can only assume. It's been what, 6 years? They could have taken her and she could be alive and well somewhere. I'll never know.

They burned the town down within an hour--our home was farther and didn't get much damage, but I didn't know where my parents were. I stayed in the house--I hid, hoping everything would end and it would all go away. We were miles away from from any city. Hours away from here. No one would ever know, I told myself, I could have a clean start and no one would ever find me. I knew my parents were dead.

Two hours later they found me and raped me can made me mute. I was the only one that got away; I don't understand why they didn't just kill me.

After that I lived on the streets and sold my body for food and was used by people I thought were my friends. I am stronger now, though--in more ways then one.

10/3/2011 #319
"A shark," Geni shouted as she ran into the arms of one of her daddy clones. "I want a shark that looks like a mix of this and Uncle Rory," she said pointing to a tiger shark and then flipping to another page with a picture of a sabor tooth tiger," and this too. And I want their names to be Malu and Tabitha."
10/8/2011 #320
Mei rached out and pulled Mira into a warm hug. "I have so many wishes... Like our daughters had lived or that we had all known eachother back then but in this moment... I'm so happy to have you and Sol. So very, very happy," she murmured, her vision blurring with tears.
10/8/2011 #321

"Too Dangerous." Said Rorschach.

10/8/2011 #322

I forced myself to smile though my insides were growing colder and colder from the flow of emotion.

There is one more thing, I scribbled.

I don't know what it is--a cruse, mostly. But ever since that day, my emotions have been screwed up. A person a mile away can feel sadness and I will feel what they are feeling, only ten times more. I didn't think it anything at first. Just my mind trying to figure things out--but soon, as it got worse and worse I realized what was happening.

10/9/2011 #323

"No it's not! They'll be smart and we'll play and talk and they'll be my best friends!" Geni yelled out angrily before narrowing her eyes at him. "I want what I want and you can't stop me," she hissed before stomping off.

10/22/2011 #324

"An empath then? Someone who can 'feel' other's feelings and such? Is it... overwhelming? Right now or all the time?" Mei asked as she wiped away her tears and got straight to business.

10/22/2011 #325

I shrugged. All of the time. Most of the time it can be controlled, but when others emotions are so strong...I looked away. Yeah. All the time. Right now.

10/22/2011 #326

"I'm sorry. It's bad right now because of me isn't it?"Mei asked after a moment. "I could try... being numb. It's easy for me."

10/22/2011 #327

"Perfect time to exercise rules and discipline." Rorshach told Jon Immediately. "Or else she'll never grow smarter. Perhaps give shark and tiger after maturity."

10/23/2011 #328

"That is probably a good idea but... I simply cannot deny her. She is too darling," Jon muttered the last bits under his breath. "Maybe... I'll give her one and then the other?"

10/24/2011 #329

Rorschach put a hand on Jon's shoulder firmly.

"Problem." He told his friend. "Too caring. Must deny her out of love, for her own sake."

10/26/2011 #330
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