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Omg! Becky! I don't feel like rping!.... So I came to chat.

8/21/2011 #1

I'm so high on sugar right now! I'm gonna explode!

8/26/2011 #2

Do you guys got The Glow?

9/21/2011 #3

Nope..... actually what is THE GLOW?

9/22/2011 #4

Only the greatest thing ever.

9/22/2011 #5

If it's so great how come I've never heard of it? Hmm? HMm? HMMM????????!!!!!!!!!!

9/22/2011 #6
xXFindingForeverXx Check it out!

9/24/2011 #7

Cause: It's something only the real masters can haz!


9/25/2011 #8

Bite My Sock! Rawr!

9/25/2011 #9

9/25/2011 #10

Oh. What are ya trying ta get me into now.

9/25/2011 #11

one of my two new multiverse adventuahs.

9/25/2011 #12

Ah. Alright then. I'll get down with the sickness.

9/25/2011 #13

That's great to hear. I'll see you inside the fire.

9/26/2011 #14

:D I'll be there with an ice pack!

9/26/2011 #15

I am so bored and sick.

10/3/2011 #16

D: tell uncle Jay your woes.

10/3/2011 #17
I was like super sick when I posted that. And left all alone in my house!
10/8/2011 #18
Oops. Wrong account.
10/8/2011 #19

10/27/2011 #20
The reach around!!!
10/28/2011 #21
I just realized that I never joined your wrestling federation forum!
10/28/2011 #22

That's why it's dead nao. Not your fault: Just no one I tried to get in on it could join.

I haz next best thing though: Dragonball: RL

11/3/2011 #23
Little Goku flying around on his Nimbus? I call ChiChi! Honestly... why are female fighters usually so underdeveloped in most action animes? It's like... there's always one or two who kick ass but never become ass kickers, if that makes sense. Like FREAKING NARUTO!!! Urgh... I'm about to rant, here's your fair warning so you can get out of here.
11/3/2011 #24
You will understand when you see: In the more major well known ones, true.
11/4/2011 #25

That's why I avoid the mainstream anime now-a-days. They always go by two extremes, girls who are pushovers and tough guys saving the day or guys who are pushovers with tough females who hardly accomplish anything. I read this manga and it was pretty good. I wish I could remember the title of it. It was about this guy who was possessed by the spirit of the demon king and a girl who was possessed by the demon queen. It's funny how much the king and queen hated eachother.

11/4/2011 #26

But anyway the demon king looses all his powers when he possesses the boy and has to fight his way back to the top, kinda like No More Heros. The demon queen retained her powers because the girl had been raped and stapped in the stomach when she let the queen possess her. I wish they had a forum thing for it. It wasn't a very popular manga but it was good.

11/4/2011 #27
O_O damn. It does sound good.
11/5/2011 #28
I know right?! I read it online all last year. I really wish I could remember the name of it. But my favorite manga I could never forget the name of. Until Death Do Us Part. Freaking kick ass, blind, modern day samurai! Have you read that?
11/5/2011 #29

Nah, Sorry. :( sounds good though.

11/5/2011 . Edited 11/6/2011 #30
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