Professor Layton RP!
Hey so I just became a fan of this series and I love it so much! I couldn't find any non crowded active rps so i tried my luck and made my own! OH somebody please join! :D
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Hey so here is where you pick what character you wish to be, well besides Layton cause I really want to be him. You can also make an OC if you wish. Oh and I have beat it all four games. And by the way if you are not on anyone can rp your character(s) for you if needed. If there's someone from the game you want to be I haven't listed let me know and I'll add it, cause there are too many characters to think about. Lol.

Professor Hershel Layton-AnimegirlTohru

Luke Triton-

Flora Reinhold-AnimegirlTohru

Don Paolo-

Dimitri Allen-

Claire/Celeste- Sogo


Bill Hawks-

Inspector Chelmey-


Granny Riddleton-

Lando: Sogo

Emmy Altava-




Katia Anderson-

Anton Herzen-

Inspector Grosky-



Clark T.-

Brenda T.-




OC submission form:






Other information about OC:

User name:AnimegirlTohru

Name:Chloe Evans


Appearence:Long auburn hair, 5 ft 6 in height, weight is normal, blue eyes.

Personality:Usually always in a good mood.

Other information about OC:She is a detective, and used to work with Layton.

8/24/2011 . Edited 12/14/2011 #1

Ooh, this looks interesting!

...I call Claire. Or Lando. They're both awesome.

10/11/2011 #2

Oh hey Sogo! Yay someone finally joined! Lol you can definately be Claire. You can also be Lando, but I don't really know who that is.. Lol. Is he in one of the three games?

10/12/2011 #3
Chibiterasu is bored
Can I be Dimitri plz? (I always am! LOL)
11/28/2011 #4

Of course you may! :D

11/28/2011 #5
The Mocking J

Darn it- all the female characters are gone. Uh... I can't be bothered to make an OC so can I please be Barton? :D

12/14/2011 #6

Yes of course! And there are more characters I just haven't updated this in a while.

12/14/2011 #7

I would like to join. I call Emmy.

3/24/2012 #8

Yay! :D Lol I think the first RP died though. Wanna start another one? Have any plot ideas?

3/24/2012 #9

A few. Starting a new one sounds fun.

3/24/2012 #10

Cool! So what do you have in mind?

3/24/2012 #11
alright. I sifted through all my notebooks and found one. The group goes to a Chinese resturant and one of them gets a fortune cookie. It says something like 'get away from here as fast as you can' I don't know. I just barely remembered it, I wish I hadn't looked through my notebooks though. Some of the earlier drawings are... disturbing.
3/25/2012 #12

Lol. Hmm this is a nice idea for us to start with and we can build an even bigger plot off of it :) *goes to make topic*

3/25/2012 #13
Perfection At Its Finest

Hello! Could I please join...? Well, I have an OC but I'm too lazy to write her bio and stuffs... And she's on my profiile, sooo... I hope you don't mind reading it. :# Again, I hope I can join!

6/10/2012 #14
Perfection At Its Finest

P.S. Can I also be Brenda?

6/10/2012 #15
Abitat Eco

Hello! I see this is a roleplay! Can I please be Arianna if she isn't taken? Thanks! Plant peace for the planet and see you around! Abbie :) :) :) :)

7/18/2012 #16
Nikolaii and Theodora Forever
Username: Dancing Shadows Alchemist Name: Lilli Williams Age: 14 Appearance: 5' 3", 124 lbs, curly snow white hair pulled back in a high ponytail reaching to her mid-back, blood red eyes, a small nose, electric blue short sleeved tunic ending at mid-thigh, dark wash denim skinny jeans that tuck under the boots, black combat boots w/ electric blue laces, black army jacket w/ Union Jack patch sewn onto the left b*** pocket, black leather fingerless motorcycle gloves, and a long thin scar on her left leg reaching from her knee to her ankle Personlity: Shy around most eople(exceptions: Layton, Ariana, Crow), loves fighting, and is in love with Crow. Can I also be Crow? Other Information: Orphan, one of the Black Ravens, almost genius level intelligence, has a sugar glider from before her parents died named Maple(kudos to you if you catch the reference!)
7/26/2012 #17

May I join? And if so, may I be Clive and my OC ( whose info I'm posting here)


Name: Annelise Toha

Age: 13

Appearance: Four feet tall, with black hair and orangish brown eyes. She usually wears an indigo witch hat with an icy blue string around it.

Personality: Antisocial and shy around almost everyone, except Clive.Even so, she rarely speaks without stuttering, hesitating, or just plain speaking too quietly to be clearly heard. Her puzzle answers are always given in close-up whispers, but when she opens up, she is very sweet and kind. However, one can barely ever see this side of her behind her almost spy-like quietness.

Other: Annelise dreams of being an author or a detective. She used to live nearby the Dove estate, and knows Clive from when she as very young. She enjoys solving puzzles. her favourite type is the slide puzzle/ hat gram puzzle, since it involves the least interaction with other people to know if one's answer is correct or not.

8/27/2012 . Edited 8/27/2012 #18

(My OC is from a story I'm writing. Also, I'm changing the OC sign-up thing a bit.... that okay?)

Username: InvaderIvy1126

Name: Lilian Wress Foley-Layton

Nickname: Lily

Age: 11

Appearance: Light blue long-sleeved shirt, dark blue pants, grey shoes, brown messager bag, 5"1' in height, 102 lbs

Hair: Dark green, short

Personality: Lily is sweet, but can be made mad easily.

Other info about OC: Lily didn't know Layton untill she was 9, she uses a bow, and she has magic powers (healing)

12/23/2012 #19
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