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Vulaan Kulaas








Bio (History):


10/29/2011 #1

Name: Tyrana

Gender: Female

Age: Hatchling

Species: Half T-rex and half Spineosaurus

Appearance: Has T-rex's back legs and tail while she has a Spineosaurus sail on her back and the arms of a Spineosaurus. Has a T-rex like face, but the snout is a bit longer than a normal T-rex's, has a dark blue scale tone with a sky blue underbelly. (As an Adult) 76 feet tall/112 feet long/32 tons. (As a Hatchling) 1 foot tall/3 feet long/10 pounds

Personality: Loyal, Smart, Protective, A bit territorial at times (but only when it comes to other carnivores), Grows more as story goes on

Skills: Hunting, Helping out with others, Can reach some stuff others can't, Can climb trees (Hatchling), Can swim pretty fast, Teeth, Claws, Eats bugs (Hatchling), Tail, Able to figure things out very fast

Weaknesses: Claustraphobia (Afraid of small spaces)

Bio (History): Her mother was a T-rex and her father was a Spinosaurus that abandoned her egg near the Great Valley, where she hatched and she made her way into the Great Valley and she saw a fish and she ate it, she then decided it was good and she stuck to that diet. She then met Littlefoot and the rest of the gang and they became quick friends, Littlefoot's grandparents also met her and they kind of adopted her into their family. She has yet to meet Sara's father, who Littlefoot's grandparents know will kick her out of the Great Valley or will just end her in general.

Extra: She's a fish eater and will occastionly eat bugs and plants (Pretty much a vegetarian)

10/31/2011 #2
Vulaan Kulaas

Name: Sophia.

Age:5 years old.

Species:Sharptooth/Flyer hybrid.

Appearance:T-Rex body,which is snow white. Her underbelly is tan,and her wings are golden brown. Her eyes are dark gold,looks amber at times. She's only 70 feet tall,so she's a runt by the Sharpteeth.

Personality:Smartmouth,likes to speak her mind,has a temper,is stubborn. Loves to be around Littlefoot's grandparents.

Skills:Can fly,is a good climber,she knows how to run quickly.

Weaknesses:Cannot swim,hates the heat.

Bio (History):Born to a T-Rex mother and Flyer father in the Mystrious Beyond,she will be brought to the Great Valley soon. She fears Cera's father due to his massive size and temper,although she has one to beat the band.

Extra:She's the cousin to Petrie,and she can eat plants,fish and meat.

10/31/2011 . Edited 11/1/2011 #3

Hmm I like your character E-Mir1 ;)

10/31/2011 #4
Vulaan Kulaas

Thanks! Now we gotta wait on the mod to approve them.

10/31/2011 #5

I know....WAIT your not the mod? Okay I feel like a dumb blonde

10/31/2011 #6
Vulaan Kulaas

xD Maybe you could PM the mod? Lemme make a chat thread..

10/31/2011 #7


10/31/2011 #8

hello guys I am the admin

you are free to use this forum as long as it stays on the land before time topic

11/1/2011 #9

Name: Tucker

Age: 4 months

Species: Longneck

Appearance: Brown with blue eyes

Personality: Stubborn but protects loved ones

Skills: Gets his farthers tail whip

Weaknesses: Low stamina

Bio (History): First appeared in the last chapter of my story "Love is never wrong" plays a big part in the squeal "Love will find a way"

Extra: Is the son of Littlefoot and Ali,has 2 sisters Jewel and Candy

I can pretend he isn't Littlefoot and Ali's son if you wish

11/1/2011 #10
gallop racer fan

Name: Mishka

Age: Hacthling

Species: Longneck

Appearance: Pink with light blue eyes

Personality: Very outgoing and caring,though is frighten off thunder stoms

Skills: Amazing singing voice

Weaknesses: Thunder storms scare her to death

Bio (History): My made up daughter of Littlefoot and Ali who will appear in stories later

Extra: Has 3 brothers and 2 sisters

Is she accepted?

11/1/2011 . Edited by foalswish, 11/5/2011 #11

of course Mishka is accpeted

I have an Ali and Littlefoot son

maybe Mishka can be from the kids Littlefoot and Ali had after Tucker

11/1/2011 #12
Vulaan Kulaas


Age:4 years old.

Species:Sharptooth. (T-Rex.)

Appearance:Blood red scales,midnight blue eyes,about the same size as Sophia.

Personality:Sneaky,loves to flirt with the ladies,hates to lose,loves to fight. He's very dark and evil,but if given enough time,he will come to the light.

Skills:His strength and speed.

Weaknesses:He can't swim,doesn't like to share meals.

Bio (History):Grew up like any other member of his kind. He's fasinated by any hybrid he sees because of the fact that there's not many in the world.

Extra:Here's his OC profile for you foal,and he's the son of Red Claw. He's being trained to get rid of anyone who is loyal to the valley,Sophia included.,although he will have a very hard time doing so.

11/4/2011 #13

so I presume we gonna have to make profiles for the kids in roleplay 2?

11/5/2011 #14
Vulaan Kulaas

Yes,but how many kids should they have though? I have one in mind.

11/5/2011 #15
Vulaan Kulaas



Species:Flyer/Sharptooth hybrid.

Appearance:Flyer body,red scales,and her father's eyes. Her talons and claws will be much longer and sharper when she turns into a adult.

Personality:Like her mother,but can be like her grandfather Pterano.

Skills:Very good flyer,can screech and roar.

Weaknesses:Has a vast fear of water,hates the dark.

Bio (History):Daughter of Sophia and Dusk from Roleplay 2.

Extra:She loves to annoy other dinosaurs,although she does bail when it look likes she's going to be eaten.

11/5/2011 #16

Name: Topaz

Age: Hatchling

Species: Flyer/Sharptooth hybrid

Appearance: White scales and her farthers eyes,sharptooth body with flyers wings

Personality: Shy but very sweet

Skills: A good enough flyer to pass by

Weaknesses: Deep Water

Bio (History): Daughter of Dusk and Sophia (Roleplay 2)

Extra: Becomes close friends with the adopted Mishka

11/5/2011 #17

Name: Jakken (Jack-in)

Age: Hatchling

Species: Flyer and sharptooth hybrid

Appearance: White scales, with a grey underbelly and his mother's eyes, mother's body style

Personality: A bit shy, but willing to make friends. A tiny bit clumsy as well.

Skills: Can fly, but runs into stuff a lot, wants to eventually be a healer

Weaknesses: Thunderstorms, very deep water

Bio (History): Just hatched :)

Extra: Eventually will become a better flyer and hunter

11/5/2011 #18

Name: Jamma (Jum-ma)

Age: Hatchling

Species: Flyer and Sharptooh hybrid

Appearance: Father's scale tone with Mother's belly tone with one eye her father's and the other is her mother's, Mother's body style

Personality: Outgoing, and a bit of an daredevil, somewhat rude but will learn better with time

Skills: Can fly like a natural born flyer

Weaknesses: Deep water

Bio (History): Just hatched

Extra: Wants to be in everyones buisness

11/5/2011 #19
Vulaan Kulaas

Name:Crimson Claw.



Appearance:Spitting image of his father. No wings.

Personality:Thankfully,like his mother.



Bio (History):Born to Sophia and Red claw to very a unwelcome way.


11/6/2011 #20
Vulaan Kulaas




Appearance:She's the Longneck version of her namesake.

Personality:Like her mother.

Skills:Will be a good fighter.

Weaknesses:Has a temper.

Bio (History):Daughter of Mishka and the Red Longneck,and adopted grand-daughter of Sophia the hybrid.

Extra:She hates crowds.

11/7/2011 #21

Name: Littlefoot

Age: Hatchling

Species: Longneck

Appearance: He is pure red with golden eyes

Personality: Easily excited but very sweet

Skills: Natural leadership skills

Weaknesses: Caves

Bio (History): Daughter of Mishka farther goes unnamed first appears in roleplay1

Extra: Named after the late leader Littlefoot who died saving his son Tucker (Mishka's adopted brother) from Red Claw

11/7/2011 #22

Name: Tantaka

Age: Hatchling

Species: Longneck

Appearance: Pure red with a pink underbelly, has her mother's golden eyes

Personality: A bit of a goofball and prankster, but can and will get serious when the time comes

Skills: Can sing very good *It just popped in my head*

Weaknesses: Small spaces

Bio (History): Daughter of Mishka and another bastard Longneck male *HAHA JERK*

Extra: Is always asking question on Hybrid dinosaurs, her latest topic is Tyrana *Who is dead in this roleplay, but she has an offspring. I just don't know yet*

11/7/2011 #23

Name: Laika


Species: Longneck

Appearance: Pink with white under belly,blue eyes

Personality: Stubborn

Skills: Unknown

Weaknesses: The Mysterious Beyond-it scares her to death

Bio (History): Another child of Littlefoot and Ali

Extra: Adores her Aunt and Uncle

11/8/2011 #24

Name: Moki

Age: Hatchling

Species: Longneck

Appearance: Purple with tan underbelly and green eyes

Personality: Shy

Skills: Unknown

Weaknesses: Very deep water

Bio (History): Another child of Littlefoot and Ali

Extra: Becomes best friends with (Someone make up her best friend)

11/8/2011 #25
Vulaan Kulaas

Names:Darkfire and Taka.

Age:Unborn as of now.

Species:Longneck/Sharptooth hybrids.


Darkfire:Longneck body,tan scales and red-gold eyes from his father Crimson Claw. He will have fangs instead of flat teeth,and he will be able to roar like a Sharptooth thanks to his father.

Taka:Sharptooth body,black scales with a white underbelly,and her mother's green eyes.

Personality: Both are like Littlefoot,meaning that they will be good leaders.



Bio (History):Children of Jewel and Crimson Claw for Roleplay 4.


11/9/2011 #26

Name: Tye

Age: Hatchling

Species: Sharptooth/Sailback hybrid

Appearance: Dark blue

Personality: Stubborn but caring

Skills: Can fish

Weaknesses: Heights

Bio (History): Son of Tyrana

Extra: Here you go Dizlla

11/9/2011 #27

Name: Jumbo, Walca, and Roakai

Age: Hatchling or Unborn

Species: Longneck (All three)


Jubca: Longneck body, exactly like LittleFoot except eyes are a bright Hazel

Walca: Longneck Body , has Littlefoot's underbelly and eyes, while having Ali's main color

Roakai: Longneck body, has Ali's underbelly and eyes, while having Littlefoot's main color


Jubca: Sweet but sometimes rude

Walca: A prankster and a very big clutz

Roakai: A natural born leader and always thinks he's better than everyone else

Skills: all three have no skills


Jubka: Scared of deep water

Walca: Gets scared at anything

Roakai: Has tantrums all the time

Bio (History): Just born

Extra: All can use their mouths to make bubles out of water

11/9/2011 #28

Name: Tonka

Age: Hatchling

Species: Sharptooth/Sailback Hybrid

Appearance: Like Tyrana in almost every way, but her eyes are a solid green

Personality: Like Tyrana's except she like greens better than fish

Skills: Uses her claws to make tools out of bark

Weaknesses: Scared of small spaces

Bio (History): Just born

Extra: Thanks Foal!

11/9/2011 #29
Horse Wyse

Name: Tara

Age: Hatchling

Species: Longneck

Appearance: Bright pink body,snow wife underbelly,crystal blue eyes,area around eyes is snow white and feet are also snow white

Personality: Shy but sweet

Skills: Her stamina

Weaknesses: Bee's

Bio (History): Her parents were killed shortly after she hatched her 3 siblings also died

Extra: My first RP OC

*admin edit you have snow wife xD

2/5/2012 . Edited by foalswish, 2/5/2012 #30
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