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E-Mir the Luminoth 17 came up with the plot so may he/she explain and kick it off for us?

11/1/2011 #1
Vulaan Kulaas

I'm a she,and the plot will start with Pterano and Sophia walking to the Great Valley,which will fall into grave danger by a large group of Sharpteeth who despies all whom dwell within. I'm not good at Canon's so someone will have to use 'em. The leader is Red Claw,and his group is called Bloody Echoes.

So I'll start with my OC.

In the harsh and unforgivable land of the Mysterious Beyond,a young hybrid Sharptooth named Sophia was currently walking to the Great Valley,a Flyer on her shoulder due to a gash in his wing. "Are we there yet?" She grunted in Leafeater,her golden eyes bored. Her scales are snow white,and her wings are red brown like her father's.

11/1/2011 #2

A young brown longneck bounded forward "Where we going anyway hah hah hah?" his blue eyes glistened,he smiled at Sophia

11/1/2011 #3
Vulaan Kulaas

"To the Great Valley of course." She snorted in amusement as she walked after him,the said valley was getting closer to the trio. *Who's gonna use Canons?*

11/1/2011 #4

Tucker grinned "Really? The Great Valley! COOL" the longneck saw a valley "Is this it hah hah hah hah?",the young longncek often hides his stubborn side and is very easily excited

11/1/2011 #5
Vulaan Kulaas

"Yep,now c'mon." She said before her and Pterano walked into the Valley.

11/1/2011 #6

They are greeted by an adult longneck that looks just like Tucker,"I'm Littlefoot...leader here why are you's here?"

*Not sure if you guys wanna keep Littlefoot as Tucker's farther as he is in my fic*

11/1/2011 #7
Vulaan Kulaas

*That's fine.*

"Littlefoot! You don't remember me?" Pterano said in mock hurt. Sophia rolled her eyes at this.

11/1/2011 #8

Littlefoot's eyes go up in shock "Pterano?",Ali gasped seeing Tucker "Littlefoot it's our son!" Littlefoot eyes Tucker "Tucker?",Tucker nods "",he turns to Sophia "Why does my dad seem shocked to see your dad?" he asks confused

11/1/2011 #9
Vulaan Kulaas

The Flyer sighed and explained what had happened after his daughter had shrugged at Tucker's question.

*Stone of Cold Fire movie*

11/1/2011 #10

Grandma and Grandpa longneck walk up,old as they are they still protect the valley "What brings you back here?" they ask the flyer,Littlefoot groans "One of them is my son",Tucker nods "Yea...I ran away a while ago and Sophia and her dad let me tag along with them"

11/1/2011 #11
Vulaan Kulaas

"What is a half bred mutt doing in our valley!" Mr Threehorn yelled out angrily. "That's my daughter you're speaking to,and I won't have that kind of talk around her!" Pterano yelled in anger. Sophia,and the rest of the dino's gaped at him in shock.

11/1/2011 #12

Littlefoot shook his head "Mr Threehorn be nice to our guests one of them just happens to be my son,he turns to Sophia "Sorry about him but what exactly are you?"

11/1/2011 #13
Vulaan Kulaas

"Let me walk out into the sunlight." And she did. Many dinos gasped and pointed at the duo.

11/1/2011 #14

"A sharptooth and a flyer?" Ducky asked confused,"It appears so Ducky" Littlefoot told her walking up to Sophia "I don't understand this" the adult longneck shook his head,"Dad.." Tucker ran forward "She is my friend",Littlefoot looked shocked and stares at Sophia and Pterano "Is this true?" the giant longneck asks

11/1/2011 #15
Vulaan Kulaas

"Yes. Sophia is my daughter.." Pterano said as the hybrid's wings were now visible. He then fluttered to the ground,and Mama Flyer fainted from the shock and horror. "I never would've known you'd sink so low Pterano! Mating with a Sharptooth and bringing what's in front of us!" Threehorn said as he stormed up to them. Sophia growled at him.

11/1/2011 #16

Littlefoot stands in front of Mr Threehorn "You won't hurt our guests..I am the leader here"

*You can finish that off heh heh*

11/1/2011 #17
Vulaan Kulaas

"Then you're no leader of mine you worthless piece of mama-orphaned trash!" Threehorn snarled before walking away from the group.

11/1/2011 #18

Littlefoot steps in front of Mr Threehorn "Don't you DARE talk to me like that I'm not a kid anymore and I'm not scared of you" he prepares to whip with his tail,Tucker buries his Sophia's leg "I'm scared"

11/1/2011 #19
Vulaan Kulaas

"ENOUGH! STOP IT BOTH OF YOU NOW!" Pterano roared as Sophia got between the duo. Threehorn,however,slammed his tail into her face,causing a loud crack as she slammed onto her back a few feet away due to the power of the blow.

11/1/2011 #20

Littlefoot whips Mr Threehorn in his face much to the valley's horror,"How do you like it?!" he yells whipping again with his tail leaving a small cut "I'm the leader here you won't treat our guests with disrespect" Tucker gulps at his fighting farther

11/1/2011 #21
Vulaan Kulaas

Furious,Threehorn could only sputter out "Cera! You are forbidden to see this troublemaker! At dusk,we shall leave this valley!" Sophia groaned in pain as she sat up,a nasty bruise already forming on the left side of her face.

11/1/2011 #22

Tucker runs up to Sophia "Will you be alright?" he asked in concern.

Littlefoot grins at Mr Threehorn "Never come back here as leader of the Great Valley I banish you...for life..." the dinosaurs gasp,Littlefoot stares at Treehorn "Your the stupidest dinosaur I have ever met you don't deserve a daughter like Cera,you ruined my life as a child now I shall ruin yours"

Tucker hides under one of Sophia's wings.

*What do I feel a fight coming on?*

11/1/2011 #23
Vulaan Kulaas

Threehorn's eye twitched at this,before an evil smile spread across his face. "Then you have also banished my daughter you fool!" He laughed a bone chilling laugh before he ran off. Pterano growled and flew over to his only child to see how badly she was hurt. "That bastard." He hissed as he put his fingers on her bruise. "Ouch!" She yelped as her wing that covered Tucker jerked off of him.

11/1/2011 #24

Littlefoot chased after him is anger getting the better of him,he rammed Threehorn's side "I'm not banishing Cera just you,go die along you bastard never come back if you do I will kill you" Littlefoot rammed his side again knocking him to the ground "I'll go as far to say your an asshole"

*Sorry but I could not help it*

Tucker screamed "Sophia....whats gonna happen?" he asks scared

11/1/2011 #25
Vulaan Kulaas

"I don't know kid." She replied as Threehorn rammed his head onto Littlefoot's chest.

11/1/2011 #26

Littlefoot knocks Threehorn back against a tree a small bleeding cut appearing on his chest,he walks over to Threehorn to strike again.

Tucker has had enough and flees

11/1/2011 #27
Vulaan Kulaas

Ignoring the pain,Sophia bolted after him. Pterano could only stare as Threehorn ran off to an area that Littlefoot couldn't follow him through.

11/1/2011 #28

Littlefoot steps back breathing heavily the bleeding getting worse "COWARD!" he shouted before collapsing

Tucker reached the watering hole and sobbed "Daddy..." he turned to Sophia "We got to hep daddy",he ran back to the place he just was

11/1/2011 #29
Vulaan Kulaas

"Argh,make up your mind." She growled before running after him again.

11/1/2011 #30
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