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Ummm I kinda forgot the plot *epic headslap*

11/10/2011 #1

*Rolls eyes*

Okay well in this plot, there was a pretty small meteor that had Plasma and Gamma radiation inside of it. And where the meteor struck a couple of eggs and dino's were nearby and they got mutated by the radiation.

In this Tyrana looks like this as a baby:

and as an teenager:

and as an full adult:

11/10/2011 #2

Hmm who can I drag into this

11/10/2011 #3

How about Tucker? He can be all badass and stuff!

11/10/2011 #4

ok Tucker in

who else...Littlefoot maybe we need a canon.....Mishka a hatchling so maybe not her....hmmm think think think

11/10/2011 #5

Okay how about Littlefoot, Ali, and Tucker and Littlefoot is the king, Ali the queen, and Tucker the prince

11/10/2011 #6

All hail King Littlefoot! xD sure`

11/10/2011 #7

Awesome you can start off if you want, oh and how about Tyrana hasn't hatched yet and Tucker finds her egg and Littlefoot and Ali adopt her etc.

11/10/2011 #8

The King and Queen of the dinosaurs laid on their ledge watching the young prince Tucker.

*Epic start aye?*

11/10/2011 #9

*I know huh*

A six foot tall and nine feet long egg sat near the edge of a lakebed near where Tucker was playing

11/10/2011 #10

*holy crap whats in there an elephant? xD*

Tucker spotted the egg and walked to it "Mum! Dad!" he called as King Littlefoot and Queen Ali walked over and looked at the egg

"What in dah hell" Littlefoot commented

11/10/2011 #11

*I g2g for a bit okay, but I should be back*

The egg just sat there

11/10/2011 #12


The egg sat there...being...eggy

11/10/2011 #13

The egg actually started moving a but and a loud squeak was heard from the inside of it

11/11/2011 #14

*giggles moving a but*

Littlefoot leaned in closer "What the hell is in there?"

Ali shook her head "I have no idea maybe some kind of mutant?"

11/11/2011 #15

Suddenly a slightly red spiked tail came out of one side of the egg

11/11/2011 #16

The young prince walked closer "Yep it's a mutant"

*These guys (Littlefoot,Ali,tucker) will be snobby royals but will kick butt*

11/11/2011 #17

The rest of the egg broke away to reveal a baby sharptooth, but it had the rows of little red spines that went down its neck down to the tip of its tail. It was staring at all Littlefoot and Ali with it's big neon blue eyes in terror and it was whipering and shaking in fear

11/11/2011 #18

"Lets keep it" Littlefoot declared "We can train it...",Ali lowered her head "It's a girl not an it....lets just call her Tyrana"

Littlefoot nodded staring at the hatchling "Is it just me or is this hatchling a little...over hatchling size?"

Tucker got right up to Tyrana's head

11/11/2011 #19

Tyrana jumped back in suprise and fear of Tucker, Tyrana then ran behind a tree shaking in fear

11/11/2011 #20

"'s a wimp" Tucker muttered

Ali walked towards her "Don't be scared"

11/11/2011 #21

Tyrana looked up in fear, but when she heard Ali's voice she immediately jumped onto her nose and Tyrana started licking her forehead as she squeaked "MA! MA!"

11/11/2011 #22

Ali nuzzled her 'daughter' and carried her back "Mete your daddy" she nodded towards the confused king

11/11/2011 #23

Tyrana looked at Littlefoot and she pounced on his nose and she started licking his forehead as she squeaked "DA! DA!"

11/11/2011 #24

Littlefoot nuzzled her back and placed Tyrana on the ground

Ali nodded towards Tucker "Thats Tucker...your brother" the prince groaned

11/11/2011 #25

Tyrana then looked at Tucker and she then walked over causiously and she gave him a quick lick on his nose which tickled him

11/11/2011 #26

Tucker groaned again "Get lost!" he shouted backing away

*Yes Tucker a stuck up prince in this one xD*

11/11/2011 #27

Tyrana then got a bit angry and she bit Tucker on the nose before hiding behind Ali's leg

11/11/2011 #28

Tucker kicked Tyrana "DON'T BITE ME I AM THE PRINCE!" he shouted before kicking her again

Meanwhile in Littlefoot's mind....

La de da de dum

*Last bit a joke*

11/11/2011 #29

Suddenly Tyrana's mini spines and her eyes glowed blue and she shot a mini atomic blast at his chest *Which hurts like hell by the way :)*

11/11/2011 #30
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