Vampire or Fledgling?
Have you ever dreamed of being a Vampire? Or being a friend of one? Or a zombie? Or anything else you can think of? Welcome to the small but definitely not boring town of Whitechapel, where Vampires and humans live peacefully... For the most part...
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Decepticon Alchemist


Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.):





8/26/2011 #1

What do you mean by objects?

8/28/2011 #2

can i have Sara but can i change her name to Angel

8/28/2011 #3
Decepticon Alchemist

Objects meaning any item they own that is paranormal or magical. Yes you can have Sarah, yes you can change her name to Angel.

8/28/2011 #4

Name: Natalie

Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,etc.): Shape Shifter

Appearance: Light brown curly hair, green eyes, kinda skinny, likes wearing blue t-shirts w/ mini skirts, she wears a heart shaped necklace all the time.

Bio: Natalie used to live in new york but her mother died now she's left with her father and brother, but her father's so busy, so she and her brother (little brother) have to move to whitechapel with her aunt, she used to have great friend, they were popular and she was a nerd, they ditched her to become more popular, now whenever she sees friends talking and laughing (which is impossible not to see) she begins to remember her old best friends and she looks sad.

Objects: Her mom gave her a necklace, she told her it protects her whenever someone tries to attack her.

Other:She has anger issues

8/29/2011 . Edited 8/29/2011 #5
Decepticon Alchemist

Accepted. I love shape shifters :D

8/29/2011 #6
Commander of Justice

Name: Jesse Hart

Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.): Vampire

Appearance: Jesse mainly t-shirts and jeans. She doesn't like dressing up and you won't see her in a dress or skirt unless she's forced to. She has medium length blonde hair with pink and purple streaks and green eyes.

Bio: Jesse is originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but was moved to White Chapel after she was Changed. Her mother and father disowned her when they found out she was a Vampire and shipped her off to live with her grandparents. Jesse has a little bit of popularity for being the only Canadian in her class, but she ignores it and focuses on her school work. Jesse, like every other Vampire, doesn't like her picture taken because she doesn't show up in the photo.

Objects: Jesse has a black choker necklace with a purple heart pendent that helps her control her powers.

Other: Jesse doesn't like to drink blood and gets very sick when she doesn't drink any.

9/3/2011 #7
A Weird Production

Name: Katelyn Lanahan

Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.): half fairie

Appearance: long black hair with purple streaks. hair is to her belly button. icey blue eyes with some purple around the iris. 5'7, slightly pale skin. almost always has something purple on. likes skirts and dresses but prefers to wear pants and knee length shorts. usually wears skirts or dresses to impress someone she likes. wears band t's and skinny jeans. hair is always pin striaght rarely in a pony tail or bun. paints nails black and wears bracelets on both wrists.

Bio: lives with mom who is a fairie. her dad died when she was 5. she is an only child. because of her being shy around people she doesnt know, she hasnt had many friends in the past. her powers started showing themselves when she was 10 and she still has a hard time controlling them.

Objects: has a little skeleanimal plushie that she keeps clipped onto her pants or backpack. it is charmed to help her control her powers.

Other: has a crush on ethan and benny even though shes new. and her mom works full time at a hospital a town away and is almost never home. katelyn is from new york.

9/7/2011 #8
Decepticon Alchemist

Sorry it took me so long to reply. Both of you are accepted :D

9/10/2011 #9
Commander of Justice


9/10/2011 #10
Decepticon Alchemist

No problem!

9/10/2011 #11
Decepticon Alchemist

Alright, its about time I made my character.

Name: Charisma Amethyst Nihed (Goes by Charm, Chelsea, and Amethyst)

Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.): Shape shifter

Appearance: Long chocolate brown hair. She will wear just about any style of clothing. She has one emerald green eye and the other is icy-blue. She has high-lights in her hair that change color everyday, depending on what she may be wearing. When she shifts her eyes turned a dark amethyst, while one may have some green and the other some blue.

Bio: She was raised on the coast of Florida where her family was forced to stay in hiding. She and her mother moved to Whitechapel, due to them being the dominant shifters, they needed more room, but they still wanted a town. Charisma also studies witch-craft, but not the bad kind (lol)

Objects: She has a wand-like object that is very useful in combat, as two spears can protrude from the sides. She also has a trinket that she carries with her everywhere.

Other: She is timid in nature, due to her having animal instinct.

9/10/2011 #12

Name-Lily Collins

Power-Animal Shapeshifter

Appearence-Blonde haiir with blue eyes. She is tall and thin. She usually wears skirts and Colorful Tees. SHe nice gentle and sweet but she is also shy and you need to earn her trust. Otherwise she tavels alone and her reasons are important

Bio-Her parents were killed by the FBI because they found out her whole family was shape shifters and thought they were terrorists. She ran away before they could kil her too. She went to white chapel to get awaya and its a small town. She hopes she is safe here but the FBI are still chasisng her.

Objects-She has a shrinkable sword.

Other-She is only able to shapeshift into animals for an unknown reason

(Sorry about being a shape shifter too I hade the idea before I entered the fourum

9/19/2011 #13

Name: Lara Beck

Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.): Witch/Shapeshifter

Appearance: Has light blond curly hair and bright green eyes like a cats'

Bio: Was born a witch and just discovered her powers. She can transform into a black cat because that is her witch animal familiar.

Objects: N/A

Other: Very friendly

9/20/2011 . Edited 9/20/2011 #14
Odd One You're Never Alone

Name: Rayne Martinez

Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.): Elementalist

Appearance: Auburn hair with gray/blue eyes. Is bou 5'8"

Bio: ahe discovered her powers when she was 10 and someone was making fun of her water from the water fountain attacked the person and mud flew at her.

Objects: her necklace that keeps healing water in it.

Other: she is 15

9/24/2011 . Edited 9/24/2011 #15
Decepticon Alchemist

All are exepted accept one can't be a witch and a shapehshifter. Please pick one or the other.

9/24/2011 #16

okk then, just a witch. =P srry

9/24/2011 #17
Decepticon Alchemist

It's alright! Go ahead and jump in! :)

10/1/2011 #18
Decepticon Alchemist

I didn't realize you meant she could only shapeshift into one thing. That is allowed!

10/8/2011 #19


10/8/2011 #20

Name: Ava.

Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.): Vampire.

Appearance: Has light orange curly hair and bright blue eyes.

Bio: She was beaten as a child, so she ran away at the age of 8. She lived on the streets for two years, then was taken in by a family, at the age of 10. They soon started to beat her too. She was 16 when she was changed, and she went and killed the family. She didn't kill her adoptive sister, but changed her into a vampire.

Objects: A small blue necklace with healing water in it.

Other: She is 16 years old, and has a younger sister named Arizona. Arizona is 15, and lives with Ava. They are both vampire's. Ava and Arizona both have wolves. Ava's wolf is named Lakota. Lakota is a light grey female wolf with blue eyes. Lakota and Midnight are sisters.


Name: Arizona.

Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.): vampire.

Appearance: has light blond curly hair and light hazel eyes.

Bio: She lived with her parents, and they beat her. When Ava was adopted, she was beaten too. She was changed by Ava at the age of 15.

Objects: A small blue necklace with healing water in it.

Other: She lives with Ava. Arizona and Ava both have wolves. Arizona's wolf is named Midnight. Midnight is an all black wolf with light grey eyes. Midnight and Lakota are sisters.

11/14/2011 . Edited 11/14/2011 #21
(Sorry for not having spaces. I'm on my I-pod.) Name: Alexis Ferren Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.): Cerebus (race of demon jackal-like dogs) Appearance: In human form she is slender, 5'8", has jet black chin length hair, and silvery eyes. She is 15 years old and a freshman at White Chapel High like Benny and Ethan. Her ears are pointed and she wears a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it, jeans, and a silver studded black choker. Her true form looks like a wolf sized pure black jackal (think coyote) with large upright ears, wicked fangs and claws, and glowing red eyes. Her eerie howl causes anyone who hears it to have horrific nightmares the next time they fall asleep. She has a deadly temper. Bio: She found out that she was adopted when she was eight. When her true nature manifested and her adopted parents found out what she was, they turned her over to the police. Afraid, she transformed for the first time and escaped to the woods near White Chapel where she's lived for 7 years. She goes into town frequently though so she sort of lives there as well. She wanted to experience human life so she enrolled in high school. She has a crush on Benny. Objects: She has two silver daggers strapped to her legs hidden by her black boots. Like the Cubilay Animos (sp?), they absorb the souls of whoever she uses them on. Other: She has heightened hearing and smell, sometimes goes feral, and has a huge craving for raw meat.
11/16/2011 . Edited 11/22/2011 #22
(Is she accepted?)
11/21/2011 #23

Name: Aredite (Air-eh-DIE-tee)

Power/Creature(Vampire, werewolf, witch,ect.): Goddess. Daughter of Ares and Aphrodite

Appearance: Silver hair, glass green eyes, pale skin. Almost as tall as Benny.

Bio: Aredite moves a lot, so she doesn't really have friends. And people think she's a weirdo anyway.

Objects: None, really.

Other: Can change her nails into small but dangerous blades

12/24/2011 #24

devilsweeper. demon skeloton. black coak,hidden face,always carries a hachet.he was the devils slave along with his best freind jack ,his real name is billy,he worked as a unpaided murderer and got promted to the devils apprentice,he is forced to kill people,though he dosent want to.hachet,verybloody.on friday oct.13th a man and women went on hill to kiss,the women was taken and the man ran after her,soon finding out billy killed her.hes 10 yrs old,by the way...

3/21/2012 #25
Name:Anelli Rolphi Power/creature:mermaid Looks:Thick bright blond hair,seaweed green eyes,slightly tanned skin,and when she is in water she has a purple tail Bio:Anelli is the new kid in town.She does not have many friends. Objects:A sea twig with a seashell on top.Its her wand
7/24/2012 #26
Name:Anelli Rolphi Power/creature:mermaid Looks:Thick bright blond hair,seaweed green eyes,slightly tanned skin,and when she is in water she has a purple tail Bio:Anelli is the new kid in town.She does not have many friends. Objects:A sea twig with a seashell on top.Its her wand
7/24/2012 #27
Name:Jocelyn Power/Creature:Vampire Appearance:Brown hair, Brown eyes, Blue streak in hair, Tan-ish skin color Bio: Use to live in New York ,but moved to an unknown city in california then moved again to Chino Hills also in california then to whitechaple Objects: Granfather used last dieing breaths to give me a ring saying it will win when everything else fails Other: Has slight (big) anger issues and has always been a nobody at school
4/13/2013 #28
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