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Hello, fellow Batfans! Sat here, your resident not-so-friendly mod (just kidding! No, really...)! Before you move on to Character Applications or similar topics, I'd like to lay out a few ground rules:

No shadow-playing, godmoding, etc. I don't care if you're THE GODDAMN BATMAN, this stuff gets really annoying really quickly. So do Mary Sues.

You know what also gets really annoying really quickly? One-liners. Save it for another forum, you may be exiled if you refuse to post quality replies.

And speaking of being exiled, this will probably also happen if you start frequent arguments with the other forum-goers. You ship Harley/Joker and they like Joker/Batman? No one here cares. Take it somewhere else.

Also, take all your M-rated violence and gore and smut somewhere else, we don't wanna see that. Exceptions can be made, but they probably won't, unless I really really really like you and feel it's necessary for the roleplay to continue. Remember, guys, quite a bit can be simplyimplied.

May add more rules later if I deem them necessary.

Okay, guys, have at it!

8/23/2011 . Edited 8/23/2011 #1
The Elder Swear

Hi there! This is El, your slightly friendlier mod! As co-operator of this forum, and the person who demanded Sat make it, please let me (or Sat) know if you have any questions. Also, I have a few more rules, which should actually probably be in the initial post, but I'm too lazy to edit right now.

Please try to by literate. No one likes deciphering a horrifically spelled reply, we're not expecting perfection, but please run posts through a spell checker if you're not sure you got a word right. If it's too hard to understand what you're trying to say, we won't, like Sat said, exile may result in refusal to post quality replies.

Post in the correct places, it's really not that hard. If you want to apply for a character, go to the application, if you want to chat, go to the chat topic; don't disrupt an RP with a completely OOC post.

Uh, that's all I've got for right now. Also, there will probably end up being a couple different RPs, a few two or three player ones, and then some broader ones. If you have an idea for an RP or a cool part, let us know. I promise, Sat and I don't bite, feel free to ask any questions you might have or throw out suggestions for an RP.

8/24/2011 #2

Another thing:

In the private (two-player) roleplays, we will handle and divide up canons with no regard for how they are divided up/who has claimed them for the general forum. This is beacuse these roleplays are private, and specific to only two certain people.

2/11/2012 #3
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