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The Elder Swear

As the name of the thread implies, this is reserved for out of character talking. If you want to talk about an RP or just talk, this is the place to be.

8/24/2011 #1

Okay I personally think this RP is GENIUS and I can't wait til it takes off! Just a question, do our RP samples have to be as our character or can we just do one for one character and use it for that one character and another one? Just wondering...

2/11/2012 #2
The Timid Thief

Greetings. I have to say, I was impressed when I saw a well written Batman forum. I am starting to write a CS about an Imposter, props if you get the stupid reference. I really haven't read the comics, and most of my knowlege is based of the movies and games. I think I have a good idea of the universe, but I thought I should mention that right off the bat. No pun intended. So... Hi.

2/25/2012 #3

Oh, don't worry about it, honey, I'm just getting into the comics myself--my Scarecrow was heavily inspired by Cillian Murphy's portrayal, so at least I get the stupid reference--maybe he should have a run in with the fine Dr. Crane later, then.

Welcome to the forum~

(But there are no straight men in Gotham. Only those who have not yet met Dick Grayson. Be forewarned.)

2/26/2012 #4
The Timid Thief

Oh! Fear Gas! Men are so helpless against that. Unless they own a fan. Or a window. Or an exit. AHH!

Just poking fun. I think Scarecrow would be a cool roleplay, just one at a later time. I've found Crane to be a something to use at the end to get dark secerts about some one. Or give nightmares. That reveal dark secerts. Never something to start off with.

Nightwing? I'm not really sure a guy in blue tights running around is really going to change someone's sexual orientation.

2/26/2012 #5

No. Scarecrow is always appropriate~ He makes a good recurring character, and in prettymuch any roleplay I'll be participating in, he and the Riddler are going to be a big teamup and a lot of the time my main characters.

In response to the Nightwing vs. sexual orientation comment:

You must be new here.

2/26/2012 #6
The Timid Thief

Again, most of this knowledge comes from ARKHAM ASYLUM. I really like ARKHAM ASYLUM. Product placement, heh.

What gave it away? The fact I've posted less than ten times?

And now you can see where Frankie's sarcasm comes from.

2/26/2012 #7

I don't think she meant it like that! :DDDDDDDD


2/26/2012 #8

I kind of meant new to the fandom, hun, but I applaud your sarcasm. (Though, moving over from the OC apps, please please do not go looking for trouble with the Riddler just to prove you can beat him. You will fail. And get shot by his bf. Or alternatively if the coin says no, friendly neighborhood psychiatrist will take over with fear gas. Because Eddie is very dear to our hearts.)

(The other new guy gets it, though. Standing ovation.)

2/26/2012 #9

So very VERY dear. :D

I'm the other new guy er...girl....right???? Forgive me I'm blonde. :)

2/26/2012 #10
The Timid Thief

Riddler is nothing. Frankie has a gun, and in the situation that doesn't work he could turn into my favourite super hero MACGUIVER, and turn a gun into something unspeakable. A blunt object.

Though as long as we are discussing favourite characters, I like Bane, Harley, Ivy, Catwoman, Penguin, The Red Hood and Gordon because of Batman Year One.

2/26/2012 #11

And I would sort something out with the other mod regarding an rp open to everyone, but we only have six canons claimed so far (Nightwing, Robin, Riddler, Two-Face, Scarecrow, and Joker), and they're only spread out between El and I.

If either of you have any inclination to play a canon character, I would direct you to the appropriate topic.

Also, you all can call me Sat. I'm the chaotic neutral blow-stuff-up-and-make-babies-cry mod. The other mod (The Elder Swear) is the nice, cooperative mod, and you can call her El. What may I call new guy and other new guy (yes that's you)? Otherwise I'm going to give you obnoxious nicknames. So far I have "Sparkle Fairy" and "Incorrect Use of Punctuation" respectively.

2/26/2012 #12

My favorite charries are: Riddler (Cause he's sassy and gay and JIM EFFING CARREY. Nuff said.), Joker (Ah yes, our resident sexy psychopathic clown! Gotta love him!), Alfred (Cause he's the best butler in the WORLD bro!!!), Harley (The Joker Blogs interpretation of her though. She's not as much of an idiot in that.), Catwoman (Cause we're ALL kinky like that! :P), BATMAN! (Who DOESN'T love Batsy?????), and Harvey (I have a thing for guys with facial deformities okay????? DON'T JUDGE!!!!!).

2/26/2012 #13

Sparkle Fairy, guns don't solve everything. And if you keep arguing with me I will sic the friendly neighborhood troll on you, who I believe is working on her character application right now.

Besides. The Riddler has magical purple glitter sass powers. Don't mess with the glitter.


(Incorrect Use of Punctuation, I like you. The other guy not so much.)

2/26/2012 #14
The Timid Thief

I am really not the great with puncuation so sorry for any mistakes,

Yes I am aware of the comma.

I am really not that keen on playing Cannons. I just like to do original content. I feel using cannon characters is kind of useless, considering you could just make a fanfic instead of using a forum. I'm not keen on those either.

And you may call me...Tim. Couldn't resist on the Monty Python joke there.

You can pick any of the three words that make up my Username as a nickname, depending on any joke potential,

2/26/2012 #15

I get the feeling I'm "Incorrect Use Of Punctuation". :/ You may call me WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT I DON'T GIVE A F***!!!!!!!! :D


^^Ignore that I thought I was the other guy again. :/

2/26/2012 . Edited 2/26/2012 #16
The Timid Thief

Guns don't solve anything? Look me in the eye (Avatar picture) and tell me excuting the Joker wouldn't have saved a ton of people. I laugh at every time Joker kills someone, knowing Batman could have saved that person. That's why Red Hood kicks ass.

I'm going to guess that the troll is you SAT. Your nickname is the one of a frustating exam. Come on!

2/26/2012 #17
The Elder Swear



Hello, I'm El, as Sat has already mentioned and goodness you people have been making my email explode! Well, it is very nice to meet some new comers, but I would suggest not picking fights with Sat over characters, she will eat you.

So, perhaps we can calm things down and get better acquainted?

2/26/2012 #18


(Teh interwebs are SRS BSNS.)

2/26/2012 #19
The Timid Thief

He's right. I like him. Very little joke potential with EL. SAT has tons.

I'm The.

2/26/2012 #20
FIGHTING? MOI? NEVER! I was just stating some fav charries of mine that I'm sure we all share with my reasons for loving them! :) I am ALWAYS ready to get to know people too! PM me if ya want mah digits to text me!
2/26/2012 #21

But if you really want to have a discussion on the whole point of Batman, which you seem to be completely missing, Sparkle Fairy, just drop me a PM. I don't bite. Too much.

2/26/2012 #22
It's true. Trust me. Plus you'll like it! :) :P Just kidding! Or am I????? O.o Let me guess though, the whole point of Batman is everyone's gay and has hot buttsex with each other?????? :)
2/26/2012 #23
The Timid Thief

I know Batman is about how being by the books is right, and knocking someone out is more right than shooting them. It's just thats wrong.

That was a joke. I made a character that defied what Batman did, even though he follows his footsteps.

But honestly, the point of superheroes is rich men and women beating poor youth in their underpants. TIGHT underpants, but still underpants.

Alright! Enough prompting of flame wars! How about a discussion? What's your favourite batman joke. Go!

2/26/2012 . Edited 2/26/2012 #24
The Elder Swear

Uh... Timid, if you meant me thank you, but I'm not a guy... do I type like a guy? And as for joke potential for pen names, mine has some pretty good things to pick at. I just go by El, because it's easy to type and I'm lazy like that sometimes.

Okay, not fighting is good. I was just getting a little worried that people were getting a bit overzealous here and fighting might happen, which would be unpleasant for everyone. Stating favorite characters is perfectly fine, but it's best not to get in to debates about which is best as that will start flames no one wants to see.

Well, I see things are calming down now. Hmm, jokes.... I don't know, there are a lot of good ones...

2/26/2012 #25

Incorrect Use of Punctuation, you have restored my faith in humanity. That is absolutely the point of Batman. Eddie Nygma applauds you.

Serious Sparkly Fairy is taking things seriously.

(I don't know jokes. Only riddles. But I do enjoy the occasional crack about Dick Grayson's scaly panties.)

2/26/2012 #26

El. El. El.

Group Therapy. Go.

I demand Midnight Ice Cream Trucks.

2/26/2012 #27
The Elder Swear

Wait, wait, I know this one!!!!

Ahem. Tim Drake: SWAN QUEEN!!!!

2/26/2012 #28
The Elder Swear

Blargh, fine, but I think the midnight ice-creacm truck might not happen till the post after my next one... still have to get the group back together at the gates before that happens... but it will be glorious, I promise!!!

2/26/2012 #29
The Timid Thief

I use genders without any facts. I just flipped a coin and decided you were a guy.

And I'm really just joking around here. Nothing I ever say will be serious. Except what I just said. And what I just said. And terrible joke away.

And this is the best batman joke.

And this is the greatest character.

Seriously forgive me if it seems I'm starting fights. I'm just being a joker. No pun intended.

2/26/2012 #30
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