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...a little. :D That's so perverted sounding ya know!!!

3/4/2012 #61

I like it, (I found it funny that you had to re-edit it like 3 or 4 times; I'm somewhat sadistic, just a forewarning) I think that her character is interesting and well thought out. Mine on the other hand I kinda threw together, let it simmer on the back burner and finally posted it when I had the chance, but I'm looking forward to working with you lovely people. (But I'm not sure about Sparkle Fairy yet...)

3/4/2012 #62

Yeah's cause there was a little confusion before with how she gets IN Arkham and then I wanted to do some cool stuff with her name but it wasn't approved so I did something ELSE cool with her name (her last name's RIDDLE. And she's SUPER smart and AWESOME at riddles so Mr. Purple Glitter Sass Powers (Riddler) will LOOOOOOOVE her! Plus she's blonde and has a name sounding like ALICE. Nuff said. :D)

And Alli really isn't THAT thought out. I threw her together too. I just tried to write it so it LOOKS like it's thought out!

Yeah one really likes Sparkle Fairy. :/ But y'all LOOOOOOOOVE ME so now due to my newly awesome-ified- name you can call me...MISTRESS. :D Or Jamoi! :D

3/4/2012 #63

I'm sure that both of our characters will be liked by Purple and Green Glitter Swag -tumblr FTW- (but mine only has eyes for Bruce...and maybe Frankie, but that was mainly just to mess with him) She looks good and Dick is looking forward to meeting her. I'll probably end up calling you either of those (I suck with names so when all else fails I'll call you Mistress) :D

3/4/2012 #64

Hell yeah! :D And mine's got a psycho side to her AND a sense of humor so Mistah J shall be pleased! I'm gonna have her pickpocket him. -evil grin-

YUSH! WINNING! Glad you're going with Mistress. It's just sooo...KINKY. :D

But just saying, Dickie here's gonna have some competition for Brucie Wucie in the form our our sexy psychopathic clown. They're SOOOO gay for each other! :D

And when you say "Dick looks forward to meeting her" you mean Alli as in HER. Cause she just LOOOOOOOVES gay guys! :D

3/4/2012 #65

...I knew you were going to say that (referring to the kinky comment) but I don't mind because if it was me then I would have too.

Dickie is going to have LOTS of competition, I have a feeling (or the Queen of Fruit's gaydar is going off, I can't tell as of yet)

And yes I mean Alli

(WHO DOESN'T LOVE GAY MEN!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!)

3/4/2012 #66
Who's the gaydar going off on?????? O.o And as for your last question the answer is simple. STRAIGHT ME. :D
3/4/2012 #67

Well... they're all kinda grouped together (*cough* Arkham Asylum *cough*) so I can't really tell who exactly.

3/4/2012 #68
Ten most likely gays then??????
3/4/2012 #69

I can't tell if it all or half or just one; the gayness is so massive it's... (OVER 9000!!!!!!!), jk, but it's big enough for it to be multiple semi-gay people or just one massively gay person.

3/4/2012 #70
Okay well tell me 15 possible semi-gay people. if it's only a few massively gay people then it's gonna be Riddler Harvey and Joker.
3/4/2012 #71

It's probably them (and Dr. Crane, he's too pretty to not be gay)

3/4/2012 #72
Hehe. Yeah. He's definitely gay! :) And also, if there's anyone else, it's probably residue gayness left by Batman. :D
3/4/2012 #73

Of course

3/4/2012 #74
hehe. :) Yuppers. :) And maybe a little from Alli although she's a straight lezzie. :)
3/4/2012 #75

Oh dear. I go to play Arkham Asylum for a few hours and come back to this.

...The gaydar wouldn't go off for Crane. I actually see him being rather asexual, the exceptions being Batman and later, the Joker, but that's only because they're the two things left that make him actually feel fear (constant exposure to the toxin left him unable to). And he totally gets off on fear.

But everyone else is fair game. I think the only straight characters right now are Penguin, Catwoman, and Mr. Freeze. But those are all very debatable.

Also, everyone is fighting over Bruce Wayne. Always.

3/4/2012 #76

Honestly Sat, did you expect anything else? (And the gaydar would go off because the only people he can get off on are men, ergo gay)

3/4/2012 #77

Personally I'm waiting for Sparkle Fairy to see that his character is getting stalked by my gay man

3/4/2012 #78


And Crane COOOOULD be asexual. If it wasn't for the fact that the only people he can get off on are guys. I agree with Lynnie here on that note.


3/4/2012 #79

Well, that's still a matter of perspective. Before he went crazy there were a few girls, too--Sherry Squires, Harleen Quinzel, etc, depending on which comics you're going by. I just kind of threw in Edward as well, for my personal headcanon. It's just more that as time went on, and after he snapped, his sex drive just kind of died, and he never had much of an ability to feel compassion or... much else, really. I mean, if let's say, Oracle managed to strike some fear into him, he'd go for her just as quickly. Batsy and Mistah J just both happen to be men.

Crane is just very special.

Any of my other characters, however, are fair game. But mostly because that list consists of Dick and Eddie, who I'm fairly sure both leave trails of rainbow behind when they walk.

3/4/2012 #80

So the trip to Costa Rica was before the fear toxin or after.....

3/4/2012 #81

No no NO. CROC is special. Or at least I think he is. :D -----Oh look at me! I just referenced a YouTube video called From Arkham With Love! It's a fanmade abridged eppie and it's HILARIOUS! Harley's name gives Joker a stiffy apparently. :D

And don't forget Joker or Batsy or Harvey! They're very rainbow-leaver-ey! :D

3/4/2012 #82

Guys, can we try to tone down the rabid fangirling/homoeroticism in this topic a little bit? Frankly, it's making my inbox explode, and this amount of sheer lack of punctuation and typical fangirl is giving me a migraine, as much as I appreciate the gay.

Thank you.

3/4/2012 #83

Okay. -frowny face- I'll tone it down. Although I disagree with the lack of punctuation comment the fangirl thing IS true so I'll give you that. :D Least you can appreciate the gay!

You're very welcome. :D

And just saying, the rabid fangirling/homoeroticism will get toned down even more as soon as this RP takes off again and a public RP is put on. :D Just saying. :D

3/5/2012 #84

Okay, seriously, don't push me on the public RP thing. El and I have both been extremely busy, and we still have to figure something out for a plot, who's taking the other canon characters we need, etc. I promise it will get done at some point, just not right now.

If anyone has ideas for a plot, be my guest. I had a faint idea for something vaguely set in the Arkham Asylum-verse (or at least involving the Titan chemical), and very, very AU, but I don't think everyone here's played it--but if no one else has any ideas, I suppose I could explain it.

3/5/2012 #85

If anyone's curious as to what my idea was:

My vague idea right now was mainly inspired by the ending in Arkham Asylum where the Scarecrow is revealed to be alive and grabs the last container of the Titan compound (basically an extremely more potent form of Venom, the chemical Bane uses), and wondering exactly how badly it might react with fear toxin.

By some accident, perhaps in Crane's lab, the fear toxin/Titan mixture ends up in Gotham's water supply, and starts causing a whole host of problems everywhere, namely genetic mutations, for better or worse. For instance, Crane might have gotten transformed into Scarebeast, but Ivy is perhaps robbed of her powers or the Riddler blinded after getting submerged face-first.

Cue everyone trying to get thing back to normal--except for the handful that would really rather keep it this way.

3/5/2012 #86
The Timid Thief

Two things: It is random who grabs onto the container of Titan, for me it was once Bane then Crock.

I really do feel it is something too epic and grand to start all our character off with. I feel there should be something small, a warmup let's say. But then again, I don't really have any ideas so I will see how everyone else thinks of this idea.

3/5/2012 #87

Oh, I do know that, I just thought the Scarecrow ending might make for an interesting sequence of events. Though it would be extremely AU as of Arkham City, and it doesn't really have to have any of the events that take place in Arkham Asylum except for the development of Titan, as I know at least El and Lynn haven't played the game.

This plot is actually really open-ended, it just consists of an overarching conflict. My thing is that I have Group Therapy (which is basically general Batman universe, rather plotless/small) on the side with El, and when I'm doing two RPs in the same fandom I need them to be really fundamentally different in order for them not to overlap/get bored of one or the other. So even if we don't use this one, it'll end up being along the same kind of thing, not just very standard and small.

And having a bigger conflict really does help drive group RPs, in my experience.

3/5/2012 #88

Okay AS for the pestering you thing:

I'm sorry. :/ -is ashamed- I'm not trying to pressure you or anything. I was just saying it to let you know that it wouldn't be as crazy in this post if us newbies had a place to RP, even if it was a temporary crack!RP that was in no way related to the other one. I know you and El are busy. I'M busy with Band and Winterguard and reading all the Batman fanfiction I can get my paws on. So I shall wait, QUITE FAITHFULLY if I do say so myself, until you are ready with a plot and open RP. Although, JUST and idea for a possible public RP that could come out soon, you could make an open RP that connects to your Group Therapy one where it's outside of Arkham. It can be COMPLETELY separate from the OFFICIAL public RP with your plot ideas and everything but it can kind of be like a continual thing from the escape you've got going on in your's and it would be a pretty cool way to have this plot thing where all our OCs meet the rogues. :) But it's just a suggestion so if that's not an approach you wanna take that's totally cool.

As for the PLOT:

I'm relatively new to the Batman fandom so I can't really put in a lot of input on the plot thing except that I might be able to agree with Sparkle Fairy's opinion on the subject. It's a cool plot for later once this RP really takes off (which it WILL. I'm recruiting for it as we :/ :D ). And I haven't played any of the video games so add me to that list. As for any ideas I might have to contribute, I'll have to take a rain check on that. I'll be sure to let you know if I get any ideas though. :D

And the canon character thing:

Well I'd apply for one but I figure I'd have to submit an RP sample as THAT CHARACTER and I'm not entirely sure I'd be very good at that being very new to the fandom. I'm willing to be a canonical character though. :D Just...give me a little time to get comfortable with writing canonical charries. :D

3/6/2012 #89
The Timid Thief

Yeah, I'm up for anything as long as I get to shoot things Batman wouldn't shoot at. :)

3/9/2012 #90
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