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((As suggested, this will be the primary RP topic for both canon characters and OCs. It has no relation to the two person RP. As soon as someone wants, the can get it going! Feel free to apply for an OC or a canon character and then go forth and roleplay!!!))

5/9/2012 #1

(Alright, here's a bit of a starter, this is going to be pre-Riddler and pre-Two-Face.)

The artificial glow of headlights and streetlamps filtered in through the windows of the limousine, bathing the interior with a romantic city glow. It was like a scene out of a cheap romance flick, how the light illuminated Edward Nygma's crown of bright red hair, glanced off the green of his eyes and cast soft shadows over his face.

And he looked up, voice like sharpened steel, and said "Pretty jarring, don't you think? Those last set of Scarecrow murders on the news this morning?"

Jonathan Crane's lips twisted into an innocent smile, and he arched a perfect brow, reaching forward to straighten Edward's green bowtie, embroidered with little purple question marks, smooth out the collar of his tailored black tuxedo jacket.

"Yes, I suppose they are quite shocking," he attributed calmly, and sat back in his seat. Edward sighed, and looked out the window, anywhere but at Jonathan.

"What do you need, Jon?" he asked, voice foreful. His fingers drummed a silent mantra on the car door. "Money? An alibi? Protection?"

"What makes you think I need anything?"

"Oh, I don't know," Edward broke in, voice dripping with sarcasm, the barest hint of an Irish accent peeking through. "Maybe it's because my college boyfriend that I haven't seen in ten years called me up this morning asking me if I had a date to Bruce Wayne's party? Oh, and not to mention the fact that he's a wanted criminal."

"You always did love riddles, Edward," Jonathan commented, his almost colourless, powder blue eyes turned up to Edward, his face a carved wax angel. He smiled, something dangerous and predatory under the charming gesture.

Edward looked away.


"Arriving now is the young and recently out of the closet CEO of Nygmatech Enterprises, Edward Nygma—and he appears to have brought a date!"

"Mr. Nygma, who is this dashing man you have brought with you?"

"How do you feel about the claims your company will overtake Wayne Enterprises in a matter of years?"

"Mr. Nygma, would you please pose for a picture?"

They were greeted with a rush of sound and camera flashes as they stepped out of the limo, reporters and journalists pushing through the crowd to try and get a word or a picture with the hottest local celebrity.

"Just ignore them," Edward murmured, and tucked his arm in Crane's. "I won't be answering any questions today!" he shouted, and hurried along, a little flushed and red in the face from embarrassment.

"Well, aren't you quite the popular one."

"Shut up. Your job is to stand here and look pretty," Edward snapped, leading Jonathan through the large double doors of the Ritz Gotham, consequently the most expensive venue in the city. But then, this was Bruce Wayne, and obviously the point of this was to make a show of wealth for Wayne Enterprises.

"While you try to catch a glimpse of Bruce Wayne?" Crane asked lightly, and despite himself, Edward laughed, colouring even more in the face, because this felt almost exactly like college again.

"Yes, exactly what I'm going to be doing. Come on. I think I see Harvey Dent over there, perhaps he can lead us on the right trail."

"On your conquest to seduce Bruce Wayne."


5/14/2012 #2

"Char, I really don't wanna do this." Allison whined with a small pout as she stepped out from the safety of the sleek BMW and into the glaring camera lights of the paparazzi. Her blonde hair was not in its usually straightened ponytail do, instead left down and in wild curls that fluttered oh-so-softly in the light, passing breeze. The dress she was wearing was a swirling blur of the colors blue and green--something her friend Charlotte Jennings had picked out saying that it "matched her eyes,"--and strapless, flowing down to just past her knees.

At that Charlotte just rolled her eyes and smirked before replying. "Too bad hun," she started off cheerfully. "You've been free from the walls of Arkham for three months. It's about time you got out and had a good time." Hooking her arm with her friend's, she walked confidently down the walkway and pulled a still pouting Allison with her. "Jeez Alli, I don't see why it's such a big deal. You used to love coming too these kinds of things."

"Yeah, Char, but that was before..."

"Oh." Charlotte's grin faded almost immediately. Ignoring the reporter's useless questions about whether Alli was her date or not she stepped through the double doors shortly after Jonathan and Edward, taking the taller girl off to the side to talk privately for a minute. "Nobody is judging you for what happened. You're better now, that's all that matters. Besides," she said, a small smile gracing her face. "I doubt any of them recognized you with that mane of blonde hair. They didn't let you keep dying it red at Arkham?"

Allison shook her head, a tiny grin appearing on her face. "They considered it an 'unnecessary cost' to add to their already low budget. I'm used to the blonde now anyways. But," she pulled a string in front of her and inspected it warily. "I wish I could have had time to at least straighten it. It's a mess." YOU'RE a mess. the voice whispered tauntingly to her in her head. You're supposed to be gone. Why aren't you gone? Alli thought back, giving her head a quick shake.

"Please, Alli, it's not nearly as bad as you--" she was quickly cut off as Allison walked away and into the commotion of the party, clearly distracted by something that half worried Charlotte. I guess she just needs some time for herself. she thought. I hope she's feeling okay... Without another thought Charlotte walked the rest of the way in, quickly moving to the bar and ordering a drink.


This can't be happening. This can't this can't this CAN'T. Not again. The doctors said that you had gone away already. WHY are you BACK? The click click click of Allison's noisy heels were ignored by her, too lost in thought with her own problems. I need you to do something for me... it said to her, fading with each word until it was gone with a--


She looked up, startled as to which socialite she'd have to apologize for bumping into. When Alli saw the bright red hair, it took only a millisecond for her to realize who he was and another two seconds to finally stumble out a, "Sorry Mr. Nygma. I was distracted and I didn't see you there."

(BLUH. Not sure how quality this is but it's done so YAY! I await your next reply anxiously!)

5/28/2012 #3
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