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The Elder Swear

Because Nygmatech and I are lazy faces and we forget to do things, this is finally a thread for discussion of all things plot related for the main RP. Any ideas, questions or concerns are welcome! Also, feel free to bother us here or elsewhere if we let things slack a little bit and forget to do things, because that happens sometimes...

8/16/2012 #1

Meh, you beat me to it...

Gotta lure Bane and Batman over here to talk about plot things...

Weren't you planning on the Joker crashing through the ceiling of the charity ball and kidnapping Dent for his little... makeover?

8/16/2012 #2
The Elder Swear

I am the winner, it is me!

Yeah, I was thinking that could be kind of the kick starter, but not sure what would happen after that to bring in more characters...

8/16/2012 #3

Yeah, that works... but then how the hell does everything else work out? This is kind of... totally opposite of our timeline in the other rp. I'm planning for Edward to join up with the Scarecrow as sort of a partner for a while before breaking it off and making a name for himself... how are you planning on putting Harvey on the road to villainy? And most important (because I have my priorities straight), how do the Riddler and Two-Face end up involved? JokerCrow can still be a thing that's going on on that couch over there and now Harvey needs to boil his eyes...

And is this post- or pre-Red Hood? Because I love me some awkward teenage Jason... but then again, Red Hood could be cool if we have a bigger plot, Dick still oblivious to feelings... which would also mean aging up my characters and now I have to do math... either way, I don't much care...

8/16/2012 #4

Alright, total epic change of plans that pertain mostly to El and I!

Edward Nygma is Harvey Dent's new PA, Harvey gets kidnapped by the Joker in the first scene, and the entire rp is several shades darker than what we usually do...

To El, I've decided that Edward is still being Riddler on the side, same with Jonathan and the Scarecrow, just are a little smarter in this AU and haven't been caught yet.

And since we're already royally screwing with the timeline, is Jason the Red Hood or Robin?

8/17/2012 #5
The Elder Swear

I was thinking Jason would still be Robin at this point, eventually getting to him dying, with the Joker building up to bigger and bigger things starting with Harvey. And I think, if we're going darker, Jason might just be a better Robin for that than Tim since he's a much darker character to begin with, especially if it's towards the end of his time as Robin.

If you guys want to go with Red Hood instead though, that could work too, with him just recently popping up in Gotham or something. Either way works for me.

8/17/2012 #6
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