The Five Harmonious Factions
Candor, Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, or Abnegation. Come discuss the five factions of Divergent and see which one you will join.
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Erudite: characterized by great knowledge. This is the place for all the brainiacs out there to come together and plot to take over the world! If you've never gotten lower than an A+ and have blueprints for weapons of mass destruction, then this is the faction for you!

8/26/2011 #1

hahahahahahahahahahaha no. I would not be in Erudite. I guess I am smart; above average for my grade level. But I just don't really seem to fit in that faction.

4/26/2012 #2

Same! I'm not above average intelligence, so I doubt they would even let me in!

4/27/2012 #3

yeah, and I would never want to devote my life to research!

4/28/2012 #4

Me neither! What if you never find anything out? Then you've wasted your whole life for nothing!

5/1/2012 #5
yeah, and I would probably find myself getting distracted by a lot of things. I guess that in a nutshell, I wouldn't be Erudite because I wouldn't be "free", if you get what I mean.
5/1/2012 #6

Yeah, I get it. Like you'd constantly be distracted by something and you would never have any time to take a breather.

5/5/2012 #7
Yeah, your whole life would be committed for research; no coming up for a breath
5/6/2012 #8
Exactly! I feel like eventually you would just lose it.
5/6/2012 #9

Hey this is kind of random, but have you read The Maze Runner? If you haven't, you totally should! It's an awesome book!

5/12/2012 #10
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