The Five Harmonious Factions
Candor, Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, or Abnegation. Come discuss the five factions of Divergent and see which one you will join.
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Are you super crazy AND super smart? Or perhaps you're selfless AND peace-loving? Then welcome. This, my friends, is for all you special snowflakes out there who aren't just one or the other; you are DIVERGENT.

4/16/2012 #1
Ashletta Rose Everdeen
Look I like skydiving,I've won the state spelling bee,i a, a student volunteer,I am a peer mediator I'm like so Dovergent!I'd either choose D or E
4/16/2012 #2

I would definetly be divergent but it's either because i show strongly in many factions or just don't show strongly enough.

4/21/2012 #3
Nice, thats great!!!
4/21/2012 #4

Which factions do you think you'd be divergent between??

4/21/2012 #5
Ashletta Rose Everdeen
Dauntless Erudite Amity and Abnegation.I'd probably go to Erudite though.i.e I'm 11 and hack computers *Grins*
4/21/2012 #6
Probably Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite.
4/22/2012 #7
Ashletta Rose Everdeen
I am sooo not a candor though
4/22/2012 #8
Ya same here. I wouldn't even make it through initiation!
4/22/2012 #9
Ashletta Rose Everdeen
I have a tendency to lie about my past
4/22/2012 #10
Yeah. There are many things I don't want people to know about me.
4/22/2012 #11
Ashletta Rose Everdeen
Heh.My past is almost as bad as Tobias'.No,it's probably worse. -Ashletta Æverdeen
4/22/2012 #12

O.O Is a good response to that ouch? I hope that whatever situation you were in, you are better now.

4/23/2012 #13
Ashletta Rose Everdeen
O.o I'm a violent person.
4/23/2012 #14

Same here. Especially if someone tries to mess with me.

4/23/2012 #15
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