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Sally Valentine
I hate Courtney.... I dunno why... She's the typical PERFECT gone HORRIBLE girl that I read about all the time. But hey.... What can you do?
1/26/2006 #1
Kohaku Kawa
wow this thread is old. I don't know if I really hate anyone... I don't like courtney but I think that's about it. Geez! Does that mean Saint Dane is more likable than courtney??
2/27/2006 #2
Silas The Monk
i hate mark. he is the typical nerdy freak who ends up being the hero by accident. he is so obsessed with helping Bobby and not getting hurt, that he messes up so bad that he ends up saving the day. He is like Jar-Jar Binks in Star Wars with a brain.
4/17/2006 #3
Kohaku Kawa
I liked Jar Jar. But Mark is pretty lame.
4/20/2006 #4
GOD! I hate that -censor- and yes I love Saint Dane compared to Courtney. She thinks everything has to go her way. Good thing I love Alder and not Spader becouse when I read the fifth book I would have (And I did..) Throw the book across the room when she flirted with Spader.
5/10/2006 #5
Kohaku Kawa
Good for you! Don't let anyone else get Spader!
5/11/2006 #6
James Flamel
......I feel sorry for Mark in the 7th book!!!! .......and Courtney in the 6th. And it's all thanks to Saint Dane. I hate him even more now!
6/4/2006 #7
James Flamel
And I hate Saint Dane. And LaBerge. And Veego. ummm, and Nevva a bit.
6/4/2006 #8
Kohaku Kawa
this is getting more and more about the 7th book isn't it? Okay I'll be back once I'm done reading it then :D. Oh but one last thing, Saint Dane is the best Pendragon charector! Go ahead, bring on the flames!
6/7/2006 #9
-_- I don't hate some characters, but I don't like them either... I only have hate for Saint Dane. Nevva's mother just told her that she was alive, then Remudi would still be alive, Mr. Pops still would be around(Yes, I know that Mr. Pops isn't a real person), Leberge, and Vergo (probably) would be dead, and the territory would of been alright. See how much influence one traveler has on a territory? Saint Dane is NOT from Ibara... How the HELL could he be?
8/3/2006 #10
I don't hate any of the characters. I think all of them are important to the book. ^_^ Anyway, happy New Year, everyone! ^_^
1/4/2007 #11
Kohaku Kawa
I only dislike Bobby (Of all people) and that's because he's fighting my Saint Dane and wi- and thinks he's winning. *nod nod* uh-huh coz he's not really winning. Never. and I would never think that either.
1/5/2007 #12
Bobby is kinda...weird. My fav. character is probably Bobby because he's the main character.
11/28/2007 #13


4/15/2008 #14
books are nice but so am i

lalalallal back to you!!!!

4/15/2008 #15

So, sup. It feels good to get away.

4/15/2008 #16
books are nice but so am i

lalalallal back to you!!!!

4/15/2008 #17
books are nice but so am i

Yeah. I just hope these people don't kill us. :p

4/15/2008 #18

lol! I hope they dont.

4/15/2008 #19
books are nice but so am i

We got away with the PJO ones...hehe.

Okay, we have to find a way to solve this.

Let's do this until Monday, okay? On Monday, let's go to the PJO chat, and write a SURPRISE post, okay? Everyone will be happy and stuff, and they might stay at the PJO chat. And from then on, let's stay at that forum, and Rp everyday, okay? That's all i can come up with at the moment...

4/15/2008 #20

Rp where?

i like it. agreed.

4/15/2008 #21

Wait...you know i meant as in, "chat here until monday", right?

Rp at the PJO rp..lolz.

4/15/2008 #22



4/15/2008 #23

Great!^^ So...how was your day?

4/15/2008 #24

Normal. Pretty good actually. Yours?

4/15/2008 #25

Eh, boring.

4/15/2008 #26

Like always. I have to write a resume. Which totally sucks.

4/15/2008 #27

*yawn* i hate resumes!!!

4/15/2008 #28

*yawn* i hate resumes!!!

4/15/2008 #29

i love the bunny.

I know. -.-

4/15/2008 #30
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