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Sally Valentine
Spader rocks! Saint Dane is like, total evil and evil is cool
1/26/2006 #1
I really think bobby cool and when I imagine Saint dane i think of lord voldemort from harry potter u know the bald guy?
2/21/2006 #2
the girls in the story are a little macho... u know like loor when i saw the sixth's book cover i thought she REALLY looks african and a little scary
2/21/2006 #3
Kohaku Kawa
lol, yeah. Saint Dane is awesome! I've never once guessed who he was ('cept the klee but that was to through you of trail) I love Vo!!! He is so great, I haven't read the sixth book coz I'm waiting for paper back but I hope he's okay
2/27/2006 #4
Silas The Monk
i think Loor is da bomb. I mean think about it: Shes hot, muscular, tough, polite, she can be tough or drop-dead gorgeous, and to top it all off, shes a frickin warrior girl and a Traveler!
4/17/2006 #5
Saint Dane kicks ARSE! lol, but I love Alder. He's the lovable traveler from Denduron. He may be big and klumsy but it's his heart that I like. And he's like.. The puppy knight! -love-
5/10/2006 #6
The only Saint Dane disguise that you couldn't guess was the merchant guy on Denduron...
5/11/2006 #7
Kohaku Kawa
correction: That's the only one that YOU couldn't guess. The only one I COULD guess was the Klee. So there. *triumphantly smiles at proving self dumber than you*
5/11/2006 #8
James Flamel
Lets see, Bobby, Spader, Press, and Loor rock! Gunny's not that bad either.
6/4/2006 #9
the only reaso i couldn't guess the one on denduron is because i didn't know about saint danes evil take over peoples identities thing yet.
6/12/2006 #10
Kohaku Kawa
Wow, I'm I the only one so easily taken in?
6/12/2006 #11
Love to Vo, Gunny, Bobby, Mark, and Patrick. ^__^
8/3/2006 #12
I guessed every single one of his disguises. Of course, that's because I'm very paranoid and I assumed that any character other than bobby was St. Dane. I'm still not entirely sure that Mark hasn't been St. Dane all along and Bobby is just sending his journals to SD, while SD reads them and laughs at him. And how do we know that Press wasn't SD? It could have been him all along...Maybe SD can be in more than 1 place at the same time! Split himself in two! Maybe he has an evil clone! (eviler, I guess). So, yeah. I treat everyone with suspicion. Actualy, just now I thought that it would be really awesome if Bobby was actually SD and Mark wasn't. Everything that happened in the stories was a lie, and it was all just an elaborate ruse...
4/7/2007 #13

i like Bobby, Spader, Alder and Uncle Press *i nearly cried when he died* but bobby makes me laugh especially in the third book * that's as far as i've gotten* when he drives the car to the airfield *hilarious*

4/10/2008 #14

Spader can get annoying, sometimes.

4/16/2008 #15
Element Wolf

SPADER RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!! *Spader fangirl*

6/19/2009 #16

On a related note, I once took a Pendragon personality quiz, which revealed that I am most like Spader, :D

8/16/2009 #17
Red One1223

Yay Alder! =D

11/12/2009 #18
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

Spader, Gunny, and Loor kick some major a**!!!!

Gunny especially thou cuz I mean, come on, he's Gunny!

Spader's accent is amazing, assuming everyone else agrees that he's Australian..

Or is that just me?

5/1/2010 #19
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

My new favorite character is Dodger cuz he's amazing! ^_^

He's just so freakin cute sometimes and really funny!

Plus he has a kickass Brooklyn accent. =]

6/10/2010 #20

Alder is the epic of epicness :)

And Siry is pretty awesome too.

7/24/2010 #21

Siry! He's awesome I'm a proud Siry Remudi fangirl ^^ I also love Aja and Elli :)

1/15/2011 #22

Whoa, this forum has been dead forever. ^_^

I randomly fell in love with the random knight/nurse lady in Raven Rise becuase my OTP of Alder/Loor will never work out... so yeah.

1/15/2011 #23

It's been dead forever actually **

1/17/2011 #24

That's true. Very true. :)

1/17/2011 #25

Yeah it's been dead I don't think any of the people are really on anymore *Siry Remudi is awesome*

1/17/2011 #26

And the fandom's been dead forever.

*True, but Alder is awesomer*)

1/17/2011 #27
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

And that's where you're both wrong cuz Dodger is way more awesomer-er! lol

1/17/2011 #28


That is an opinion, my dear. I prefer people who are minor turned major. That die. Cuz I'm awesome in that way.

1/18/2011 #29

My opinion is bad boys rule ^^ Siry Remudi forever :)

1/23/2011 #30
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