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Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Here you go, a RP for all who want to use it. I may or may not join, and you don't have to be a member to RP( you have to use a oc though), so go nuts!

8/29/2011 . Edited 8/30/2011 #1
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

Question: What time frame is this beginning in? Which of the books, I mean?

8/30/2011 #2
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

It is around eldest, so everyone can have plenty of time for a romance, character development, and the whole nine yards.

8/31/2011 #3
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((At start of Eldest or end of Eldest? This is important for Thurty development (Thorn/Murty nickname I just came up with) Whether this is when they first get bonded or after they've already gotten bent to Galby's will...? And also are we bound to any specific events from canon? Or is the future what we make it?))

8/31/2011 #4
Commentaholic - Alpha 02


8/31/2011 #5
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

(( *Throws shoe in retaliation*))

In the beginning, so the future can be more clear, we can get more Eragon/Saphira friendship fluff, thurty fluff, and all that.

Also, we really need to think of a shipping name for ExS.

8/31/2011 #6
Commentaholic - Alpha 02




Just throwing some things out here.

8/31/2011 #7
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

How about Eternal bond shipping?

8/31/2011 #8
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((So I can start this RP off with... Oh boy. This scene's been speculated on... *rubs hands together*))

9/1/2011 #9
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((Oh wait... *hangs head, disappointed* I have to start from Murty's Tronjheim capture...))

9/1/2011 #10
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

(( Are we going to start before all the canon characters are spoken for? Or... we should probably wait for a few more IC writers to join your chapter. Get recruiting, ne?))

9/1/2011 #11
perfect oblivion

I may not look it, but I'm actually a big fan of inheritance cycle. Would it be possible for me to join the RP?

9/8/2011 #12
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((First rule of an RP. Any non-RP posts should be contained within double parentheses. This sets them apart from RP'd posts. Any applications go in other topics.))

9/8/2011 #13
DragonKnight - Beta 26

((quick question - is there going to be a point to this RP, or is it just going to be basically one big fanfic with multiple writers taking on the persona of cannon characters?))

9/9/2011 #14
DragonKnight - Beta 26

((@Comment - kinda like the BlueBlood title for ExS shipping. Nice))

9/9/2011 #15
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((I know, right? *shrugs* But anyway... We need more people before this can get started. I believe it'll be an RP-form, though it will probably take on a few fic traits. But a story with so many authors would not have any solid fic format or rhythm. *shrugs* Call it what you will.))

9/9/2011 #16
DragonKnight - Beta 26

((ok, gotcha. I'm on board. Beginning of Eldest sounds good.))

9/9/2011 #17
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((*Pulls out copy of Eldest for most realistic start*))

Murtagh grunted as he pulled his sword from the body of a dead Kull. Ajihad called over to him, "That's the last one, Murtagh! Well fought." he said, walking over and clapping the son of Morzan on the back. "We have done well this day. The Varden still live, a Shade is dead and Galbatorix will not be pleased. A good day in every sense of the word." he said, laughing.

Murtagh nodded, smiling. He was glad to have proved himself in battle and make himself at least tolerated by the others, even though some still saw him as his father's son instead of just Murtagh. Ajihad rallied the troops, the Twins taking up positions beside the Varden's leader, Murtagh just behind them and the rest of the soldiers behind Murtagh.

The young man contemplated recent events as they marched back towards Tronjheim.

That young boy, Eragon... he'd managed to kill a bloody Shade. Only three beings in all of recorded history could have made that claim, Eragon being the third. Murtagh absentmindedly followed Ajihad's lead as he pondered what would happen next. Would they return him to the stockade? Sure, he had fought for them, but he was still under suspicion by most of the council. Ajihad had made a huge gamble in releasing Murtagh without the consent of his advisors.

He could only hope that Eragon's words would sway the ones still set against him. As the only Rider besides Galbatorix, his words had to hold some sway. Murtagh realized that his feet were climbing and incline. A ramp was leading to the massive cavern that was Tronjheim. They emerged into the light shining from the dragonhold, now unfiltered through the hole that once housed the Isidar Mithrim. Ajihad formed up an honor guard and proceeded towards the massive crowd that waited for them. Murtagh could see Saphira and Eragon near the front, and Murtagh had to resist the urge to raise an arm in greeting.

Suddenly, a cacaphony of grunts and growls sprang up around them and the small group found themselves surrounded by Kull. Murtagh tried to grab his sword, but found his eyes droop and he crumpled to the ground, unconscious. He was faintly aware of two bald figures standing over him before he was lost to the void of nothingness.

((Good start, eh?)

9/12/2011 #18
perfect oblivion

(( Okay, seeing as the RP has officially started, I suppose I'll make the first move. ))

"Curse that impudent whelp, CURSE HIM!" I scream as I barge into my throne room, Servants and attendants scatter before my prescence lest they feel my wrath. I stride to my throne and sit to brood. That boy, that greenhorn wet eared excuse of a rider, had killed Durza. It was unheard of! How could that clueless farmhand kill a shade, there was just no way. But alas, I saw him be run through by Zar'roc, and although I could not see who held the sword, who else but Brom's little tag-along would be wielding it.

"All is not lost master" spoke my dragon Shruiken, and I knew he was correct. I had finally found Murtagh. That had lifted my mood somewhat, and I knew just how to bring him back home. Reaching out across the vast distances with my mind, I connected to my two spies within the Varden. As soon as they felt my prescence probing their minds they let me in with the respect I so deserved.

"The time has come. Kill the Varden's leader, and be sure to make it look like an ambush. I also want you to capture Murtagh for me, no exceptions. It has been too long since the son of my dearest friend left home." These were their orders, and much to my delight they replied that it would be a simple task to do these things. Ajihad had taken it upon himself to help clear Tronjheim's tunnels of my Urgals, and Murtagh was accompanying him. My foul mood lifted, I left my throne and headed to the mirror just behind it.

"Draumr Kopa" I muttered and the mirror started reacting to the spell. I grinned darkly, since Durza is dead I need a new general, and I believe I have just found the one.

9/12/2011 #19
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((Ha! I made the first move! :P))

9/12/2011 #20
perfect oblivion

((Damn it. Oh well, what did you think?))

9/12/2011 #21
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((To be honest... those posts work well together as simultaneous events. Though yours should've come first :P))

9/12/2011 #22
perfect oblivion

((Agreed, but you're the faster typer. Now we got to wait for Dragonknight.))

9/12/2011 #23
DragonKnight - Beta 26

((Working on it))

E: I look around in dispair at the gore and mess that covers the battlefield outside of Tronjheim. So many had lost their lives here, the sheer number of it numbs my soul. Beside me, Saphira offers her strength and support. The wound Durza gave me affects me greatly; I am barely able to exert myself before I am racked with indiscribable pain. Angela says I should be fine, the wound itself is practically healed. But worry what else the Shade may have done to me. Am I a broken vessel? I lay my hand on her neck, grateful for her presence. Without her, I would have been lost long ago. As we pick our way through the multitude of bodies, Saphira alerts me to a figure approaching us.

S: I can feel Eragon's dispair as we look upon the fallen. I wrap hs mind with mine, soothing his dark thoughts and reminding him that for all the loss around us...we are still here. His clash with the flame-haired shaman still clouds him. I have to be strong for both of us....even thought his pain hurts me as well. A familiar scent drifts towards us on the air, and I recognize it as Orik. He bekons us towards the main gate of the marble city; Ajihad and the others return from clearing out the last Urgals in the underground tunnels. As we join him in waiting, the silhouetted figures of Ajihad and Murtagh become apparent in the distance. But they are not alone. My blood burns as I smell a new scent: Urgals.

E: Urgals! Saphira shouts in my mind. Yes, I can see them now. The came up behind Murtagh and the others. I yell at Orik to bring help, then clamber aboard Saphira as she takes off, her wings flapping furiously to get us there in time. I look on in horror as the brutes descend on my unaware allies...

9/12/2011 #24
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((Hmm... an odd approach to it... and it was a bit confusing without quote marks...))

9/12/2011 #25
DragonKnight - Beta 26

((Clarify - quote marks? I thought we would be speaking as if we actually are the characters. Ergo, speaking in the first person.))

9/12/2011 #26
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((Well, even in first person, there are quote marks as someone speaks aloud, correct? Especially when others talk to the character, as Orik did.))

9/12/2011 #27
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((*Shrugs* To each their own, I guess :P It'll just be a bit confusing if you don't include quotes when NPCs talk to your characters.))

9/12/2011 #28
DragonKnight - Beta 26

((Oh, that part. That wasn't actually meant to be dialouge. Saphira was merely explaining why Orik had called them over))

9/12/2011 #29
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

((*looks again* Ah, right. My mistake. It's just an odd format you use. I believe most of us write dialogue and stuff as if we were writing it in a story, but like I said, "To each their own."))

9/12/2011 #30
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