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Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

The general rules for the brotherhood.

1. respect all other members and their opinions.

2. always try to improve, and help others improve.

3. do not falsify your rank, or attempt to recruit members UNLESS instructed by a Alpha.

4. Any major Changes in the structure of the brotherhood shall be decided by the members, not the Alphas. For Exact details, see Alpha rules.

5. Do not discriminate other members because of sexual preference, gender, or racial background.

6. No member shall be forced to do any act, all acts are voluntary. This does not mean failure to do such acts cannot lead to immediate dismissal. Such acts that may lead to this include but are not limited to: failure to stop harassing other members, refusal to stop repeated breaking of any and all rules, failure to cease falsifying member lists or ranks, Ect.

7. Ranks carry some weight, but this does not mean higher ranks are superior to lower ranks. ranks simply state that said member is more or less experienced.

8. Zyphyrs are chosen by each Individual Alpha. They have to put their rank (zyphyr) in their pen name, an are held in the exact same standard as Alphas.

9. When you are assigned you rank, you are required to either put it into your pen name, along with your number, or post it into your Bio in your profile.



RANK: gamma


GENDER: female

NOTES: I may be promoted due to my new story, For the hunt, so I may change my rank and number! =D


10. In the event of a Alpha not having a Zyphyr and leaving, The most experienced and able willing beta will be chosen and promoted.

11. Stories with only one chapter (AKA one shots) are not qualifications for a promotions unless they are over 6,000 words.



1. When a Alpha is chosen, all remaining alphas must agree on it, if said position does not have a zypher to fill it. The position must be filled by a able beta, but in the chance that there is none, any member may be chosen, even if they do not meet the perquisites.

2. when recruiting members, Alphas have free reign in choosing who may join. but they can only be chosen up to the rank they qualify for, up to beta, or zyphyr if the position is available.

3 some members may be promoted to a higher rank then they are qualified for in story count, if the majority of alphas agree for it.

4. All Alphas are required to post their rank and number in their pen name AND profile.

5. There is only 4 Alphas, but more positions may open if all current Alphas agree to it, along with the majority of other members.

6. Each Alpha Is able to choose a member to succeed them, or a zyphyr, and they will be in charge of their Alphas duties when said Alpha is unable to do so. They will also replace said Alpha when He/She retires.

7. In the event of repeated ties in the decision making process, one alpha may be voted in by the general public to be a head alpha, and The head Alpha's vote is counted as 2.

8. Alphas may propose to make a major change in the structure of the brotherhood, and request a vote. A poll will be created, and the general public will decide. The Alphas may do no more then cast their vote, and support or work against it.

9. Alphas may give the right to a member to recruit other members. but when they do so, they are responsible for all actions of said member, along with all members said member recruits.

10. Alphas may overturn a public vote if they all agree to it, but in doing so they immediately forfeit their position as Alphas, and are immediately demoted to Omegas permanently, their zyphyrs taking their positions.

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