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Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

I. Purpose

The purpose of the brotherhood of the pen is to further the writing skills of all that join, as well as assist any writer that wishes it.

II. Arrangement

The brotherhood of the pen is arranged by ranks, and ranks are chosen by the amount of experience each member possesses.

Experience is determined by the number of stories each member has written. To promote fairness and equality, the number that is needed is low. There is 6 ranks.

The first is the Head Alpha, which there is only four of. They are the leaders of the brotherhood. Each one of the four Head Alphas are completely equal, and there is no official "leader" of the group.

To become a Alpha when there is a open position, you are required to have 4 stories. Then there are normal Alphas, who are in charge of a separate chapter of the brotherhood. same perquisites of Head Alphas.

Next down the line are the betas, which there is no limit to how many betas there can be. To become a beta, you need 3 stories.

After that, there are the gammas. They need 2 stories.

And the lowest rank is the omegas, and they only need 1 story.

Members are not limited to what rank they can be by the amount of stories written. If a writer is skilled enough, he can be promoted to any normal rank the Alphas agree upon.

III. Rules

See rules.

IV. Membership

Only Alphas and specially trained Hunters can recruit members.

V. Roles

There is several jobs that the more experienced members of the Brotherhood can work in.

There is 3 jobs that the general population of the brotherhood can work in.

1. Mentors. They are the teachers of the less experienced members.

2. Thetas. They are the equivalent of The Brotherhoods MPs. They keep the peace and break up arguments. They also make sure members refrain from breaking the rules.

3. Hunters. They are the members that recruit other members, search for stories that members either request, or stories they deem exceptional.

Note: Rules and perquisites for each job are determined by the head of each role.

VI. Expansion

Once there is a large enough member count, the brotherhood will accept applications for new forums, or chapters in other fandoms. The member who applies, who must be a beta, with 4 or more stories, will become a normal Alpha, and head said chapter. they are still under the command of the head Alphas, but they are in charge of all recruitment, jobs, and such in said fandom. Here is a list of required topics.


A. Required topics

1. Guide To the Brotherhood (exact copy of original)

2. Rules. (Exact copy of original)

3. Hunter's den (Exact copy of original's rules, other then that, custom to wishes of Hunter In charge of area.)

4. Alpha Rules.

5. List of members (only members recruited at said chapter)

All other precreated topics are allowed, but not required.

VII. Chapter categorization.

Chapters are categorized by a few things. Size, the main purpose of the chapter, and the Age of the chapter.

Chapters earn titles through either usage or size. the main focus also determines its title.

VIII. History

The Brotherhood was founded on June 09, 2011. The first Head Alphas are as follows: Storylover Alpha 01, Enchanted to meet you Alpha 02, ROxas Alpha03, P3MF Alpha 4-Richter. The Brotherhood was founded by Storylover Alpha 01.

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