The Lying Game Roleplay!
I'm the first one to put up one on ! I'm so excited! Come rp with me, we'll have some fun with the storyline where identical twins switch places. Based off the tv show.
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Hope is an inspiration



Madeline Vega: QueenBarz


I can't remember the other names so let me know...I'm new to this show but I love it...5 OC's will be allowed.

8/29/2011 . Edited 10/19/2011 #1

I will be Madeline Vega, Suttons ballerina friend? Hehe I will start when we get more characters

9/3/2011 #2

Can i be Laurel Mercer? Sutton's little sister? :)

9/5/2011 #3
Hope is an inspiration
Oh, yay!! People wanna join!!! Sure to you both!
9/6/2011 #4
You Say Freak I Say Gleek

Can I be Charlotte Chamberlain, Sutton's other BFF?

9/22/2011 #5
Hope is an inspiration
10/4/2011 #6

Heeey :)

I wanna be Sutton! :)

Lol! xx

10/19/2011 #7
Hope is an inspiration
Sure! :D ur sutton then!
10/19/2011 #8

Can I be Ethan?

11/18/2011 #9

can i be Lexi.?.i created A forum for the lying game books but i cnat find it anywhere can someone help me please?

3/31/2012 #10
Can I be Ethan? Pretty please!
5/31/2012 #11

Thayer Rybak please can i be him...please please?

8/17/2012 #12
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