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If you have an idea for a new race of Aliens, then post' em here and we'll decide if they're good.

Name of species:

Notable features :

Known for:

Noteable members:

Name of Planet:
8/31/2011 . Edited 8/31/2011 #1

Well, I do have my own race of aliens.


Name of species: Anubians.

Notable features: They're humanoid canids, foxes, dogs, coyotes. Stuff like that.

Known for: (No idea.)

Noteable members: (No idea.)

Name of Planet: Anubia.

9/1/2011 . Edited 9/1/2011 #2
Ok, sounds like a good race of aliens, our characters will visit the planet for some mission we come up with later.
9/1/2011 #3

Can you at least fill out a bit of the parts you left out? Nothing major, but just a little stuff.

9/1/2011 #4
Not new. Canon, but deserve to be allowed. ALLOW THESE CANON SPECIES!!! Name: Ghosts Notable features: Watvh the show Known for: Watch the show Notable members: Spirit living in the original base, at the Hinata basement Name of planet: Earth, I guess...
1/2/2012 #5

Name of species: Oni Oni Ancient Shapeshifters

Notable features : Blue hair or fur, Multichanging eyes, Different colors even though they're related

Known for: Saving Planets, Mortal enemies of Keron, Destorying and creating planets (notably Pekopon)

Noteable members: Ru Ru (?)

Name of Planet: They travel from planet to planet after saving it and stay for 4,000 years to protect it

2/4/2012 #6

Name of species: Aku Oni Dark Destruction

Notable features : Pink skin and stripes, Multicolored eyes

Known for: Destroying planets, Slavery, Betraying races

Noteable members: ? (Possibly Mifufu, Niruru, and Miruru)

Name of Planet: Live in a spaceship

2/4/2012 #7


2/4/2012 #8
Ultimate Weapon X
name: Seasonians features: one of 4 types, they each have their season's color as skin (spring green, summer red, fall orange, winter white) and can control , slightly, the element associated with it (earth fire wind water) they are mostly humanoid with the exception of a primarily shut 3rd eye known for: mass civil wars and frequent power exchanges planet: elementia
9/28/2012 #9
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