The Windemere School for Gifted Students
Enter the halls of Windmere, a prestigious school for a special kind of student - monsters. The school has another plan, though, and that plan is going to integrate humans into it's halls.
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The Void Kitsune

Come here to think up all the little plot bunnies you wish to create o.o We'd prefer if you got permission for the plots, as the Mods may have other plans. But don't let that deter you~ =3 Have fun~

9/1/2011 . Edited 9/1/2011 #1
The Music King

Hey um, I just thought of this idea of having a rap battle in the rp.

I'm not sure what you guys think of it, but yeah...just an idea. ^^;;

2/22/2012 #2
The Void Kitsune

Okay... So basically, LA's character Kimiko signed a contract with my demon William, stating that he would kill her old lover, Noboru, in exchange for her soul. Which is why they had come to the school. Eventually, William will follow through with his end of the contract, and Noboru will die...

But we wanted to add some sort of complication to this. See, when it comes time for William to take Kimiko's soul... He's going to run off, leaving her alone at the school to live instead of killing her. Eventually I planned for him to come back, as Kimiko was being attacked, but we needed someone to be attacking her...

So we decided that, before he dies, Noboru was going to date a girl at Windemere. He wasn't going to have any feelings for her, though, he's only using her... But the girl was going to fall madly in love with him, so much so that she is devastated when he dies. To try and get back at William for killing Noboru, she'll go after Kimiko...

Which is where we need help o.o We wanted to know if anyone had any female characters they would be interested in pairing up with Noboru for a short while. Or if someone wanted to make a character to pair up with him. They don't have to die, if you don't want them to... I can have William simply knock some sense into their heads and get them to stop attacking Kimiko before walking away haha XD But would anyone be interested in helping?

2/25/2012 #3
I have Angela! I kinda forgot about her, but she's easy to use and you can kill her. xD I don't see myself using her all that much.
2/25/2012 #4
The Void Kitsune

That would work~ Lmao ^^

2/25/2012 #5
Gweneviere Allistar

Well, I was kind wondering if anybody had a guy or could make a guy aged 14 to be Fey's guy friend and later boyfriend......PM mee if you do:) Thanks!

3/1/2012 #6
The Void Kitsune

I have my little Bela, and possibly Lestat, though I prefer to have couples emerge through Rping and building up friendships than simply sticking them together...

3/1/2012 #7
Gweneviere Allistar

Yeah, that's what I thought no fun when they are already together:P

3/1/2012 #8
yet another ghost
I was sort of thinking that Eleri's dad sent her to the school as a scout-to see what the other monsters are doing- but mainly as a thief. He wants her to steal the ball of a fox-shapeshifter creature. If it's a bad idea, I'm sorry. I'm also looking for a BF for her...I'd rather build it up through RPing, but I'm still in geometry and only one guy's replying...and I could never see him as her romantic interest. Any ideas?
3/12/2012 #9
The Void Kitsune

I don't see an issue with that plot... Though if the ball you're talking about is a Kitsune Ball, it's going to be impossible for her to succeed haha. As I'm the only person with Kitsunes here, and none of my Kitsune characters would let her get close enough to even see their Kitsune Ball, let alone touch it... They're all obnoxiously protective of them, because of the repercussions that could befall them should someone get a hold of the ball.

3/12/2012 #10
yet another ghost
Oh, I know she wouldn't succeed...I was just hoping there'd be an interesting confrontation. It would be rather amusing if the owner of the ball attacked just as her fingers were about to close around it, though. And I was talking about a Kitsune ball. Again, sorry for the lame ideas.
3/12/2012 #11

If youre looking for a mate for Eleri, I just made a new character. Take a look at him and tell me what you think.

3/12/2012 #12
The Void Kitsune

It's not lame, haha. It might actually be fun to rp one of my Kitsunes being super protective of their Kitsune Ball. If you want her to, your character is more than welcome to go after one of their Kitsune Balls... Though they probably won't have any of them out until after the humans are told of the monsters' true identities.

And as far as a boyfriend... I have more than enough male characters, though like you I prefer to have things go out through roleplaying. If any of my male characters interact with her and we think it'd be a good match, I'd be more than willing to pair them up with her~

3/12/2012 #13
Gweneviere Allistar

Ok, what I was thinking for Fey was she would arrive at the school oblivioust to the fact tht she and most of the students around her arn't human. She begins to have "flashes" or times when her vision is comepletely obacured by a light which then gives way to a vision of her parents and her brothers when they are younger and she is with them. Then a giant wave rises above her family and says "you are ready" and crashes down over them, only to have Fey jolt bck to reality. She begins to hve her powers come in at ll the wrong times and eventually is trying to defend one of her roomates, I was thinking Raidne, and uses the wind to knock the girlsor whoever was picking on her into the wall.She either would get a note when she got back to her room from her estranged brother saying we need to talk or have her be called to the princables office and have her brother called there. Either way her brother tells her of her tempest powers and that their cousin, Max, would help her control and use her powers. Thats all I got right now, so feel free to tweak it.

3/23/2012 #14
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