The Windemere School for Gifted Students
Enter the halls of Windmere, a prestigious school for a special kind of student - monsters. The school has another plan, though, and that plan is going to integrate humans into it's halls.
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The Void Kitsune

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9/1/2011 #1
The Void Kitsune

The Lady Author and I have decided that pets can be brought into the school. They must be something small, not too big, and we will have to accept them before they can be Roleplayed.

If you would like for a current character to have a pet, let us know in the chat topic, and if they're accepted you're free to bring them in.

9/19/2011 #2
The Void Kitsune


All of the human spots have been filled up. When we are ready for more humans to enter the halls of Windemere, we shall let you all know.

9/26/2011 #3
The Lady Author

What has happened so far:

Students have arrived at school and found out that a small amount of humans would be allowed within the school. The first assembly has come and gone.

It is the next day and the human students have arrived, they had their own assembly. None of the humans know about the monsters and the monster students are forbidden to tell the humans their secret.

Classes have started and students are expected to come.

10/12/2011 #4
The Lady Author

Information about the Town:

Outside of Windemere, about a mile or so away. There is a town settled there with various things that are open for the students to do during their off days and after classes.

Every student will be allowed to visit, but the topics will be locked whenever the town is unable to be visited.

For lunches students are allowed to visit the pub and the cafe to eat, as long as they return in time to go back to classes.

10/26/2011 #5
The Void Kitsune

We have opened up four more spots for humans. If you want to submit one, feel free to do so. Remember, if you already have a human, you may not submit another one. We are only allowing one per roleplayer at the moment.

11/10/2011 #6
The Void Kitsune

So that we can keep track of them, this post will be edited with humans, and slots that are available.

At the moment, we are not accepting any more humans. The Lady Author or myself will announce when humans can be made.



1. David Livingston (The Vampire's Vixen)

2. Eleanor "Ellie" Shafer (The Lady Author)

3. Samuel 'Sam/Sammy' Langley (Chibi Ookami-sama)

4. Bailey LeRose (Ivy Senpai)

5. Matthew Richardson (Chaos Lord Bahamut)

6. Antion Carther (Maiko.Chan12)

7. Klepto Miles Parker (Girly 411)

8. Jessica (White Tiger Friend)

9. Soleil Hansa (xLucy in the SkyX)

12/26/2011 . Edited 12/26/2011 #7
The Void Kitsune

Event update:

In two days Roleplay time, E-Harmonize will be holding a live performance at The Chance. If you would like to attend, feel free to do so. I will update this once again, when it gets closer to the performance.

12/28/2011 #8
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