The Windemere School for Gifted Students
Enter the halls of Windmere, a prestigious school for a special kind of student - monsters. The school has another plan, though, and that plan is going to integrate humans into it's halls.
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Angel Of Broadway

Yep, he's excited, Dia thought as she wrapped her arms around his neck, more than happily returning the kiss.

(*face palm* I fail.)

1/6/2012 #481

(How so?)

Yuji continued kissing Dia as he held her close.

1/6/2012 #482
Angel Of Broadway

(I fail at these things.)

Dia felt that shiver go up her spine again and her eyes started to close, when a hissing noise suddenly filled the air. She groaned and pulled away from him. "Really, guys?"

1/6/2012 #483

"They're just protective...." Yuji said, though mentally he was disappointed that the kiss had to end.

(No surprise.)

1/6/2012 #484
Angel Of Broadway

"No, they..." She felt her face star to burn. "I told you they react when I get...agitated."

1/6/2012 #485

"Agitated? So...youre mad at me?"

1/6/2012 #486
Angel Of Broadway

"Wrong kind of agitated," Dia mumbled, looking away from him.

1/6/2012 #487

"...What kind of agitated?" Yuji asked, confused.

1/6/2012 #488
Angel Of Broadway

Dia didn't answer him, her face completely red in embarrassment.

1/6/2012 #489

Yuji's eyes widened in realization before he too turned red.


1/6/2012 #490
Angel Of Broadway

"Uh-huh. In all fairness, it's your fault."

1/6/2012 #491

Yuji turned red at that.

"Well....then I should be the one to fix it then...."

1/6/2012 #492
Angel Of Broadway

"I should actually, um, call my mother, if I want her to consider that idea at all," Dia said, reaching for her pocket. "She has a tendency to go on and on, but it should only be a few minutes."

1/6/2012 #493

"S-sure...." Yuji said.

"Want me to leave the room so you can have privacy?"

1/6/2012 #494
Angel Of Broadway

"I'm not going to make you leave your own room," Dia remarked as she pulled out her phone, dialing a number. "It's not like-hi, Mama," she quickly said into the phone as a woman's voice answered it. "Yes, school is going fine, I'm doing good..."

1/6/2012 #495

Yuji was trying hard to resist the urge to use his sensitive hearing.

1/6/2012 #496
Angel Of Broadway

"What? No, I didn't forget. I called her when I got, listen, I-" Dia made an impatient face and glanced over at Yuji, mouthing the word 'sorry'. "Yes, I know, he's an absolute beast-now, I-Mom, really!"

1/6/2012 #497

"S-something wrong?" Yuji asked as quiet as he could.

1/6/2012 #498
Angel Of Broadway

Dia shook her head at him and gave him a smile. "Listen! I met this boy-no, Mom, he's very nice-" She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, lowering her voice a bit. "Yes, he's a musician, but that is not the point-"

1/6/2012 #499


1/6/2012 #500
Angel Of Broadway

Dia let out a groan and quickly switched to Greek, the voice on the other end going quiet as she voiced her idea. After a few minutes, Dia smiled over at him and said a quick goodbye to her mother before ending the call and sliding her phone back in her pocket. "She likes to talk. A lot."

1/6/2012 #501

"I can see that...." Yuji said, remembering his own mother.

"S-so....still feeling...agitated?"

1/6/2012 #502
Angel Of Broadway

Dia shot him a smirk. "I would think you'd be more concerned about what my mother thought."

1/6/2012 #503

"I....sorta heard bits of the conversation....sorry..."

1/6/2012 #504
Angel Of Broadway

"It's not like you weren't allowed to, you know. Anyway, she thinks it's a fantastic idea," Dia told him happily. "And she's also quite glad that you aren't a complete jerk. Her words, not mine."

1/6/2012 #505

Yuji grinned happily before hugging Dia.

"Thank you...."

1/6/2012 #506
Angel Of Broadway

"Just be glad I didn't tell her about the little modeling venture," Dia chuckled, quite happy in his arms.

1/6/2012 #507

"I wouldnt have minded if you told her~" Yuji said, kissing Dia.

1/6/2012 #508
Angel Of Broadway

"Mm. But then she would have asked something about how I managed with my glasses, and then I would have had to tell her that it didn't affect you..." Dia trailed off a nervous grin. "I may have, uh, neglected to tell her that you aren't exactly human."

1/6/2012 #509

"Meh...its alright." Yuji said.

1/6/2012 #510
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