The Windemere School for Gifted Students
Enter the halls of Windmere, a prestigious school for a special kind of student - monsters. The school has another plan, though, and that plan is going to integrate humans into it's halls.
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Shinji was watching, his eyes narrowed.

1/11/2012 #211
Angel Of Broadway

Sela let out a small 'eep' when she realized they were talking about her. "I-I don't freak out. It j-just makes me k-kind of sick..."

1/11/2012 #212

"Thats alright..." Shinji said with a smile.

1/11/2012 #213
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"It's...hard to explain...could you please just not...say...that?"
1/11/2012 #214

Shinji watched Constantine, hand on his hidden blaster.

1/11/2012 #215
Chaos Lord Bahamut
Constantine shuddered, turning back to face them. His eyes were back to normal, though he seemed rather nervous. "Why are me, Shinji?"
1/11/2012 #216

"Nothing....just wondering if something was wrong." Shinji said, though his grip on his blaster tightened, ready for anything.

1/11/2012 #217
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"N-n-nothing's wrong...I-I guess I'm just...ah, on edge, you c-could say..." He replied, trying not to worry the others.
1/11/2012 #218
Angel Of Broadway

"Hey, you two, remember what I said about no deaths," Jenna tried to joke, giving them both a glare.

1/11/2012 #219

"Mhm..." Shinji said.

1/11/2012 #220
Angel Of Broadway

Sela glanced back and forth between them, putting her hand on Shinji's arm. "P-please don't start a f-fight or anything..."

1/11/2012 #221

"I wont~" Shinji said, smiling at Sela.

1/11/2012 #222
Angel Of Broadway

She smiled back, though she still looked a little shaken from the almost-confrontation.

1/11/2012 #223
The Void Kitsune

Candace came back soon after, a smile on her lips. "Alright, here's your drinks~" the girl hummed, before grabbing her notepad and tilting her head to the side, "Can I get you guys anything to eat?"

1/11/2012 #224

"Pizza, please!" Shinji said almost immediately, his attitude doing a 180.

1/11/2012 #225
Angel Of Broadway

"Hold your horses there, cowboy! You can't just shout 'pizza' without knowing what's gonna be on it!" Jenna exclaimed, reaching across the table and swatting his hand.

1/11/2012 #226

"Fine....cheese pizza! With extra jalapenos!!!"

1/11/2012 #227
Angel Of Broadway

"What?! I don't like spiciness!"

1/11/2012 #228

"Fine....what do you want in it?"

1/11/2012 #229
Angel Of Broadway

"I dunno, but I can't have spiciness," Jenna remarked, crossing her arms. "My mouth will burn, and then I'll whine, and you don't want to hear me whine."

1/11/2012 #230

"True..." Shinji said without remorse.

"Sela-chan, what would you like on the pizza?"

1/11/2012 #231
Angel Of Broadway

"O-oh, um...I don't really m-mind, I'll eat j-just about anything," Sela replied softly.

1/11/2012 #232

'Shes so CUTE~!!!!'

"So....extra cheese?"

1/11/2012 #233
Angel Of Broadway

"Y-yeah, that's okay."

"Okay then, extra cheese and..." Jenna turned towards Constantine. "What about you? You cool with extra cheese?"

1/11/2012 #234
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"Oh, uh, of course! That works!" Constantine replied, still nervous.

The last thing they need to do is put garlic on it...ugh.

1/11/2012 #235
Angel Of Broadway

"Awesome." Jenna turned back to Candace with a grin. "Then...a large pizza with extra cheese." She had a sudden thought and quickly glanced at Constantine before adding, "And is there any possible way to, like, not have a lot of garlic, please? It kinda bothers my stomach a little."

1/11/2012 #236
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"We have similar tastes, da?" Constantine chuckled, looking over at Jenna with amusement.

Can't just be a coincidence, though...She knows...

1/11/2012 #237
Angel Of Broadway

"Well, that, or similar allergies. Really, anything...bitey like that, and my eyes water up worse than Niagra Falls," Jenna told him with her eyes wide. "It's not a pretty picture."

1/11/2012 #238
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"Oh? We're more alike than I thought..."
1/11/2012 #239
Angel Of Broadway

Jenna blinked and grinned toothily. "Well! Not even a whole week, and I've met people like me. Fantastic!"

1/11/2012 #240
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