The Windemere School for Gifted Students
Enter the halls of Windmere, a prestigious school for a special kind of student - monsters. The school has another plan, though, and that plan is going to integrate humans into it's halls.
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The Void Kitsune

(This is the center -obviously- of the town near the school. Paths lead off to all of the shops from here, as well as to a few little benches in smaller gardens and such, and there is a large fountain in the middle of the area which also has a few benches wrapped around it. You can get to the school and the other shops from here.)

10/8/2011 #1
Angel Of Broadway

"Now, remember children," Jenna started as they walked into the square, trying to sound very proper. "We all have to be on our best behavior and set a good example." She turned around with a goofy grin in place. "So no death."

Sela blinked and tugged on Shinji's sleeve timidly. "Sh-she's not serious about anyone dying, is she?"

1/10/2012 #2

"No...and if she were, I wouldnt allow it..." Shinji said with serious in his voice.

1/10/2012 #3
Angel Of Broadway

"Oh, thank goodness," Sela sighed, placing a hand over her heart in relief. "I think I'd faint if I saw blood."

1/10/2012 #4
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"So, uh, where would you prefer to go? There's an Irish pub, a soda shop, some stores..." Constantine glanced at them. "Or would you rather do something else-?"
1/10/2012 #5

"Yeah.....b-by the way, name's Shinji Aoyama..." Shinji introduceed to Sela.

1/10/2012 #6
Angel Of Broadway

"Hm. Well, I think the first thing to do is to make proper introductions," Jenna replied, nodding to herself. "So if one of gets even more lost, we'll know what name to shout for."

1/10/2012 #7
Angel Of Broadway

"I'm Sela," the selkie said, smiling nervously at Shinji. "S-Sela Kay."

1/10/2012 #8

"A-a pleasure to meet you..." Shinji said.

1/10/2012 #9
Angel Of Broadway

"Likewise," Sela murmured, tucking a stray bit of hair behind her ear.

1/10/2012 #10

Shinji smiled at her.

1/10/2012 #11
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"OK then-! I'm Constantine Thatcher, born and raised in the British Isles. I traveled to Turkey and Russia a few months ago, before-" He stopped talking, gaze turning saddened at a sudden thought. "-I was...sent here..."
1/10/2012 #12
Angel Of Broadway

"Cool cheese," Jenna grinned before stepping up in front of the group. "I, you lucky ducks, am Jenna Faye Williams! I've been living with my mom for...all my life, and now I'm here, cause the kids at my old school were way too normal."

1/10/2012 #13
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"..." Constantine glanced at Jenna, as if asking her 'You're a monster as well?'
1/10/2012 #14
Angel Of Broadway

Jenna smiled brightly and pointed at Sela. "Your turn!"

The color faded from Sela's cheeks and her eyes went wide. "M-me? Oh, uh, I-I don't..."

1/10/2012 #15

"Cmon...its alright..." Shinji said with a reassuring smile.

1/10/2012 #16
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"Don't worry. It's not like we bite. You can tell us." Constantine said.

Well, I don't bite much...

1/10/2012 #17
Angel Of Broadway

"I-I, um...Well, I'm, uh, Sela Kay. There's...not really a lot to talk about. Um, I like to swim, and I like water," Sela told them quietly, tugging nervously at the hem of her shirt.

1/10/2012 #18

'She's so CUTE!' Shinji thought.

1/10/2012 #19
Angel Of Broadway

"Neat. We had a pond in this little park by my house, and I always wanted to go swimming in it, but my mom didn't want me to get bitten by snapping turtles," Jenna rambled, twirling her hair around her finger.

1/10/2012 #20

"Ive been to places with lots of water..." Shinji said, thinking to some of the aquatic planets hes visited.

1/10/2012 #21
Angel Of Broadway

Sela turned around and blinked up at him, her cheeks still faintly pink. "R-really? Like where?"

1/10/2012 #22
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"Heh. Seems we've all had exciting times, da?" Constantine grinned.
1/10/2012 #23

"J-just wouldnt have heard of them..." Shinji said quickly, not wanting to give away his alien heritage.

1/10/2012 #24
Angel Of Broadway

"You're probably right. I don't travel a lot," Sela murmured in reply.

1/10/2012 #25
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"You ever gone to Istanbul? The Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits are lovely in the summer..." Constantine said, eying the group. "Wanna get something to eat?"
1/10/2012 #26

"Im hungry, so sure."

1/10/2012 #27
Angel Of Broadway

"That, um, sounds okay," Sela said with a small nod.

1/10/2012 #28
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"Alright! To the pub, then-?"
1/10/2012 #29
Angel Of Broadway

"Lead the way, my well-traveled comrade!" Jenna replied, tugging on Constantine's arm.

1/10/2012 #30
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