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Welcome to Zephyr Town! After being saved from completely disappearing years ago, the bazaar slowly diminished once again. Now, it's up to a new generation of villagers to bring the grand bazaar back to life again! Help flourish to its former glory!
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A list of festivals that take place in town.

9/2/2011 #1

Spring Festivals:

Spring 8th-Spring 12th- Flower Festival. Try and give as many flowers to as many villagers as you can in four days. Time: Starts around Late Morning, continued to the 12th. Where: Starts in the plaza, continues all around town.

Spring 14th- Spring Thanskgiving. Boys will give chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, or chocolate party cake to girls. Time: All day. Where: All around town.

Spring 30th- Tea Festival. The local farmer supplies tea for everyone in attendance, and the better the tea, the better the reward the farmer receives from one of the villagers. Time: Late Morning-Late Afternoon. Where: The plaza.

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Summer Festivals

Summer 15th- Animal Festival. Try and see who's animal will get across the plaza to its owner first. This year's animal is cows. Time: Early Afternoon to Evening. Where: The plaza.

Summer 28th- Horse Race. Who has the fastest horse in Zephyr Town? Time: Late Morning to Evening. Where: Starts in the plaza, then continued at the Race Track.

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Fall Festivals

Fall 15th-Fall 16th- Cooking Festival. See who has the best Main dish on the 15th and the best Dessert dish on the 16th! Time: Early Afternoon to Evening, both days. Where: The plaza, both days.

Fall 23rd- Wine Festival. The local farmer supplies wine for everyone to taste (adults only, of course). Time: Late Afternoon to Night. Where: The plaza.

Fall 31st- Pumpkin Festival. The local children go door-to-door asking for sweets. Time: All day. Where: All around town.

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Winter Festival

Winter 10th- Pet Festival. See who's best can go across the plaza the fastest to its owner. This year's pet is dogs. Time: Late Morning to Late Afternoon. Where: The plaza.

Winter 14th- Winter Thanksgiving. Girls give chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate party cake to boys. Time: All day. Where: All around town.

Winter 20th- Snowboard Contest. Who will make it down the snowboarding hill with the fastest successful time? Time: Late Morning to Late Afternoon. Where: Snowboarding Hill in the Hotel Area.

Winter 23rd-Winter 24th- Starry Night. Ask that special someone to dinner with you on the 24th. Time: All day on the 23rd, Evening to Night on the 24th. Where: All around town on the 23rd and 24th.

Winter 31st- New Years' Eve. All the villagers will gather in the plaza to countdown to the New Year and eat. Time: Night to Midnight. Where: The plaza.

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