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Well, here's a little food for thought...What exactly do BadBloods DO?

We know that BadBloods have gone against the Yautja code and been banished/left without giving a damn, but what comes after this milestone of life?

I've once read a fic that gave them the role of Pirates, but I think that's a category in itself. Then again, it makes sense, to a point. Pirates might as well be the human equivalent of BadBloods, right? They plunder the galaxy for rare artifacts, trade them for some good drink, nice bedding, nice "bedding", and kill every so often.

The role they've been given more often, however, from all the fics I've seen: Murders that just do it for the fun.

Both seem plausible, but really, what does everyone else think BadBloods do? These guys have a lot of time on their hands. Thoughts?

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Veriea Fornnan

Most Bad Bloods are killed at or around the time they are declared as such. Those that do get away tend to spend their time between pillaging to their black hearts' content and running from the Arbitrators and other such hunters that might be of a mind to come after them. It's usually the really bad ones ( or clever if you think about it) that manage to make it very long without being captured/killed and they normally make a point of never being seen by Yautja-kind again lest that end. The ones that come back for vengeance or some such tend to get a weapon of some description through important bits of anatomy sooner or later, more often sooner.

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