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Come on in, make an OC, take a canon, Have fun! Pretending that there isn't a war stirring- right when Tris becomes an initiate.
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9/5/2011 #1

Name: Un Takress

Faction: Dauntless

Age: 18

Birthday: 8/8

Likes: Skulls,opposites, ducks, monochrome, food

Dislikes:People that are annoying, people

Personality: Sadistic/ Masochistic

History: Born into Dauntless and still there. Mother and father died, leaving her orphaned. Plans on living the rest of her life in solitude, only to speak when spoken to. Has starved most of her life and eats as much as she can, when she can.

Relationships: None

Family: All dead

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9/9/2011 . Edited 6/6/2012 #2

(Bro you read it?)


9/10/2011 #3

(PPffffffttt i need the book to read it =w=)

9/10/2011 #4

(Dude you won't understand it if you dont read it)

9/10/2011 #5

(....no durrrr .___.)

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(So why...?)

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(....i felt like it .___.)

9/10/2011 #8

(I knew you were going to say that..)

9/10/2011 #9

(Hush you :D)

9/10/2011 #10

Name: Janie Cabel

Faction: Amity

Age: 19

Birthday: August 18th

Likes: Janie enjoys helping people. She also has many hobbies which include reading, writing, and skateboarding.

Dislikes: She hates it when people are lazy and she hates people who are mean. She is also not a weapon person; mostly believes in peace.

Personality: From the outside she is a sweet, funny, smart girl who enjoys everything but on the inside she is still trying to deal with her childhood. She is highly sensitive but desperately tries to cover it. Any slight mention of her past may make her change moods.

History: When she was 8 her father had left her to care for herself, her mother, and her brother. Her mother was in depression so she had to care for her younger brother, who was 5. Later on when the it was her time to take the test she had picked her home faction because she knew it was her responsibility to stay for her brother. When her brother had to choose his faction he chose dauntless in order to get away from his mother. This left Janie heartbroken and from then on she vowed never to let someone get that close to her again. She continues doing kind deeds because of her faction but she is left bitter from her childhood.

Relationships: No intimate relationships with anyone.

Family: She has a younger brother who transferred to dauntless, a father whose whereabouts are unknown, and a depressed mother

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9/29/2011 #11

(Accepted and you can make an OC for the brother if you'd like:3)

9/30/2011 #12
(thanks. For now I'll syart with the girl)
10/1/2011 #13

(Fine with me:3)

10/2/2011 #14

IT's probably easier to read.

2/12/2012 . Edited 2/12/2012 #15

Hi :3

Name: Marelyn Arcus (changes it to Erryn)

Faction: Erudite

Age: 16 (um, duh?)

Birthday: April 24

Likes: people, truth or dare (she always picks dare), speaking up for what she thinks is right, singing

Dislikes: people who can't keep up with her train of thought, snobs, people who can't accept life's problems

Personality: sort of a know-it-all, fun-loving, moody on bad days, bubbly on good days, expects the unexpected, always ready for a challenge

History: She grew up in Erudite, and had lots of friends from other factions. She loved to read and work hard, but she always had a daring streak that her faction lacked. Eventually, she started hanging out with her Dauntless friends more often than anyone else. And...yeah, I guess the rest will happen in the rp.

Relationships: Can I end up being Eric's girlfriend? :D

Family: Lives with her mom and dad, has a little brother named Arthur

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2/26/2012 #16

Name: JT Shaler (JT stands for Jayce Thomas)

Faction: Originally from Erudite, but transfers to Dauntless

Age: 16

Birthday: November 23rd

Likes: Dauntless and Amity faction, his brother Van, skateboarding, boxing, playing guitar, jumping on/off trains, danger, and hand-to-hand combat.

Dislikes: Erudite and everything about it, people who are cocky and think they rule everyone, people who bug him about his past, his father, disappointing others and being called a wuss.

Personality: Unlike most Erudites, JT doesnt like to learn and often finds school boring. He is not loud or cocky like his father is. He is quieter for an Erudite, and he finds it hard to open up to people. He is quick to react on his first instinct and doesnt like to bash other factions unless its Erudite. He wants to prove to himself that he isnt a screw up and he likes to make people laugh when he can. He is pretty shy around girls, which is why alot of them like him. He is pretty tall standing at 6 foot 1 and is built like an athlete. He has blonde hair and mysterious brown eyes. He doesnt like to talk about his past, especially things regarding his father.

History: JT grew up in Erudite and never fit in with his "perfect" family. He absolutely hated learning and always found ways of causing trouble. His father disowns him while his mother favors him. As a boy, JT took up boxing and he loves to skateboard. He has a knack for getting into trouble and finds it thrilling to do dangerous things. At the Choosing Ceremony, he chose Dauntless and is determined to become one of the greatest. His father had extreme punishments for his bad behavior and because of that, JT has put a wall up around people he doesnt know. He has a scar running from his shoulder blade to half way down his left arm from one of his father's punishments. He never had the guts to tell his mother that her husband had hurt him.

Relationship: i want him to make friends in dauntless, and it'd be pretty cool if he fell in love with another initiative from his class.

Family: JT lives with his parents and two siblings. His father's name is Ben and he is one of the Erudite leaders. JT and his father fought a lot because JT was the "screw up" in the family. His father likes to keep his image clean and rarely brings JT in the spot light. To many Erudites, JT is the wild child of a famous leader. JT's mom, Helena loves her son with all her heart. She doesnt believe that JT is a screw up child, she believes that he just isnt cut out for Erudite. She isnt afraid to say that JT is her son. JT also has an older brother named Van, who transferred to Amity four years ago. He and Van were best friends and Van often kept him out of trouble. Jt was heartbroken when his brother left Erudite. He has an older sister named Leah who stayed in Erudite and is a "leader in training" as his father likes to call it. He loves his sister but often finds her annoying. JT is determined to find a faction he belongs in and never go back to Erudite.

Pic: (only slightly older looking)

2/27/2012 . Edited 6/3/2012 #17

Name: Van Shaler

Faction: From Erudite, Transferred to Amity

Age: 20

Birthday: March 17th

Likes: peacefulness, non-violence, playing guitar and piano, watching the clouds, working out, playing soccer, and flirting.

Dislikes: arguing, seeing others get hurt, his brother choosing Dauntless, guns, and people controlling others.

Personality: Van was always the peace maker in his family. He has a kind and caring nature about him, which is why so many people trust him. He loves to meet new people and is really good at solving problems that other's have. He is tall, standing at 6'2'' and he looks like his younger brother JT. He too has blonde hair and brown eyes. Van is always smiling and can be flirtatious. As a child, he liked to watch the clouds and go for runs. He is built nicely and is mature for his age, except he has a playful nature about him.

History: He was the first born of three siblings, and was the first transfer in his family. He taught himself how to play piano and guitar. His best friend had transferred to Dauntless, and was killed while jumping off the train for the first time. When he finds out his brother chose Dauntless, he is very worried about his safety. He is very smart, which is why whenever he finished initiation, he became a well known doctor in Amity. He always flirts with Clara, and recently developed a crush on her. He hopes that one day she will open up to him because they have a real connection, though she doesnt seem to know it.

Relationship: yeah :D

Family: He used to live with his parents and two younger siblings. His parents were Ben and Helena Shaler. Both his mother and father thought he was going to stay in Erudite because he was so smart and he showed so much potential. Being the oldest, him transferring was very hard on his family. He was a role model to his younger brother Jt, and he often saved JT from trouble. He was the only one who knew that his father abused JT for getting into trouble, which caused Van to call his father out on it more than once. He was known as the "poster child" of the Shalers. He was often the 'peace maker' in his family.


2/27/2012 . Edited 6/27/2012 #18

All accepted if any of you still check lol. Sorry I've been just so busy with school

6/1/2012 #19

Oh and I'd make an OC for JT if you want me to.

6/1/2012 #20

yeah that'd be pretty cool if you made another OC. but of course you dont have to. And yeah i'll totally still RP. :D and no worries about school, i've been busy as well.

6/3/2012 #21

Name: Katherine (Kat) Rossy

Faction: Originally Amity- Transferred to Dauntless

Age: 15

Birthday: June 13th

Likes: She's always wanted to learn how to defend herself- even though in Amity they're supposedly so kind and uncruel- Only when the leaders aren't looking. Likes to sing, dance, run.

Dislikes: Candor- she has a few secrets she'd like to keep to herself, rude people, her mom, letting people down.

Personality: Sweet and kind and very stubborn. Doesn't like school very much, not very loud when you first meet her. Won't open up unless YOU take the first step. She's rather good at seeing things about people others can't see. Terrible liar when put on the spot about something

History: She left Amity at her first chance because her mother was a drunk at home. Her mom pretended to be sweet and caring in front of others, but as soon as no one was looking she would hit her, scream at her, and throw things at her. Her mother never felt remorse, and probably has only noticed Kat left because Kat payed the bills and did the chores and cooked the food. Most of the bruises that scatter her arms and torso still remain there.

Relationships: Probably will end up with JT after some really hard work from both their parts(:

Family: She used to live with her mom, Janice, but she left and now pretends she was an orphan. Her older sister, Clara, already moved out and lives in Amity, but doesn't contact her mother. Her mother never let Clara contact Kat- and so Kat thought Clara hated her too.


6/3/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #22

Name: Three Lemons

Faction: Dauntless

Age: 17

Birthday: December 8th

Likes: Food, friends, having fun, doing dangerous things

Dislikes: quiet people, people who won't talk to her, fire

Personality: Three is very hyper all the time and loves making friends. She tries to be friends with everybody.

History: Three was born into Dauntless and has grown up there. Her mother gave her up at the age of three (which explains her name) and she had to live most of her life in an orphanage

Relationships: none

Family: unknown

Picture (URL):

6/5/2012 #23

Sorry, but I really don't think her name should be Three. It's too similar to Four.

6/5/2012 #24

Name: Clara Rossy

Faction: Amity- Didn't transfer

Age: 20

Birthday: August 12

Likes: Music, Running, meeting new people, lively people.

Dislikes: Alcohol, her mother, disappointing anyone, not living up to expectations.

Personality: Very calm and nice unless she's nervous. She's good at reading people, and she's very thoughtful of others.

History: Clara, like her half-sister, was abused, and as soon as she got the chance she moved out of the house- But her mother refused to let her take Kat. She refused to let her ever see or talk to Kat. The only word she got about her younger sister was when it was talked about that she transferred to Dauntless. Clara swore to herself she would find a way to see her sister again someday, and she was filled with joy that Kat finally got away. But Clara, ever since she left her old home, has been really lonely apart form her few friends.

Relationships: None at the moment.

Family: Used to live with her mother, and her little sister. But she moved away and hasnt heard from her since.


6/23/2012 . Edited 8/31/2012 #25

Name: Wes Tyson

Faction: From Dauntless and stayed there.

Age: 26

Birthday: August 11th

Likes: Tattoos, flirting, Tori, being Dauntless, his adoptive family, his half brother Jt, jumping from trains, Four& Tris, and knives

Dislikes: his real mom and dad, being adopted, not knowing his past, Eric, Erudite members, and obnoxious people.

Personality: Wes is very friendly, much like his girlfriend Tori. He is close with Tris, and has become an older brother to her. He loves his job, and wouldnt trade being a tattoo artist for the world. He is similar to Jt where he acts on impulses. He is very good at fighting, but doesnt get into too many arguments. He can also make perverted comments sometimes. He is tall standing at 6'4'' and he's fairly muscular. His eyes are a light grey-blue, and his hair is blonde like Jt's. They do have similar facial make-ups. He also has both his arms covered in tattoos and an earring pierced. However, they dont look as much alike as Jt and Van do. No one would probably guess they were siblings unless they really dug into their past.

History: About a year before the aptitude test, Wes' real mom, Helena Shaler, had a one night stand with another Dauntless kid. (He doesnt know who his real father is yet) She became pregnant with Wes, and gave birth to him just before the Choosing Ceremony. No one knew she was pregnant, since she hit it so well. The night of Wes' birth, she gave him to one of the nurses who worked at Dauntless. The nurse was unable to have children at the time, so she adopted Wes. Her name was Jamie Tyson, and she was married to Sam Tyson. From then on, Wes had a pretty normal Dauntless child hood. He made new friends, and ended up 3rd in his class overall when he was 16. It wasnt until Jt had turned 15 that he found out about his half siblings. Jt ended up finding him and contacted him through letters.

Relationship: he's been dating Tori for a very long time. And he's been thinking of asking her to marry him.

Family: His adopted parents are Sam and Jamie Tyson. They never had any children other than him, but they did take in foster children. He also has all the Shaler children as half siblings, but he only directly knows Jt.


6/24/2012 #26

Accepted- Obviously c:

6/24/2012 #27

Accepted c:

6/25/2012 #28

Since the other characters are in their own scenes at the moment, would you like for me to make an OC for your character?

6/25/2012 #29

That's fine c: So a girl the same age, right? Has he just transferred in or has he been there?

6/25/2012 #30
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