Wizard101 RPG 2
Last one I created failed miserably. x. x So here it is again. Come and play if you feel like it.
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Angel Queen of Emeralds

Rule 1: No Mary Sues

Rule 2: No doppelgangers of any characters

Rule 3: Please be respectful of others.

Rule 4: Have fun, post anything you like within reason. Let's try and make this as fun as possible.

There doesn't have to be a certain plot, you can do or add whatever to the mix to spice things up. Oh and please ... Rule number 5: Do not make the text looks like it is scripted. Thank you.

Here is how I want you to add OC's ... if your willing.





Secondary/Third/etc. Schools:









Wands/Staffs/Swords/etc. :

That's it. Nothing more. If you haven't seen my character already, here she is.

Name: Emma EmeraldBlossom

Age: 15

Appearance: Shoulder length blonde hair with one blonde curl that goes in front of her left eye. She has bright blue eyes and tanned skin. She is skinny, but not too skinny and her... ahem... chest is normal sized. She usually wears a pink and white casual hat with a white flower on it. A pink and white Jester robe and pink and white sneakers.

School: Fire

Secondary/Third/Etc.: Storm, Life, and Astral.

Lvl: 50

Likes: Hot meals, Adventures, friends, Fire, anything hot.

Dislikes: Bullies, Enemies, Annoying people, Cold places, being bored, and hates disgusting things

Personality: She is a tomboy. She doesn't wear any make-up, hates dresses, refuses to wear high heels, and is just plain boyish at times. She is a pretty serious person at dangerous circumstances, when there isn't danger, she'll likely try and crack jokes; however she fails to get a laugh. Underneath all that, she is a kind loving young woman who wants nothing more to protect and help out her friends. Emma always loves to adventure, so given the opportunity to, she will do it. She can be pretty shy around strangers she doesn't even know. Any flirting that flys towards her direction, she blushes, but will dismiss that it ever even happened. However, she has a short fuse. She'll get very mad and go on a rampage when annoyed or just plain angry at someone.

History: Born and Raised on Earth. Emma is practically a loner. When she turned 15, she was whisked away to Wizard City by Ambrose to become a Fire Student. She has gotten a lot of friends during her stay in Wizard City and she loves it. She had been adventuring non-stop and even if there are nothing more to do, she'll try and do another adventure anyways. Now as a Grandmaster Pyromancer, she actually misses Earth and wishes to head back someday.

Family: She has 2 parents, who are still back on Earth. She also has an annoying sister named Anna, at least in her opinion.

Habits: Usually does adventures, if anything else, she likes to eat hot meals from time to time or head to the beach to relax.

Pets: Duke Harley. He follows his master anywhere she goes. Will heal Emma if she is in pain with the talent Spritely. He will give Emma Vegeance if she needs it in Battle and defends a bit of any Fire Damage that comes her way. He will talk when he wants to.

Wands/Staff/Swords/Etc.: Life Force Blade that gives her a power pip and 5 life wand sword attacks. Plus some critical rating and critical block rating.

Have fun! Submit them here and we'll see if we can start a RPG shortly.

9/5/2011 #1

Is this rp still open? I love Wizard101 but it's so hard to find an rp for it. Anyway, here's my OC:

Name: Cori

Age: 13

Appearance: Moderately tall and thin. She has blue hair and eyes with pale skin. At the moment she wears a light blue kirtle and tights, and darker blue old-fashioned shoes. Her hat is straight and pointy and the same color as her shoes.

School: Ice

Secondary: Fire

Lvl: 26

Likes: Being alone, anything cold, and quiet/calm. Also people who are intelligent/powerful as she is.

Dislikes: Noise, heat, and annoying/overly cheerful people. Also idiots and weaklings.

Personality: Cold, independent, serious, pretty much your average ice queen. She is also fiercely loyal and determined, however, and has a soft side.

History: Born and raised in Wizard City, Cori knows a lot about the place. Both her parents are dead, though, for reasons she won't say. She and Emma met by chance and she immediately disliked her. However, Emma grew on her and the two, through trial and error, eventually became friends. (Sorry, do I have to ask permission to make you my friend?) Though they are polar opposites, Cori and Emma make a good team.

Family: See above.

Habits: Must have her alone time. She also cannot stay out in the heat too long, though she handles cold temperatures extremely well.

Pets: None at the moment- she says they'll only slow her down. That may change soon though...

Wand/Staff/Sword: Glowing Sapphire Wand

Other: A bit of a wizard prodigy- magic comes easily to her and she memorizes spells and strategies fast. Emma convinced her to take fire as her secondary.

10/8/2011 . Edited 10/8/2011 #2
Angel Queen of Emeralds

Yeah it is still open. I just thought no one would respond. Lol! Interesting character. :) No I am bothered by the fact that you PM'ed me and your oc is a friend of my oc. :P Might as well keep the RPG still going. Although I do hope we get more players.

10/8/2011 #3

Yeah me too.

10/9/2011 #4

Can I join?

Name: Aaliyah Dragonblood

Age: 18

Appearance: Black eyes, black brown hair, tanned skin, cupids bow lips, athletic, slim body, hourglass figure, stunning face


School: Diviner/Storm

Secondary/Third/etc. Schools: Pyromancer/Fire, Necomancer/Death

Lvl: (?)

Likes: Practising her magic

Dislikes: Evil

Personality: Sassy, sarcastic, intelligent, smart-a**, independent

History: Her family was killed when she was young and now she's in a foster family, but she kept her old name, but other than that she's had a normal wizarding life so far

Family: None

Habits: She gets upset when she sees people with their families and she has anger issues

Pets: A firecat named Flame and a thundersnake named Static

Wands/Staffs/Swords/etc.: She has a Diviner wand

10/28/2011 . Edited 10/28/2011 #5
Carlos DarkCaller

Name: Carlos DarkCaller

Age: 16

Appearance: Red-haired teen, red eyes, slightly above average build. Dark tan skin.

School: Death

Secondary/Third/etc. Schools: Ice, Life

Lvl: 39

Likes: Power, pets, housing, magic, books, legends and myths.

Dislikes: Most people in the Spiral (though he can make friends).

Personality: Usually nice, but sometimes evil and conniving.

History: Lived in Wizard City most of his life. Parents abandoned him, he joined the Dragon King to take over the Spiral. However, that goal is not strict and he is willing to help others.

Family: unknown

Habits: Chews his fingernails when no one is looking, summons Tyche rather often.

Pets: Prince Diesel

Wands/Staffs/Swords/etc.: Dragonrider's Fire Blade

...This RP is still going on, right?

11/8/2011 #6
Angel Queen of Emeralds

Yeah it is still going on. Haven't been on the internet much. Your OC is duly noted so is the previous OC. Join in on the RP whenever your ready to add something and have some fun!

11/9/2011 #7
Hero of Tyme
Let's see... Name:Blake LeafBlade Age:14 Appearence: Novice looking clothes execpt for there's life symbols all over them School: Life Second/Third Schools: Storm, Myth when he gets there Lvl:20 Likes:Dueling, nice people, Nature's wrath Dislikes: The death school, death students, Malistare, spiders Personality: Blake is a happy-go-lucky guy that just doesn't have good luck. So far, he's walked into about 20 wizards, 14 doors, Moolinda Woo, Bartelby, and a Krok. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't get along with any death user. History: Blake was raised on Triton Avenue and Has been to Crab alley many times. His childhhood was very peaceful. Family:Mom and Dad living on Triton ave. Habits: Walking into things, relaxing in Crab ally Pets: A blue ghost named Queen Serria,which is the only death thing he likes. Wands: Overseer's adaptive staff. I done! Hero de Tyme, out!
12/4/2011 #8
Burning in the Skies
hi there! hope its not too late to join. sorry for any typos and doing this on touch screen n Im not very used to it yet. again my apoligizes! name- Jacqueline Deathflame age- 13 Appearance- shoulder length white blonde hair, artic blue eyes. skinny yet very strong built, has not gone much into puberty. wears red and black long cloak with a very deep hood that is usualy pulled up. has heavy celestial bronze armor underneath and skinny knee high black and red boots. has numerous perminate scars. school- fire secondary school- death third school- storm astral-I only have one astra spell and thats from sun. level- 22 likes- books books and books. being alone. the library. pvp and battles. grizzleheim and dragonspyre. dislikes- being around too much people. krokatopia. water and ice. marleybone. dogs. alot of things that will take too long to list. personality- quiet. doesnt talk unless I have to. cunning and can be ruthless. very calm and is never startled. very swift and intelligent. is never girly. never gossips nor put on make up. very decisive. history- an orphan of grizzleheim, rased by the grizzleheim band. mostly by that one guy whos usually seen in the tree stump (Im sorry I forgot his name :) ) Sent to wizard city to study magic when I was 12. joined the dragonriders when I met the leader Blaze Ghoststalker when I was a level 9. family- blood relatives are unknown. rased by the grizzleheim band. habits- always has a book. likes chalanges an never fights lower level wizards in pvp. pets- a storm demon named midnoght always acompaines me. does the spell unstoppable which is the astral spell i mentioned earlier. ads 25% accuratecy to one spell and pierces by 10%. weapon- a giant batte axe I've had ever since my training in grizzleheim (when I was five). gives 7 cards that do 80 damage, along with one pip. and can it advance/ lvl up as I lvl up as a gift from the grizzeheim band? friends- Blaze Ghoststalker, Andrew, Heather Ravenheart and Edward Deathflame. mount- proud lioness house- grizzleheim house. thank you!
12/27/2011 #9
Naomi Hansen

…So, are submissions still open here? Summer's coming up and I'll be graduating high school in less than a few weeks, so I might be interested in joining at some point.

5/23/2012 #10
Sir Viper II

Ya, I hope so too.

9/8/2012 #11

Hi there, is there still spaces for OCs?

Name: Paisley Rainbringer

Age: 15

Appearance: Pixie cut white hair, which is extremely curly, hipster glasses over grey/green eyes, darker skin, short for her age, but well muscled. Reasonably pretty.

School: Storm

Secondary/Third/etc. Schools: balance, and life.

Lvl: 13

Likes: storms, rain, water, running, hanging out, good food, warm bed, best friends, reading.

Dislikes: nice weather, jerks, Nolan Stormgate, people who take advantage of her.

Personality: Paisley is very sweet, but is hiding a lot of pain. Short temper, but rarely hates anyone... except Nolan Stormgate *Shudder*

History: Paisley was brought up in Wizard City, and joined the Storm school when she was ten. When she was thirteen, she and Nolan Stormgate dated, but he took advantage of her... and things happened. Paisley was never the same, and ended up distancing herself from people so she wouldn't get hurt. Now at fifteen, she's a powerful Diviner, and working her way to the top.

Family: n/a

Habits: Chews her nails when nervous, and throws off lightning when angry. Tends to break out into song, or have a mental break down if Stormgate it mentioned.

Pets: n/a

Wands/Staffs/Swords/etc. : Simple diviner's wand.

Get back to me soon!

Peace to the cookies!


7/24/2013 #12
Name: Nicole Misttalon Age:15 Appearance:She has long black hair,pale skin,and electric blue eyes, and pale lips. School:Ice Secondary/Third/etc. Schools:Death Lvl:40 Likes:her pets,books,writing, and people, and her big brother who is in Marleybone war Dislikes: jerks,fire,anybody from Dragonspyre until she knows them well(history reason),War Personality:she is very shy and quiet but kind History:she was born in Zafaria but her tribe all except her and her brother (who was already gone) were massacred so she went to grizzelheim where she grew. She thinks the person who killed her village and family was from Dragonspyre.Her four year old sister was killed in the village. Nicole saw so much trying to escape it scarred her for life and she still has flash backs and night mares because of it. Family:Lenna and Mark Misttalon are het parents. Grace was her little sis. Jake is her big brother. She was raised by raven after they died cause het brother is at war and won't let her join Habits:Reading, getting little sleep, and being alone cause she has no friends since she has flash backs most she met think she is a freak. Or being with her pets. Pets: Samuel the blue ans silver flying pig, Betsy her storm hound,Gus her spider, and Markus her water dragon. Wands/Staffs/Swords/etc. : Trident, and her Ice staff
8/25/2013 #13
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