Wizard101 RPG 2
Last one I created failed miserably. x. x So here it is again. Come and play if you feel like it.
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Angel Queen of Emeralds

If you submitted an OC already. Let's have some fun. I can start off. Oh and if your OC has friends or family members, be sure to cast them as secondary characters, ok? And only describe them briefly.

Emma sighed of boredom as she sat through another one of Dalia Falmea's lectures about the wonders and powers of Fire magic. She heard all of this stuff before when she studied on ahead. Now all she wants to do is just learn something new, like a new spell, or something! The blonde looked out of the school window as if something interesting will happen if she looks long enough.

"Emma EmeraldBlossom," Dalia started as she turned towards the student in question. Emma snapped her head back to look at her professor. "Tell me the effects of the Volcano spell."

"Sigh, Volcano attacks all enemies and then leaves an aura spell for 3 rounds. It is much more powerful than the Fire Dragon. It uses 9 pips and has the accuracy, like all the other attacking fire spells, 75 percent of not fizzling." Emma said nonchantly before turning her head back to the window.

"Correct," Dalia sighed, "I never seem to catch you." She went on and continued her lecture.

"Being in class sucks right now," thought Emma, staring out the window in complete boredom.

9/5/2011 #1

Cori sat up straight in her chair with her eyes on Lydia Greyrose, the Ice School teacher. Anyone looking would've assumed she was just another good student paying attention in class. However, though Cori's eyes were focused on the teacher her mind was wandering. Why are we learning about Blizzard again? She thought, annoyed. We already went over it last week. In reality, though, they hadn't- Ms.Greyrose had only gone over the basics, saying they would learn more the next class. But Cori, being the quick learner she was, had tried the spell a few times and memorized it.

At long last the class ended. Cori gathered up her things and went outside to wait for her friend Emma.

10/8/2011 #2
Angel Queen of Emeralds

The bell in the school of Fire rang. Emma let out a breath of relief... she can finally get out and do something fun! Maybe..?

"Well time sure flies when you're having fun learning fire, eh?" commented Dalia Falmea. Emma had an imaginary sweat drop on her face, Not when you already know the stuff it don't! She thought. With a sigh, she placed everything back in her backpack and proceded to walk out of the classroom. The zipper of her backpack zipped open and out came a blackish grey dragon head. "Well that went well... not! That was plain boring!" said the dragon in her backpack.

"For once I agree with you Duke Harley. Man! I thought we were learning something fun!" Emma rolled her eyes as she sighed once more. Duke nodded and headed back in the safety of the backpack. "Well I am going back to my nap, let me know when we're doing something fun"

The blonde rolled her eyes. Her pet is quite lazy when he wants to be, but she loves him anyways. Emma walked outside of the Fire School and then turned to her left. She immediately saw her ice friend, Cori, standing by one of the roots of Bartelby. "Oh, hey Cori!"

10/8/2011 #3

"Oh hello, Emma." Cori greeted her friend. "Were you bored in class too?"

10/9/2011 #4
Angel Queen of Emeralds

"Yeah, it has been boring. I already know all the stuff from class. Sigh" Emma said with a depressed look on her face.

Emma and Cori then hears something fly over them and they both quickly looked up. They managed to catch a glimpse of a dark flying figure zoom across the sky and over to the Commons Area.

Emma immediately gave chase, leaving Cori behind. The blonde wondered what the hell was that thing and was going to find out now.

11/9/2011 #5

Cori blinked and raised an eyebrow as she watched her adventurous friend take off after the creature. She then paused, sighed, and followed suit. Might as well see what's going on, she reasoned as she ran swiftly toward the Commons.

11/20/2011 #6
Sir Viper II

Hello? Is anyone even here?

9/12/2012 . Edited 8/15/2013 #7
Sir Viper II

This place must be dead then, it's been a while, a major while.

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