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Name: Natalie (Nate) James

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Villian or Companion?: Companion

Appearance: Short, light brown hair. Green eyes. Wears a red and white tshirt, jeans and red trainers.

Personality: Kind. Honest. Caring. Sometimes makes rash decisions.

History: Ran away from home one month ago. Gets money from busking. Family: Dad died when she was two, brought up by her mum until she remarried when Nate was 11.

Other: Bites lip when nervous. Most precious possession is her guitar.

11/12/2011 . Edited 11/12/2011 #31


11/12/2011 #32

Awesome! :D

11/12/2011 #33

We can't realy start until we have a Doctor though.

11/12/2011 #34

I can wait.

11/12/2011 #35

Name: Columbus Rhole



Villian or Companion?: Double Agent

Appearance: American teen brown hair (to the side) jeans skater shoes

Personality: Laid-back Gemini starsign girl magnet

History (Optional):

Family (Optional): Taylor rhose and Martin Rooks

Other: popular kid in collage


11/18/2011 #36


Hurry up and check your PM inbox!!!!!!!

11/18/2011 #37

Sweet thnks!

done :)

11/18/2011 #38

Yh and I've replied back and it's bugging me.

Just answer the questions!

11/18/2011 #39
Ooh ooh can I be Martha Jones
12/3/2011 #40

yeah, sure

12/4/2011 #41

Do you still do this? And if so can I create a character?

12/6/2011 #42

yes and yes.

12/10/2011 #43

Name: Adriana Marlie Lewiston Age: 14 Gender: Female Villian or companion: Companion Appearance: Shoulder length light brown hair with ginger streaks, blue gray eyes, pale, fair skin, small and pixie like. Personality: Sweet and kind natured but quick tempered, loves animals, always up for adventure History: She was orphaned with her elder brother Daven (Dave-en) when she was six months old where she was teased and bullied. She ran away when she ten and grew up on the streets with Daven. Family: Daven(brother) Other:

12/10/2011 #44
can I be melody??
12/20/2011 #45

can i be melody or rose tyler (she looks so much like me melody she is like my twin it is creepy we have the same hair! and same eyes)

12/21/2011 . Edited 12/21/2011 #46

name: joeline (jj , joe, jojo, joel, ) (she doesn't know her last name)

age: 12 (she is little girl)

gender: girl

companion, adopted daughter

apperance: a skinny healthy girl, with naturaly tan skin, curly blonde short hair with blue and green streaks in her hair she also has a feather in her hair (i just love the feathers i even have one they are awesome)and she has green eyes that change from blue to gray to green again, she wears skinny dark jeans and in style shirts she always wears a golden metal neclace she wears flipfloops all the time she has a brown leather strap bag that keeps a lot of stuff in there she also has a knife in her bag for emergancys she can also grow a tail when she wants to any tail she wants, she is tall, she has warm skin (u know when u have a tAN ur skin is warm well her skin is warm all the time), she is very pretty and beautiful she has glimmering eyes

personality: she is strong hearted kind she is loving, tough, fast, smart, moody, strong and responsible, she can be timmed

history: she was an orphan when the doctor adopted her (rory if u don't like it i can change it) she has visions and future dreams, she has been on many adventures, she has a dog named isis that can shrink so she can put her in her bag

family: adopted dad: the doctor

other: she has future dreams and the dreams come true, she can grow a tail anytime she wants she has a dog named isis that can shrink, she loves creatures and she can talk to them, she loves adventure, she wants to be like the doctor when she grows up.

hope u like it i love it i am excited about the charecter!

12/21/2011 . Edited 12/21/2011 #47

OMG can i have the Master he is so handsome (yes i think bad guys r handsome i don't know why)

12/21/2011 #48

Name: trinity ( triny tri) cullan

Age: 16

Gender: female


Appearance : a tall skinny girl with blonde short choppy hair she has a eye piercing she likes to dye her hair she wears shorty shorts and loose stylish shirts and she wears high tops even if they don't go with her outfit she loves rock in roll

Personality: she is nice clever fast cunning smart sassy she is like a pop star but she is not a deva she is kind History: when she was 6 she saw the doctor in her house getting rid Of the silence and she has been traveling with him since then

Family: Amy pond is her aunt

Other: she is so pretty all the guys like her

Do u like it teehee

12/27/2011 . Edited 12/27/2011 #49

Both accepted. Yeah, you can havew the Master

12/27/2011 #50

explods! which do i roleplay on?

12/27/2011 #51

Roleplay 2

12/28/2011 #52

okay thank u

12/28/2011 #53

Ohai! :D Are you still accepting? If so, I'd really REALLY like to join :D

Name- she doesn't tell anyone - But nickname: Bookie

Age: looks about 16, but she doesn't know her true age

Gender: Female

Villian or Companion?: Companion

Appearance: Rather geeky looking, with big -tape over the bridge glasses that are always sliding down her nose aggravatingly, brown curly hair that she keeps up in a messy ponytail, chocolatey brown eyes, skinny figure and a mild stature of about 5'5". Tends to wear skinny jeans, baggy hoody and shirt -lazy day clothes. She also wears a locket around her neck that she's never opened.

Personality: Shy, quiet, very smart, loves to read, good at picking out details, doesn't really care what others think, geeky, loves sci-fi films, aliens, and starry nights. Will often stay out at night to just watch the sky and relax. Doesn't often enjoy being in danger alone, but does like being safe and alone. Loves to think that there's more than just humans out there, and to think that she could meet them some day.

History (Optional): Bookie -although doesn't quite know it herself- is actually a time lord. or... lady... Well, you know what I mean... Her back story is that she was born during the time war, and her parents knew that she wouldn't be able to survive it. So, someone took her through the time vortex to the year 1995. She was left outside an orphanage, and since she looked human, they saw her as no different to everyone else. Yet, as she grew, it was definitely noticable that she was. The fact that she read 'Black Beauty' at age 3, and was achieving A grades at age 7, something definitely showed that she's not like everyone else. And yet, she just got shifted into the category of being a nerd. Nothing more than a geek. She left school at 15, leaving a year early but finding that she still didn't have anywhere to go after that. Now, she just reads, and wanders about, just looking into the world, and fantasizing about Aliens.

Family (Optional): She's related to Romana -an old timelord/lady companion.

Other:hmmm.... Nope, I think that's about it :)

1/4/2012 #54


1/4/2012 #55

HeyaHey popitt! Let's hope ule approve my karecture


Race:Time Lord


History:As a child Halen roamed the streets of galefreii when a man with an odd TARDIS teaches him tolive a good life. Now he is on is own adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/11/2012 #56

Do you mind using the skeleton provided?

3/14/2012 #57

Oh can I be a Red Drone Dalek please

7/14/2012 #58

Can i Also be the Tenth Doctor as well please

7/14/2012 #59

Can I Please be the evelenth Doctor,a red drone dalek and the Tenth doctor for Roleplay 2 please

7/16/2012 #60
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