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Adrian: Most people get divorces, but I like your style better. *grinned*
9/18/2011 #1,381

Mia: Actually I won't because that make me a hypocrite *Appears to be talking to herself* *Looks at Adrian* And say what to the lawyer? Here's the marriage certificate it's over 1000 years old

9/18/2011 . Edited 9/18/2011 #1,382

Elena: *Nods* Okay then...

9/18/2011 #1,383
Adrian: I'm only joking Mia, I'm not an idiot. I know you can't get a divorce like normal people *she smiled*
9/18/2011 #1,384
Hope is an inspiration
9/18/2011 #1,385

Mia: I know, Adrian *Laughs slightly*

9/18/2011 #1,386
Adrian: So what has the evil husband done to deserve your wrath? *turned to face Mia hoping for a good story*
9/18/2011 #1,387

Mia: He had an affair with some random slut while we were married, and he didn't tell her that he was married, I mean who does that?*Glares straight ahead*

9/18/2011 #1,388
Adrian: *raised a eyebrow* Didn't you say just moments ago about how it'd be hypocritical if you killed him? *smirked* So whod you cheat on him with?
9/18/2011 . Edited 9/18/2011 #1,389

(CheerleaderGirl101, can you get on mine?)

Elena: *Listened to her story and then looked at Adrian* You can't just ask people that!

9/18/2011 #1,390
Adrian: Well I can, I just shouldn't. But I do. *mischievous grin*
9/18/2011 #1,391

(( Hey guys, Hailey I sent you a PM )) Where was I lol ))

9/18/2011 #1,392

Elena: *Rolls her eyes* Well don't

9/18/2011 #1,393

Mia: That's none of your business *Sighs*

(James could you go one Reanna's please, I'm all alone there)

9/18/2011 #1,394
(You were last at the grill but it's now the next day so you can be anywhere, if you want I'll have Adrian leave so you could run into her also. oh and PMed back ^_^)
9/18/2011 #1,395

Caleb: *gently jogged around Mystic Falls*

9/18/2011 #1,396


9/18/2011 #1,397

Mia: *Sighs* It was Klaus, okay? I had an affair with Klaus in first year of mine and Elijah's marrige

9/18/2011 #1,398

Elena: *Looks at Mia wide-eyed* Klaus? You had an affair with Klaus...

9/18/2011 #1,399

Mia: *Sighs* I was young and stupid

9/18/2011 #1,400

Elena: *Nods* Its fine, I'm not going to judge you

9/18/2011 #1,401
Jane: *stumbles out of the forest dazed and confused still naked and covered in blood*
9/18/2011 #1,402

Caleb: *eyes widened at the poor state of the female as he ran* *quickly pulled his shirt off running to her* Are you okay? here take this to cover yourself up so I can find you help.

9/18/2011 #1,403
Adrian: *raised a brow but said nothng*
9/18/2011 #1,404
Jane: *takes shirt from stranger holding it over herself* Oh, thankyou. Um do I know you? *blushes and pulles a twig out of her hair brushing her cheek smearing more blood*
9/18/2011 #1,405

Mia: Thanks Elena, we all make mistakes, huh?

9/18/2011 #1,406

Caleb: *looked into the girls eyes* No sorry you don't but I'll help you *he touched her hand stiffening* vampires *his hissed lowly under his breath* Let me take you to my place and we can clean you up, I'll call a friend she may have some clothes for you.

9/18/2011 #1,407

Elena: *Nods again* Yeah we do, I guess thats why they say we have to learn from them

9/18/2011 #1,408

Mia: Klaus was *Corrects herself* Is my biggest mistake

9/18/2011 #1,409
Jane: *follows the man holding the shirt still against her chest* Okay *blushed and walks with her head down* how far is it? My feet are hurting. *points down at cut up feet from running through the forrest.
9/18/2011 #1,410
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