All Riders vs GaiShocker
A new terrorist organization known as Gai-Shocker has risen up and they have begun to recruit the enemies of the Kamen Riders to begin world conquest. It is up to a the fearless Kamen Riders to stop them and save the world! Henshin! Let's Ride!
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Kamen Rider Blaze

Here is where you register to RP as a Kamen Rider, as a ally of the Kamen Riders or as one of the Evil Kamen Riders:





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9/12/2011 #1

Name: Hirose Takato

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'10" Short brown hair, blue eyes, wears blue jeans and a black T-shirt with a blue spade symbol on it and a light jacket over it, usually worn open.

Kamen Rider: Blade Forms: Ace Form, (later on) Jack Form, King Form

Weapons: Blay Buckle, Blay Rouzer, Blue Spader, (later on) Rouse Absorber, King Rouzer

Powers: skilled at martial arts and instinctively knows how to weild his sword-like weapons while in Rider form.

Personality: He's a bit shy and a loner, but will open up to people if he's close to them. He does hide a burden of guilt

Background: The son of Kazama Kenzaki and Shiori Hirose: Despite never knowing his father, he had a good life with his mother and worked hard in school, earning a place at a great university. Now he is a graduate student, studying anthropology and archaeology, his thesis was on the beginnings of civilization. When his instructor privately informed him he had a discovery that could change the world's view of how humanity became the dominant species on the planet, he couldn't resist inquiring. His instructor (Tachibana) showed him the Undead Cards, explaining the legend behind them which at first Takato thought was a joke, but when he touched the Remote card (10 of Clubs) he accidently unsealed all the others with the exception of it and the Category Aces. Feeling responsible for the release of this terrible threat, Takato takes on the mantle of Kamen Rider Blade to recapture the Undead before they can cause too much damage

Other: Enjoys anime, manga, video games and card games in his spare time.

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #2

Name: Shiori Hirose

Age: 43

Gender: Female

Appearance: Attractive with medium-length brown hair that she parts to wear over each shoulder. She also wears a locket with a picture of herself and Kenzaki from long ago but she keeps it tucked under her shirt.

Personality: Very kind and supportive of her friends, but also has tendencies of overprotectiveness occasionally.

Background: She originally worked for BOARD and was one of the few survivors of the disaster where the Undead were released. She worked very closely with the Riders, especially Kenzaki, in order to help them reseal them. Over time, the two became close and fell in love. Takato is the product of their one time being intimate before Kenzaki's final fight against Hajime which ended with the former's self-banishment in order for his friend to live in peace. She raised their son alone all this time as best she could and is proud of the young man he has become, but is also protective of him, even more so now that he is in essence his father's "successor".

Other: She dreads the idea of telling Takato the true nature of his father as he is now the most dangerous Undead out there. As much as she hopes Takato will forgive him, she fears that he will hate him and it will drive them to a deadly confrontation.

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #3
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name: Nyx Hidari

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: short black hair, blue eyes, clothing mostly detective style and wears a fedora..(I love those hats) about 6 foot.

Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Double

Forms: CycloneJoker,HeatMetal,LunaTrigger,HeatJoker,LunaJoker,CycloneMetal,LunaMetal,CycloneTrigger,HeatTrigger, FangJoker, CycloneJoker Xtreme, Cyclone Joker Gold Xtreme.

Weapons: the weapons that come with the gaia memories and all the little gadgets too, plus the motor cycle Hard-boiler with attachments

Powers: Depending on the gaia memory Doubles power varies.

Personailty: a lover of the old time detectives as well as mystery novels but has a strong sense of justice

Background: Formerly a petty thief when he was younger he was taken into care by Sokichi Narumi who helped instil his love of mysteries and being a detective on one fateful night he helped Sokichi rescue a young man named Phillpe unfornatlly this rescue was not without its sacrifice as Sokichi had died but with death came the Birth of Kamen Rider Double and from then on Nyx with Phillpe started up there own detective agency and protected life as the two in one Kamen Rider Double

9/12/2011 . Edited 7/15/2012 #4
Kamen Rider Wizard

Shuto Sakurai

Age: 18


Appearance- Similar to his father including clothing wise and looks too

Kamen Rider Zeronos

Forms: Altair, Vega, Zero

Weapons: Zerogasher, Zeroliner, and his bike

Powers: what ever powers he has when he zeronos-a bit of hand to hand just so he is not totally defenseless when out of his rider form

Personailty: A bit friendlier then his father but he still goes off on Deneb when ever Deneb does something...Denebish I really can't put it better then that

Background: The son of Yuto Sakurai and new weilder of the Zeronos system and user of the zeroliner. He did not like how the Zeronos system drawed upon the memories of the people around him so with help from Owner and his father they managed to fix it so the cards came from the timeline instead of people's memory but the cards still disappear after there use


Gaoh -Real name Nakamura Takamoto



Kamen Rider Gaoh

Appearance-short black hair with a bit of it greying he wears Daimyo clothes with a gold gaunlet. standing at about 6'0 he has a decent build on him

Weapons-Gaohliner, and Gaohgasher

Powers-has acess to gods-line and therefore can travel further into the past then Denliner and Zeroliner

Personailty-calm and collected very rarely gets angered

Background- After The first Gaoh's defeat and the Gaohliner's destruction a man by the name of Nakamura Takamoto found the discareded golden hyper pass along with the gods pass and was immeditay taken to the sands of time where he found the remnats of the Gaohliner at which point the ghost and last memories of the first Gaoh flowed into him and he knew what he wanted to do and that was follow in that mans steed and finish what he could not so he fixed the Gaohliner and took on the name Gaoh But after having a battle with Souichi aka Kamen Rider Skull he re thought what he wanted to do and joined his own side and helps out the riders every so often

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #5
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name- Taiga Kurenai

Age- 22


Appearance- black eyes, short black hair, tanned skin. sliglthy musclar, and wears casul clothes.

Kamen Rider-Dark Kiva

Forms-Dark Kiva


Powers- none

Personailty- Protective of his younger borther, and not afraid to show his interest in a woman and not shy unlike his brother.

Background- The reborn version of the Orginal Taiga Noobori, he has a few memories of being Taiga Noobori but now he is half Fangire half human and he uses the armor of Dark Kiva to fight along side his brother to defend humanity against the fangire race

other- His hobbies are he loves to play the guitar and reading manga

9/12/2011 #6
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name-Yami Sonozaki

Age- 25

Gender- Male

Race-human/dopant as for having absorbed some of his memories energy

Kamen Rider Ryuga

Forms- Ryuga and Survive

Appearance- 6'3 he has tan skin long black hair tied into a long braid and black eyes with two white dots in the centers of them his clothing is usually all black with a few jagged lines of white in them he has a musclar figure

Personailty- For the time being he is quiet and resevered not really wanting to get to know people but likes to explore a bit

Background- Found by Ryubee when he was 13 one night after being beaten up by some thugs Ryubee asked him what he wanted and he gave him an answer and that was revenge so Ryubee took him in and gave him the Dark memory which he used alot without a driver after a few years of using it it had warped his way of thinking and his very being turning his eyes fully black and giving him a twisted sense of duty to Ryubee which he used to twist words around soon after he tried to kill another member of the family the Light Dopant and was forced to a draw and that time was never mentioned then he framed Natsumi and managed to be caused a traitor untill he was found out by Tsukasa the Great Leader so he ran after getting away from Terror there he trained and trained till he reach his evolution and turned into the Shadow Dopant from there his time grew short so he plotted his final attack on the Light dopant which by this time had evolved into the Angel dopant when he attacked he was defeated and his memory shattered but he had used the memory so muh that some of its power fused with his being with his memory gone and his time at an end he was ready to die but he was saved by Natsumi and Ryu's light and now he has joined the side of the riders. He is currently the user of the Nazca memory and Ryuga advent deckAlso revealed by Isaka himself was that he had modified Dark's memory to cause th state he went into as an experiment more then anything and so that he could take the power for himself but then the memory was shattered and the plan a failure..A Yami has recently had the Nazca memory taken away but that does not change his nature of being so now he is just Kamen Rider Ryuga.

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #7
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name- Takuya Narumi/Ankh

Age- 20


Appearance- He is 5,8 of a decent build and short black hair and brown eyes. His clothing style is of a similar style of his father's minus the fedora. Appearance after Ankh posses him. His hair is a dirty blonde color and his eyes a red color while his outfit consists of a red vest white shirt and black pants and shoes.

Powers- Able to pull Cell medals out from himself though this weakens him depending on how many he takes out

Personailty- Kind, nice and a little trusting at times. Ankh possesed- Greedy at times. Rude, dishonest, and feels he can get anything he wants

Background- Having taken a page from his fathers book Takuya became a dectective but decided to move away from Fuuto seeing as how his father had it covered and opened up his own place elsewhere. A while later he came in contact with a creature known as a Yummy and was injuryed with almost no chance at living had it not been for a Red arm like creature called Ankh who attached himself to his arm saving his life but also possesing him and taking him over and changing his appearance.


Name: Tatsuya Hiragi


Gender: Male

Appearance: About 5'11 with short dark brown hair and green eyes he usually wears very casaul clothes loose pants shirt and brown loafers

Kamen Rider OOO

Forms: Tatoba, Gatakiriba, Ratoratah, Sagohzo and random coin combinations that use the various core medals

Weapons: OOO Driver, O Scanner, Core medals, O Medal Holder, Medajalibur, Ride Vendor, Toride Vendor, candroids

Powers: Powers vary depending on the coin combination

Personality: Strong willed and aloof about most things and seems disinterested at times but is carefree too

Background: Usually traveling the word he has seen many things and has no ties that keep him in one spot for too long. He usually walks or finds some type of transport to get from one place to the other He got a job breifly iin a city where Ankh was sealed as a musuem janitor and found a red coin just as the seal was released on the greed freeing them. So He pocketed the coin and after being questioned by the police and being cleared he left adn begin traveling once more letting his feet take him to where ever they felt like.Soo after he arrived in Tokyo and is currently working in a small ice cream palor for the time being. He seems to have a lack of desire for reasons unknown to everyone but him.


Name: Kirie Sasaki (Currently not Birth)

Age 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: long pale black hair and pale blue eyes, usually wearing a t-shirt with a necklace and a brown over coat with fur at the top and black pants.

Kamen Rider Birth

Weapons: Crane arm, Drill arm, Caterpillar legs, B*** Cannon, Birth Buster

Personailty: Usually cheerful and a bit random. she usually gets distracted pretty easy by things she finds cute and prefers making cash.

Background: Kirie is a girl who traveled the world but returned to japan after 3 years of traveling and having been asked to be birth with the promise of making money she took the job and is currently learning out the systems for birth as she travels around the city of her own accord only stopping to eat look at cute things and report in to Doctor Maki and the Kougami foundation. She tends to carry around a milk can to hold the cell medals she collects. Her main goal is to collect 1 million so that she can have a experimental surgery to cure her terminal illness.

9/12/2011 . Edited 8/4/2012 #8
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name: Subaru Hidari

Age: 15


Appearance: Ragged torn clothes with a bunch of dirt on her Purple eyes and hair. After being taken in She wears a purple or black skirt with a purple long sleeve shirt with a black vest and purple tie with a black or purple fedora.

Kamen Rider Joker

Forms Joker

Weapons Various gadgets created T2 Joker memory.

Personality: In the begining she is scared and afraid but after being taken in she becomes happy and as she puts it her way of being hard-boiled

Background: Having been abandoned when she was 5 she fended for herself on the streets for 10 years until the T2 Joker memory landed near her she picked it up and felt a sense a purpose but for what she didn't know until she was found by Nyx Hidari and taken in to be his apprentice'and he gave her his last name and started training her.

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/18/2011 #9
Kamen Rider Blaze

Name: Ryo Hisami



Appearance:Long black hair with grey bang infront of face and tied up in ponytail, height 6'3, wears MMA jacket and shirts, jeans and black fingerless gloves

Kamen Rider:Kamen Rider Faiz

Forms:Accel form, Blaster Form, and White Tiger Orephenoch

Weapons:Faiz Edge (weapon of choice), Faiz shot, Faiz pointer, and Faiz Blaster

Powers:All skills that Orphenochs possess

Personality:Likes to be left alone most of the time but when need be he will fight for what friends he has,

Background:"Died" at age 20 he was resserected thanks to him haveing the Orphenoch gene, he is a natural Orphenoch

9/12/2011 #10
Kamen Rider Blaze

Name: Kenshin Nago



Appearance: Short black hair (think of Zak from crisis core), wear white shirt with a black button up over it, faded blue jeans, and black combat boots

Kamen Rider: IXA

Forms: Save mode, Burst Mode, and Rising IXA *obtains later*

Weapons: Ixa Caliber, and Ixa Knuckle

Powers: none

Personality: Easy going, friendly, he has somewhat of a temper like his mother

Background: The son of Keisuke Nago and Megumi Aso he became a bounty hunter at the age of 18 and has the same button obsession that his father has, he fights for honor and justice and has swore to protect humanity at all costs

Other:like his mother he has an increadible appitite and thanks to his high metabolism he doesnt gain a thing


Name: Zach Strife

Age: 22

Gender: male

Appearance: Wears a Gold Jacket, and black shirt with a phenoix on it, blue jeans, and black shoes

Kamen Rider: Odin

Forms: Odin, Survive

Weapons: Advent Deck, GoldVisor, GlodVisor Zweii

Powers: Walk through Mirrors or any reflective surface

Personality: Usually likes to be left alone, but once he makes a friend he will be loyal to them

Background: Was given the Odin Deck to participate in the Rider War, at first he enjoyed the fighting but after killing many riders he wondered why he was fighting and after fighting Ryuuki to a standstill he made it his choice to stop the rider war at all costs

Other: plays guitar in his spare time


Name: Lt. Alex Rhodes

Age: 19

Gender: male

Appearance: short red hair, wears a red or black leather jacket, black jeans, grey shirt, black combat boots, also has a chain hanging off his jeans and wears a necklace that his sister gave him as a good luck charm

Kamen Rider: Accel

Forms: Rider, Bike, Trial and Booster

Weapons: EngineBlade, and Trial Memory, Gaia Memory Enhancer

Powers: none

Personality: can come off at first as cold and uncaring, he has good intientions but always comes off in the worng way, unlike Nyx Hidari he despises Fuuto, he also has sworn to get revenge on the man with the W memory, doesnt like it when eople question him

Background: while he was in the police academy his family was among those frozen and killed by the mysterious man with the W memory, he has sworn to take revenge on the man who killed his family, and because of that a mysterous person named shroud gave him a red Gaia memory with the letter A on it, the Accel Memory, soon he will become Kamen Rider Accel

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #11
Kamen Rider Blaze

Name: Sai Suzumura

Age: 21

Gender: male

Appearance: wears a black jacket, faded blue jeans, a gold colored t-shirt, black combat boots, his hair is short spicky black, he has a moderate build, hazel brown eyes, around his neck he wears a cross pendant

Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Glaive

Forms: Glaive

Weapons: Glaive Rouser

Powers: none

Personality: He keeps to himslef, and doesnt like to be around other people. He is very serious about his job for BOARD and re sealing the Undead

Background: A street smart punk, grew up with a family that didnt pay much attention to him, he was always shadowed by his older siblings, and cause of that he ran away from home at age 15 and lived on the street for a few years picking up his knowledge of how to take care of himself. He was then found by Tachibana and chosen to use the Glaive Deck cause of his high sync rate

Other: He knows little martial arts but what he lacks in traditional Martial Arts he makes up for it with his knowledge of fighting in the streets to survive

9/12/2011 #12
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name: Nero Kagami

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has a lean build, 5'11, hair style is short spiky that is black slightly slicked back with several blue highlights in it, He is usually wearing a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers and with a jacket on. His eyes are brown

Kamen Rider Gatack

Forms: Masked form, Rider form

Weapons: Gatack Double Calibur: Gatack's weapons; shotel-like weapons which resemble mandibles. They are attached on each shoulder when not in use. He has a golden Plus Calibur on his right shoulder and a silver Minus Calibur on his left. When the Caliburs are interlocked, they create a scissor-like weapon resembling a stag beetle's mandibles; the "RIDER CUTTING" finisher is then activated as the charge on the Double Calibur starts immediately.

Gatack Vulcan: Gatack's weapons; two shoulder-mounted rotary cannons, one on each side, present in Masked Form. Each vulcan has unlimited ammunition. The vulcan has a shooting radius extended as far as 1 kilometer. A few shots from the vulcans are able to kill multiple Worms in Episodes 23, 24 and 32. Despite the name, they are not actually vulcan guns.

Gatack Extender-A special bike designed for Gatack; it has two modes: Masked Mode and Ex Mode. In the latter configuration, which Gatack cannot ride in Masked Form, the bike becomes a surfboard-like vehicle which can fly very quickly and destroy multiple Worms with its mandibles. Also, with the Kabuto Extender present, a team finisher named the Extend Rider Drop can be executed. Tossed into the air off the Kabuto Extender's EX Anchor, the Gatack Extender is then driven into the enemy from above by Gatack's kick.

He also in human form uses two short swords.

Powers: Clock Up system

Personality: He's a fighter with principles But hates those who look down on others. He has a firm outlook with honor to him it must be earned not given.

Background: He is the cousin of Arata Kagami who had come to live with Arata of his own choice he then soon learned from Arata's stories about ZECT and soon begin his own investigation about them wanting to learn more. He met Suzumura and became sorta like a little brother to him and had learned of ZECT's past and grew to have a disdain in his own opinion that ZECT mishandled some situations in the past espically concerning a Souji Tendou. Later on he asked Suzumura to train him and after a little convincing Suzumura agreed and taught him the dual short sword style. This training and Nero's own thinking drew Arata's Gatack Zector to him of which he accepted claiming he will show how a real rider deals with matters.

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/15/2011 #13
Kamen Rider Blaze

Name: Hikari Souji

Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearance: Hikari wears a black shirt, red jacket and blue jeans with black and red tennis shoes, his hair is light blonde and his eyes a light green, he stands a 6 foot 1 and has a moderate build to him

Kamen Rider: Kabuto

Forms: Masker, Rider and Hyper

Weapons: Kunai Gun and Perfect Zecter

Powers: none

Personality: timid and shy when areound others, but by himself and the Kagami family cause of there friendship with the Souji's

Background: he is the younger brother of Tendou and Rei, but unlike them Hikari is timid and shy when around other people. He never learnt the secrets of the infamous 'Grandmother Says' lines so he doesnt bother using them. Like Rei and Souji though he wants to protect others that is why the Kabuto Zecter chose him to carry the name Kamen Rider Kabuto.

Other: Also unlike his siblings he is a terrible cook either burning his food or making it come alive dont ask

9/13/2011 #14

(Teal will be gaining the Tiger deck)

Name:Teal Despero/Aqua

Age: 19

Race: Human.

Gender: Female

Human Appearance: Teal has bluish green eyes, pale creamy skin, long blue hair. She stands 5' even. She is always in flip flops, capris and t-shirts.

Other Appearance: When she transforms she appears to be a cross between a dolphin and human. She has a beak, a long tail that feet come out of, a dorsal fin on her back, and flippers with hands.

Weapons: Her tail

Powers: She has a powerful tail spin called Tail Spin, She has amazing hearing. Can control water.

Personality: She isn't much of a people person and would rather be alone. She hates do gooders especially the Kamen Riders.

Background: Growing up she always one to be in the water no matter where she could find it. When she started to hear about the Kamen Riders she would get sick to her stomach. One day she was approached by a man who offered her a memory and she took it becoming Aqua.

Group :Dopant.

Other: Loves to swim and loves to eat sushi.


Name: Hiyori Campbell

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: About 5' 6" tall, skinny with pale skin and long jet black hair, chocolate brown eyes. She normally wears a long black skirt or dark blue jeans with a white tank top and black leather jacket.

Kamen Rider: Dragonfly

Forms: Masked Form, Rider Form.

Weapons: Hands,Feet and Drake Grip.

Powers: Talk to machines and animals.

Personality: Very shy around people and doesn't talk to people much. Is more comfortable with animals.

Background: As a young girl she was very shy in school and was always considered different. Being alone most of the time she would always play with animals or speak to them instead of her classmates and other children. As she grew older she became a curious young woman. Wanting to learn about the world around her she would always investigate things especially machines. Getting her hands on as much technology as possible she would take things apart and reassemle them to the best of her ability even becoming a mechanical expert at times. Walking home one day she kept hearing a noise but couldnt figure out what it was so she decided to investigate. Looking around the area she entered a condimed building following the sound but couldn't find the source at first. As she got closer she tripped over a metal box and released it was making the sound. Pulling a small metal lock pic from her pocket she began to pick the lock and pulled out a strange belt with a small machine attached to it. As she began to investigate it furthur she got more excited and sliped it around her waist happily then began to run home wanting to disect and see what it could be used for. After getting home she tried to take it off but couldnt a small metal object flew into the window at first she mistaked it for a big till she looked closer at it. Holding it up she began to feel different and closed her eyes opening them she looked at herself suprised that she had a metal suit on.

Other: She loves to paint, dance, listen to music and be outside.


Name:Star Woodrow

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Star has blue eyes long brown hair with blue streaks through it. Her skin is smooth with a peach tint to it. She weighs about 120 pounds and is 5' 8". There are two piercings in the lobes of each of her ears and one in the cartilage of her left ear. It's rare that she doesn't have a smile on her face. Her outfit normally consist of light or dark blue jeans or denim skirt, tank top, black suede boots or flip flops. Her armor is form fitting and sky blue and silver.

Kamen Rider: Amaki

Forms: Armored form

Weapons: Ongekikan Reppu (gun mode), Ongekimei Narukaze (trumpet mode)

Powers: Uses a small whistle to transform. Since she has mastered being silent she has the ability to be able to sneak up on others and in places without being noticed. She once snuck into a friends apartment and her friend didnt know she was there till a couple hours later when she finally said something. Shes also been known to almost hypnotize others with her music at times.

Personality: She can come across as a little shy at times but she can be very lovable. She loves to give hugs and almost always has a smile on her face. She is known for helping others when she can.Even though she does have the angelic sweet side there is another side to her. She has a trouble making side and loves to play jokes at times or see how much she can push someone's buttons.

Background: As a young girl she loved to listen and learn how to play music. She would learn about all sorts of different instruments and how to play them. Her favorite instruments were the guitar and flute. When she was a teenager she went into a pawn shop one day and found an older strange looking whistle. Looking around finding no one around her picked it up and smiled as she turned it over in her hands carefully examining it. Asking about the whistle no one knew a thing about it. They allowed her to have it and she ran home excited and ready to play it. Sneaking into an alleyway she blew softly on the whistle and smiled at the lovely tune but something felt different around it. Blowing again she closes her eyes pressing it to her forehead gasping as she opens them looking at her body having on light blue form fitting armor she blushes hard looking around. This is how she knew that her world was about to be turned upside down.

Other: Loves to play instruments, play music, and dance. She also loves to invent things and be creative. She uses a hover board that she invented to get around from place to place.


Name:Mary Agusta

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Mary is tall with an athletic build. Her hair is strawberry blonde and she has blue eyes. She is always in a pair of loose fitting jeans. The jeans are either dark or light in color.When shes being casual she has on tanks or T-shirts but when she dresses up she always has a nice blouse or tube top. She uses a dark blue and green racing bike as her mode of transportation.

Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Larc

Forms: Change form (Armor form)

Weapons: Mighty Ray

Powers: Ray Bullet

Personality: Mary is strong willed and can be hard headed. She loves a good fight and is always waiting for the next fight even if she is hurt.She loves to independent and do things on her own but is always willing to take help when she needs it. She has always been considered the tom boy and hates to wear dresses and skirts unless she has to.

Background: Walking home one night she took a detour down an alleyway hoping it would be a good short cut. As she heard noises she stopped and looked around as a strange creature attacked her. Fighting as best she could she was taken down when a shot was fired at the creature causing it to run. Standing she looked at the shooter walking toward them slowly nervous of who it could be. The armor on the person disappeared and he fell to the ground coughing and cringing in pain. Rushing to his aid he handed her a belt an what appeared to bea deck of cards telling her his time was up and she was to take his place.

Other: She loves to dance, play the guitar and relax while listening to music. She also loves to work out at the gym.


Name: Sapphire Markman

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance:Sapphy's natural hair color is brown but she normally has blue and purple streaks through it, her hair is also very long and goes down to the middle of her back. Her eyes are blue like her brothers and her skin is tan.She normally wears long black boots and short denim or plaid skirts with black, green, purple, or blue tank tops. She also always has her headphones on and wears her ipod on her belt or on her arm. In her dopant form she appears as a cat humanoid with white fur and orange spots. Her clothes consit of black boots, a black tube top, a blue,black, purple plaid skirt. She also has black wrist bands.

Kamen Rider: Dopant

Forms: Dancer Dopant


Powers: Her one power is known as the Twister. She spins very fast causing her opponent to become very dizzy. Another power is swift foot. She becomes very light on her feet and is able to kick her opponent several times or can move around faster than normal. Her third power is Shrill Shrek. With this power she makes an ear popping scream that can cause someone to lose their hearing for a few minutes. This last little surprise she can only seem to use on her brother. When she plays her Ipod loudly and he hears the music he has no choice but to dance to it.

Personality: Despite her punk looks Sapphy can be a very sweet young woman and very smart. She has been described as an angel by most who know her. She loves to dance and help others whenever she can. Despite her evil twin trying hard to turn her evil she has never been one to do much evil or commit crimes but she still loves her brother dearly.

Background: When her brother gave the memory to her she couldn't wait to use it. Even though he expected her to use it for bad she refused and only uses it to help others in need.



(Angel was killed by Abyss and her deck is going to be passed onto Teal)

Name: Angel Toshi

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance:She has short brown hair that goes to her shoulders. She has green eyes and is 5'7" tall with an athletic build.Her usual outfit consist of short black or denim skirts, t-shirts , camies in different collars, or thin long sleeve shirts. Her footwear consist of flip flops or black suede boots.

Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Tiger

Forms: Armor Form.

Weapons: Advent Deck, Dest Visor which doubles as card reader, StrikeAdvent, Contact Monster Destwilder

Powers: Can walk through mirrors with deck, Dest Visor, Destwilder, Strike Vent, Freeze Vent, Final Vent

Personality: Angel is strong willed and hard headed when it comes to doing what she wants. Its hard to change her mind. Friendly at times she is often wary about people and careful when it comes to trusting others.

Background: At a young age she was considered an outcast and outsider. She would rarely get along with others and hang out with others. Growing up she became even more of an outcast. One day walking down the street she stopped spotting someone rescue two people from being hit in the road. Watching such a brave act she rushed to the hospital to see the person. Sneaking into his room she saw that he had passed. Spotting the deck on the table in the room she looks around before grabbing it and stuffs it in her bag. Rushing home she looked it over and held it up looking at it standing in front of a mirror. Looking up at the mirror she gasped seeing a strange tiger standing there. After finally understanding the situation thanks to Destwilder she knew she had to carry on the legacy of Kamen Rider Tiger.

Other: She loves to fight and spend most of her time alone.


Name: Ruby Ragman/Jewel Dopant

Age: 20

Gender: Female


1)Human= Measuring about 5' 2" Ruby has always been on the smaller side. She has a stick like figure. Long red hair and green eyes. She is always wearing long dresses and either a long sleeve or short sleeve denim jacket. Sometimes she wears a denim vest instead of a jacket depending on the dress or weather outside. She wears black boots that have a slight thick heel and is rarely seen without her sunglasses.

2)Dopant= In her dopant form she has on a short white dress over top of long grey pants. When she rolls the sleeves on the dress up or the legs to the pants up her legs and arms appear to be made of diamonds. On her chest is a very large blue diamond that helps to protect her against many attacks. The head is covered by a mask with two large blue diamonds on either side of her head. On her abdomen is a small disk that is considered to be her weak point but it is hard to see due to the diamond on her chest.

Weapons: Diamond on chest, hands


1)Can turn people into diamonds using a gas that sprays from hands

2)Can make a crystalized shield to help deflect attacks

3)Can produce a large mirror shield to fool attackers

Personality: She can be a very strong witted girl. Never being much for girly things she was always considered a tom boy. Although there is one thing she does have in common with other girls. The love for diamonds. She can never pass a jewelry or pawn shop without looking in the window and drooling.When it comes to fighting she is a tough cookie and is always willing to help others every chance she gets.

Background: Growing up she was always considered an outsider when it came to getting along with other girls. She always better at being one of the boys till she found her love of diamonds. As she got older she worked in a jewelry store which became her favorite place to be. A suited man came up to her asking her if she would be interested in being able to have her won jewels and she agreed. He infused the Jewel memory with her and told her she now had the power to turn others into diamonds. Being scared she quickly ran and hid. Now she spends her time going around the city helping others if she is able to.

Other: loves diamonds


Name: Yoshi Long

Age: 24

Gender: Male


1)Standing about 6'6" Yoshi has a long slender athletic body but is stronger than he looks.His hair is short and spikey muddy brown with blue on the tips bleeding down to a white to give his hair a water effect. His eyes are blue and his skin is tannish in color. He always has a pair of blue jeans on and t-shirts.

2)As a rider his armor is an orange or gold color depending on how you see it. He has a large silver pincher on his left hand that leads up to the card reader on his pincer.

Kamen Rider: Scissors

Forms: Armor form

Weapons: Pincer on arm, Mirror monster Volcancer

Powers: advent cards

1)Scissors Visor


3)Strike Vent

4)Guard Vent

5)Final Vent

Personality: Yoshi has always been somewhat of a loner and rarely hands around others. Always looking to be considered cool he does what he can to get others to like him. But he is also a hard worker and never gives up even during battles.

Background: One day while swimming he found someone in the water. Swimming closer he dug it from the sand and went back onto dry land. As he began to look it over he couldn't figure it out. When he went to go toward town he held it stopping as he passed a mirror. Looking into it he flipped seeing what looked to be a crab human mix. When he was pulled into the mirror he couldn't believe it. Soon it was explained to him by his mirror monster Volcancer. Learning how to use the deck he began to use them for good to help protect people that needed it.

Other: Favorite place to hang is the beach, Loves water, Uses a blue bike as his transportation

9/13/2011 #15
Kamen Rider Blaze

Name: Kairi Nogami

Age: 20

Gender: female

Appearance: Kairi wears a red sweater shirt, with a black skirt and purple leggins, with yellow tennis shoes. stands at 5 foot even and has an average build.

Kamen Rider: Den-O

Forms: Plat, Sword, Rod, Axe, Gun, Wing , Climax, Liner, and Chou Climax

Weapons: Dengasher Sword, Rod, Axe, Gun, hand axe and boomerrang, DenKamen sword


Personality: Kairi is much like her father Ryotaro, shy and not sure of himself. After he passed the Den-O belt on to her making her a new Singularity Point and he passed on his Imagin, the Taros-Taichi to her

Background: Kairi is the daughter of the first Den-O, Ryotaro Nogami, much like her father was she is shy and unsure of herself, not to mention she has seemed to inheret his bad luck streak, along with the pass and belt Ryotaro passed on his imagin the Taros-taichi in hopes that it will help her like it helped him. When possessed my Momotaros Kairi gains a stripe of red and it spkes a bit, while possessed she has a violent temper and will fight anyone who messes with her

When Ura possess her, she gains a blue stripe in her hair as it is pulled down to shoulder length, while she is possessed she is flirty and a smooth talker.

When Kintaros possesses her, her hair gets longer and is tied up in a ponytail with a yellow stirp in it, while possessed Kairi will act tough and back it up, she will also act feircly loyal to anyone she deems a friend

While Ryuutaros posses her her hair gets in an unruley mess with a purple strip, also she has headphones around her neck as she puts a cap on as well, while possessed she will act childish and bratty, she also will break dance and has the ability to control people.

When Seig posses her her hair is in a braid with white strips, her personality is almost like a princess, she will look down on those she doesnt like


9/13/2011 #16

Name: Locke Cole

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears blue jeans, white T-shirt with a blue denim vest he wears open over the shirt. Has light brown hair and wears a stylish headband.

Kamen Rider: DiEnd

Forms: DiEnd

Weapons: DiEnd Driver

Powers: Martial arts prowress, excellent sharpshooter. As DiEnd he can exhibit short bursts of super speed and with his gun can perform various special attacks and can summon other Riders to his aid.

Personality: A big risk taker, he will do anything he needs to in order to acquire the items he seek, but also has a gentlemanly code of honor so there are some lines he won't cross, though it's not immediately evident where said lines are. Can be slightly self righteous at times. He has a somewhat laid-back attitude about everything, but its really a mask holding a deep scar from his past he isn't ready to face yet.

Background: Locke was an adventurer even before the worlds combined. He worked as an archaeologist, seeking hidden treasures to delight his curiosity and then sell to museums to fund further adventures. He had a lover who traveled with him, but when the worlds combined, it caused a natural disaster that was caving in the cavern he was exploring with her. She pushed him out of the cave just in time as it claimed her life. Angry at the event that only changed the world for some but destroyed it for himself, he sought a way to undo the damage and was told by a mysterious person who handed him the DiEnd Driver that the Riders possess powerful treasures that have the power to change the world. Locke then took up the mantle of DiEnd without hesitation, seeking to not only stop G** Shocker, but create a world where they would have never existed.

Other: he has a soft spot for women, hesitating to fight a female opponent and can be very protective of them if he feels its warranted.

9/13/2011 #17
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name: Tsuki Kadoya

Age: 22

Gender: female

Appearance: Long Brown hair tied up into a high pony-tail, brown eyes, 5'6, usually wearing pants or skirt black or brown in color, magenta t-shirt with a brown jacket.

Kamen Rider Decade

Forms, Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O,Kiva, Decade Complete(does not have yet)

Weapons:Ride booker, and cards, machine decader, K-Touch (does not have yet)

Powers: Powers vary on the cards she uses

Personality: Her mood varies from sarcastic to caring and many others.

Background: She was born after Tsukasa became Great Leader and purged all his good out of him and essentially got rid of the good Tsukasa well the good started to reform and take shape as Tsukasa's conciseness returned and was expecting to be male instead once Tsukasa fully reformed he infact was a she so after a short rant she took on the name Tsuki Kadoya and begin fighting G**-Shocker as Kamen Rider Decade.

Other: She still takes pictures with her "Decade Pink" Blackbird, fly 135 Twin Lens Reflex Camera.

9/28/2011 . Edited 9/28/2011 #18

Name: Cora Nogami

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long black wavy hair, brown eyes, tanish skin. Stands about 5' 6" tall. She has a thin lanky body.

Kamen Rider: New Den-O

Forms: Strike Form, Vega Form

Weapons: Mecheteddy, New Den-O Belt, New Den Bird, New DenGasher, Kintaono, Uratazao, Momotaken, New Den Liner (Jewel and Rose who will join her later on will also become weapons. Jewel will become razor claws while Rose will become a set of fans that she throws. She is also able to use the taros imagin as well.)

Powers: Counter Slash, Strike Spurt, Brandish Dive, Fan Dance, Slashing Claws

Personality: Cora has always been known to be a tom boy and isn't one to dress up most of the time. She would rather be fighting.Despite having the famed last name of Nagomi she doesn't like to be reminded of it and hates that she did inherit the infamous bad luck from the family.

Background: As a young girl growing up her father knew that there was something special about her. One day she found a pass for a train and was whisked away from her time to the station where she was told about her family's history and that she was destined to become the New Den-O. She was paired with Teddy and became friends with him and was sent back to the past to help protect it from Gia Shocker and whatever else may endanger it.


9/29/2011 #19

Name: Grace

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance:Long blonde hair, Blue eyes, peach tone skin, about5' 3", very small slender frame. Normally is dressed in jeans or skirt. Her tops consist of turtle necks or camies. She always has a piar of boots or slippers on her feet. In her rider form the armor is white and gold the boots have a slight heel to them and she has a long flowing cape that gives the appearance of feathers.

Kamen Rider:Femme

Forms:Basic Form

Weapons: Blackwing, Blanc Visor Rapier

Powers:Advent, Sword Vent, Guard Vent, Final Vent

Personality: Grace is known to be a sweet and loving young woman. She acts more like a sophisticated lady and normally doesn't like to do things for herself.

Background: Growing up Grace would take several ballet classes. Wanting to learn how to defend herself being from a wealthy family she began to learn how to take fencing classes and Tai Kwon Doe classes.She was known for the grace that she had and the skill she had as a fighter and dancer. One night after arriving home she discovered that her family had been killed. The killers were never found. Entering a tournament an instructor watched her and was amazed by her. He handed her the deck and taught her how to use the cards. After revicing the deck Grace set out on her own to find the killers of her family and get her revenge.


10/2/2011 #20
Kamen Rider Wizard

Name: Tenchi Kisaragi

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears a black or dark blue jacket and black pants and shoes with flames and t-shirts, hair is either in a Pompadour or straight down hair color is black

Kamen Rider Fourze

Forms Base states, Elek states(does not have yet) (no other forms have been revealed as of yet)

Weapons Switches which contain weapons which attach to him and his bike the Machine Massigler and the powerdizer

Powers: Has various modules that come from the switches which contains weapons

Personality: Loud at times and friendly but can be agressive

Background: His parents have moved from place to place as his dad's job had him transferred from many different places finally getting a steady job in Fuuto and Tenchi

enrolled in Amanogawa High School and started with his quest to make friends like he did at all his past schools. He became Fourze when he followed Kengo into the Rabbit hutch and saw how weak his body was so he took upon himself to use the belt to become Fourze and help Kengo out while forming the Kamen Rider Club

10/22/2011 . Edited 10/22/2011 #21

Name: Sakuya Tachibana

Age: 46 Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears a formal business suit and his hair short.

Kamen Rider: Garren

Forms: Ace Form, Jack Form (not revealed yet), King Form (not revealed yet)

Weapons: Garren Rouser, Garren Buckle, Red Rhombus

Powers: ability to use sealed Undead cards as attacks

Personality: Seems very harsh at times but that's because he had been through a lot and now carries a lot of responsibilities at this time.

Background: He was the original Kamen Rider Garren, ally to the original Blade, Chalice, and Leangle. Though at times they were at odds with each other, eventually they worked to the common cause of sealing the Undead and he trusted in Kenzaki to find a way to finish the Battle Fight without allowing Joker to win. It seemed to work and peace was established and he became the head of BOARD also being a guest professor of archaelogy and paleontology on the side where he took Takato under his wing. after the worlds were sealed, realizing Takato's heritage, he allowed the Undead to be released once again so that the powers of Blade and the related Riders can be used in the battle against G** Shocker. He managed to find and seal his Category Ace so he can become a Rider in a pinch, but is trusting the major battles for the new generation for now. Recently an old acquaintance at Amano gawa contacted him and as a favor, Tachibana gave up his university level teaching to come to the high school and beginning to teach there.

4/24/2012 #22
Kamen Rider Blaze

Name: Kentaro Minami

Age: 21

Gender: male

Appearance: wears a black jacket, white shirt, black pants shoes and fingerless gloves

Kamen Rider: Black RX

Forms: RX Roborider, RX Biorider

Weapons: Revolcane, Vortech Shooter, Bioblade, Acrobatter bike and Rideron car

Powers: can absorb solar energy to heal almost any injury

Personality: like his grandfather Kentaro is willing to put his life on the line for his friends and loved ones

Background: Kentaro is the grandson of Kotaro Minami the first Black RX, after an accident Kotaro allowed the Kingstone to be transfered to Kentaro in order to save his life. With the Kingstone with him he inherited the powers of Black RX. Kotaro then trained him how to use the powers of the Kingstone and also taught him the responsibilties for it. Not long after Kentaro recieved the powers of Black RX the Crisis Empire resurfaced to rule earth, it was his duty to fight them. During a fight a strange dimensional barrier appeared and sent Kentaro to this time where he joins up with Decade in order to fight G**-Shocker.


4/25/2012 #23

Name: Nadeshiko Misaki

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Human Form: Nadeshiko is a very agile and her build is very slender and athletic. She has short black hair and brown eyes. She wears a tan school uniform consisting of a tan shirt and a tan pelted skirt. She has on white socks and black shoes.

Alien: She is like a puddle of silver goo.

Rider Form: She has a skin tight silver suite that has black on the sides and some blue. Her helmet is silver with two blue antennas coming from the top of the helmet. The suit is basically designed to look similar to a space ship or alien. She also has two high hell boots that she uses for her rider kick.

Kamen Rider: Nadeshiko

Forms: Rider Form

Weapons: Nadeshiko Driver, Rocket switches (only the ones that attack to the arms)

Powers: Nadeshiko Rocket Kick , Double Rider Rocket Punch

Personality: Nadeshiko is a very curious girl and is fascinated with Tenchi and tries to copy him. She is considered very sweet and cute. She is fascinated with being in the sky. The higher she is the better.

Background: As the substance SOLU she imitates items and beings around her.She imitated a girl who is transferring to the school that Tenchi is attending and ended up falling into his arms from the sky. Watching him battle she imitated him and became Kamen Rider Nadeshiko. She is being hunted down by Foundation X who wish to use her for their evil plans.

Other: Learning to become a human and rider.

5/21/2012 . Edited 5/21/2012 #24
Kamen Rider DiEnd

Haha, long time no see. Well, here I am, with the two main characters I'm using here, for a while. Thanks to Accel for Meteor....gonna try to avoid the pitfalls of last time, I do apologize! -bows-



Name: Raina Tsugami

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: jpg Like this, just remove the space, wears a variety of clothes.

Kamen Rider: Agito

Forms: Ground, Flame, Storm, Trinity, Burning, Shining Forms.

Weapons: Flame Saber (potentially two), Storm Halberd, Shining Calibur.

Powers: Vary on form, has limited manipulation of wind and fire, but grows and evolves to become the master of infinite possibilities....reaching the apex, at Shining form. As such, she is one of the stronger Riders.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, because of her dark past. Rarely smiles, but her eyes betray much more....hurt and pain...and a wall.

Background: Losing her parents at the impressionable age of fourteen was the major setback on her cheerful upbringing. Since they were poor, she had to travel, and had to resort to certain things in order to get by over the next several years. AS a result, she's traveled the world, learned odds and ends, cooking, other things with her hands, learning other languages....etc. Now she's back in Japan...traveling, still. A wandering, or perhaps disembodied, soul.

Other: Neutral.


Name: Ryouko Sakuta

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: about 5' 7", with a manner of bust to her, though it was her legs that had developed nicely first. Mainly wears a transfer school uniform from Subaruboshi High School, but she does like the AGHS one.

Kamen Rider: Meteor

Forms: Meteor, Meteor Storm (Later)

Weapons: The arm device on her hand, her knowledge of Jeet Kun Do, with her hands and feet.

Powers: Can turn into a blue Meteor to go places, advanced strength, power and agility.

Personality: Outgoing and social, at times, but always quick to retreat inward or walk away from a situation. Ignores much of the attention that comes to her form. Will do anything to keep her identity a secret.

Background: She trained with her brother and his friend, the latter of whom was named Jiro. He was a sweet man, once....until he became crazed for power after obtaining a switch. She never got to tell him, but she had loved him....the switch however was a betrayal of everything they had worked so hard to perfect together. He told her off in a fit of rage, dumping her, and she kicked him in the stomach so hard that it knocked him out. Her brother became Meteor, for a time, having been contacted by a strange man....but then he was injured fighting the Aries Zodiart....and she found the Meteor switch later, by accident...and navigated her way to where the belt was, with the strange man, a la Tachibana's, help...and reluctantly took on the mantle of Meteor. She continues her education at her new transfer school....not knowing who had gone to Subaruboshi so she could come to Amanogawa.....

Other: Anti-Zodiarts, and presumably other monsters.

6/2/2012 #25
Kamen Rider Blaze

Welcome back DiEnd and your chars are approved

6/2/2012 #26
Kamen Rider Blaze

Name: Kotaro Minami

Age: 27

Gender: male

Appearance: wears white jacket, white pants and black shirt with a white shoes

Kamen Rider: Black

Forms: none

Weapons: KingStone of Black Sun

Powers: enhanced power from being merged with the Kingstone

Personality: Kind and compassionate, willing to put others before himself

Background: Kotaro is Kentaro's grandfather and the first Kamen Rider Black and Black RX, while he was out seraching for his grandson a dimensional portal absorbed him and had some strange side-effects on him when he arrived in another world he looked the same way he did when he first became Black, he also had the original Kingstone. He then decided that he would return to fighting for justice as Kamen Rider Black once more and fight with his Grandson Black RX

8/16/2012 #27

I'm only familiar with the American Kamen Rider series. Could I base my character on that?

8/30/2012 #28

Name: Kris Gaia

age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearence: 173 cm, weighs about 70kgs. he has pale skin, a slender body, blye eyes and spiky brown hair. he wears a green t-shirt and khaki shorts along with red flipflops along with a pair of pilot goggles on the forehead

Kamen Rider: Arcade (this is an OC rider i wanted to try. if you'll allow it)

Rider theme: Arcade

Rider Belt: 8-Bit Driver a driver with a Pixel style form. it accepts Credits, speical coins to give Kris new forms

weapons: none. Kris fights with martial arts, similar to Kamen rider 1.

Powers: martial arts. see Rider Forms for more info.

Bike: a Harely Davidson Road King Classic 2014 model, colored ruby red with a checkerflag style stripe. it has symbols around it with the Logo's of the Kamen Rider's he's met (it's empty so far)

Rider forms:

  • V1: Kamen Rider Arcade's first Form.Kris wears a Black science fictions style armor with blue and red details. on the chest is a big Monitor with his symbol, a Medal that mereges pieces of other Rider's logos together. his main body looks like a Kamen Rider Ganbaride arcade booth. his arms have joysticks on the shoulder pads, and circuitry that mimicks the veins, (like TRON) that come in rainbow colors. the head of the set looks all Pixel like. this form is obtained through the 8-bit Driver
  • V2 Vs System: Kris has the same design, only it it two toned like Kamen Rider Double, Red, and Blue. red on the left half, blue on the right. the logo looks like two Kamen riders in battle. (they look like Takeshi Hongo) his is more stronger, and faster due to having twice the power, as is the processer of the Vs System. to unlock this form Kris must insert the Duel Credit
  • V3 Core: Krisdons a green red and yellow color pallate, and using different core medals, based on video games can fight similar to Kamen Rider OOO. to use this form Kris must insert the Yummy Credit
  • V4, Ganbaride: Kris has a color scheme similar to Kamen Rider Decade and spits out cards to scan into his chest to borrow attacks from Kamen Riders of the past. from V1 to Gaim. he will have a fight style similar to Kamen Rider Blade however. (each card adds a different element to his attacks) to use this form Kris must insert the Decade Credit

Rider System: Score System. during a fight, the more Kris fights in a unique way, the more his computer in his chest awards him POINTS for the match. if he gains enough points he cam perform powerful combos, attacks, or do things such as summon help, or change his form with credits. the score he has rolls from battle to battle. getting defeated, resets his score to 0, while being hurt reduces his score slightly. as such, Kris tries to make new attacks and combos, in order to maximize his score

personality: Happy go lucky, easy to provoke, cheerful

History: Kris is an otaku of a Kamen Rider from Australia, whp moved to japan after his father was transfered to Japan for a video game development job. his mother was killed in a car crash shortly after thier arrival. Kris became despondant and depressed as he loved his mother. upon futher investigation, Kris learnt that monsters where the cause of the crash, and desptratly started to look for a way to make the monsters pay for what they did. during one such trip around Japan, Kris found the 8-Bit Driver in an arcade, and amassed enough prize tickets to obtain it. shortly after wards, a monster attacked the city. Kris, feeling that those in it's path should not die, and maybe he should die for them, launched to protect them. his determination, activating the Driver and turning him into kamen Rider Arcade. after the battle, kris was cut, but not injured. luckily, he was treated in hospital. after leaving he decided to use this power for good, and to protect people. he hopes of meeting other Kamen Riders

other: Kris loves anime, manga, video games and hanging out in arcades. he has a habit of drawing and writing

theme songs:

  • Samurai Blue by ZZ (as Kris Gaia)
  • Cruise by FLorida Georgia Line ft Nelly (as Kris Gaia)
  • READY STEADY GO by l'arc en ciel (as Kamen Rider Arcade)
  • Never Say Never by TKDz2b (as KR Arcade)
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